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  1. Started right at the end of Gun Mettle, missed Invasion due to not playing the game for some time.
  2. I'mma wait for a admin to throw this topic into Rejected.
  3. All I really want is a way for the community to suggest prices for unpriced weapons.
  4. Than why is it that most of my skins (war-painted) don't have prices on scrap.tf, but do on backpack.tf?

  6. So that if, say, a weapon is unpriced due to "a lack of info" (especially skins), you'll be able to suggest prices, which, in order to be suggested, needs "proof" (backpack.tf listings or similar).
  7. As an engineer main who often uses the shotgun to ward off spies, try to put your crosshair as close on the enemy, and shoot. If you miss, either use your melee or keep firing.
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