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  1. Okay I admit this is gonna be really close.
  2. I hope we'll be able to make it, but I somehow doubt it. EDIT: Somehow the title changed and I have no idea how or why.
  3. It's fixed. Thanks, Jesse!
  4. I noticed the Prermium page looks pretty weird with the dark theme, since both the letters and backdrop are white. Any chances it'l be fixed soon?
  5. I can't help but notice that at least 6 admins are comfirmed bronies. I always thought that was funny in some way.
  6. Banned for banning too many people
  7. These guys from scrap.tf are sneaky...

    No offence: btw.

    I'm glad that I'm a normal user now instead of a non-rule reader.

    1. Baloo


      no, its not sneaky. its called taking the time to actually read what you're agreeing to

    2. Grape <3

      Grape <3

      sort of agree


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