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  1. What is it? Animal, that eats everything? I have one
  2. On sale there is a lot of games, and I'm planning to buy Valve Complete Pack (CS:GO and Half-life and Portal) and Speedrunners (I love speedy games)
  3. It is a fun game, but still don't understand some things. It is so hard to climb a wall!
  4. Tf2, overwatch on free weekends, bit of dota
  5. Got bored of dota 2, looked in other f2p games, found tf2, remembered the tf2 vs ow battle, downloaded it because i have no money for ow, played it. It fas fun and weird: no tutorials on more, than 4 classes, and i got better by tips on loading screen and bot games. I don't remember, which class I played most at the time, but it was very fun, even when I died a lot.
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