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  1. Ivan the Space Biker

    Free co-op games?

    Because you have already have Half-Life 2, I would recommend the Synergy mod. https://store.steampowered.com/app/17520/Synergy/ It might not be what you're looking for, but at least it's free.
  2. Ivan the Space Biker

    Future Secret Santa Suggestions

    I have a couple of ideas to add to your ones: 1. Add a task in the holiday event which involves talking to your recipient. This will give people incentive to talk to their recipient and possibly encourage them to personalize their gifts. 2. Display an obvious message at the top of the Secret Santa page that reads "You have not yet submitted a gift." This would help clear the confusion between the submitted gifts and the site inventory. 3. Warn users who still haven't submitted a gift three days from the deadline. Another device to prevent accidental grinching. 4. Add a text box/form on the Secret Santa sign up page where users can write their interests eg. Favorite class, etc. If users did this before participating, it would allow Santas to better understand their recipient's interests if they are unable to chat.
  3. Ivan the Space Biker

    Ivan the Space Biker's Application

    Discord Tag: IvantheSpaceBiker#8038 Chrome dev tools? Slightly Experience? No