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  1. fixed Tipping twice in the same raffle.

    https://scrap.tf/raffles/RE3XYZ The bug is getting bigger. https://scrap.tf/raffles/PS9Z2A
  2. fixed Tipping twice in the same raffle.

    Oh my, I tried it out some more and ended up tipping a raffle 48 times, server problems I presume. https://scrap.tf/raffles/Q333YU
  3. fixed Tipping twice in the same raffle.

    I also just tried this out by spamming the tip button, apparently you can tips someone twice. It doesn't seem to be always the case.
  4. How do you rate Neet?

    I can slap my face onto Neet, so Nootus/10
  5. not bug Misleading Price

    Not a bug, additional cosmestic like Killstreaks, Parts, ect. to items doesn't increase their price, the user want to use it to sell it or bid it on scrap.tf is their choice.
  6. Text alignment for raffles

    This is kinda self-explanatory on itself. Alot of time I want my raffles layout to look better, that kinda have something to do with text alignment, however raffles don't have that so they keep the text in the middle. Even the forum have this, so it would be nice to see raffles have it too, or it's cause some reason that I didn't know for this to not be implemented. Thanks.
  7. not bug Hats sale timer is gone.

    If I remember correctly, there should be a timer showing off when the items lower the prices. Proof: and It's broken on the new banking system and the old ones too.
  8. What, are you selling or buying?
  9. The donation is now working, so Fixed.
  10. fixed The new banking system doesn't show paints in their icon.

    To further the proof.
  11. Proof : It seem that I am not the only one who got this error.
  12. Can We Remove The Broken Gamemodes

    Should just remove the game mode until it's fixed, sometime players just doesn't want to cooperate and keep playing on a broken map, which is no fun.
  13. it's Hera. :csdsmile: