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  1. Pretty self-explanatory, many times I try to do multiple raffles at the same time and for example I raffle metal on all of those raffles, I have no idea if I pick the metal that has been traded off or not, most of the time I would have to refresh the entire page to see the current list of metal I still have in my inventory. Though doing this cause problems as the site auto-save doesn't actually works properly with mutiple raffles, say I write 3 different raffles at once and I refresh the 2nd one, it might end up as the 2nd raffle again but also can end up as 1st or 3rd, same with the settings for the raffles, which I have to re-do all over again, slight inconvenience. So yeah, my suggestion is to add a refresh inventory button when you create raffles.
  2. Bump to use the general idea of this and the comments in it, though I will say my opinions on why this should be possible. Recap of the suggestion is to give the owner of auctions the ability to see bids/bidding history on their auctions, point of why that be helpful is: +Helpful when you doing items-only auction the top bidder will give will highest price, but sometimes it is now the best bid due to couple of factions like is the item actually better than the second highest bid, and does it fit your preference more than the second bid has to offer, so having the ability to see bids give you the ability to choose which bid is the better for you. Though the only problem with this idea is that it could be problematic for people who got their bids out-bid and then trade/bid on other auctions, so it wouldn't be possible to have the second bid, so maybe we can do it like Steam have have the items gray-out implying that the items are not available or just completely remove them. Example: provided by Gaia's Minions. That's all I have to say about it.
  3. I have been in the scrap's chat for awhile now and I have seen a lot of people came in asked for support (even though there are multiple warnings stated that the chat is not for help) get kicked off instantly, which from an outsider PoV, is really agressive, even though is it entirely their fault to ignore the warnings. I know that it's irritating to tell people that the chat is not for support everytime they asks with multiple warnings before that, but instant kicks could do bad for the staff's reputations, so I come up with a friendlier way to tell people that the chat room is not for help: Instead of kicking them out instantly, we should make a room that is pre-texted with FaQ and boot them off the "home" room to there! or when people choose the "I need help" button, send them here instead. Example: Staff members' reputation is always bad cause people are very demanding, they see the staff as gods that can fix all problems, but when they don't, people would generate hates for the staff even they are working the hardest, even in harsh times, doing instant kicks would just fuel that hate. TL;DR: Make a room with pre-texted FaQ to send people to whenever they come into the chat for support.
  4. Love me.


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  5. Sorry, but here is not the place for that, (all?) prices is based on backpack.tf's data, so if you want to sell the thing on scrap.tf, it should have a price on bp.tf first. And skins prices are highly unstable especially with the new ones, so it could be a while for the skins you listed to be accepted.
  6. What you got on backpack.tf is suggested prices from the Steam Community Market, it's not backpack.tf's offical price.
  7. https://scrap.tf/raffles/RE3XYZ The bug is getting bigger. https://scrap.tf/raffles/PS9Z2A
  8. Oh my, I tried it out some more and ended up tipping a raffle 48 times, server problems I presume. https://scrap.tf/raffles/Q333YU
  9. I also just tried this out by spamming the tip button, apparently you can tips someone twice. It doesn't seem to be always the case.
  10. I can slap my face onto Neet, so Nootus/10
  11. Not a bug, additional cosmestic like Killstreaks, Parts, ect. to items doesn't increase their price, the user want to use it to sell it or bid it on scrap.tf is their choice.
  12. This is kinda self-explanatory on itself. Alot of time I want my raffles layout to look better, that kinda have something to do with text alignment, however raffles don't have that so they keep the text in the middle. Even the forum have this, so it would be nice to see raffles have it too, or it's cause some reason that I didn't know for this to not be implemented. Thanks.
  13. If I remember correctly, there should be a timer showing off when the items lower the prices. Proof: and It's broken on the new banking system and the old ones too.
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