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  1. The event in general was a really nice experience for me. Though there's a change I'd like to suggest, which while it may sound too extreme, I think is a more necessary thing for this kind of events. That is, forbidding the use of any kind of metal (Scrap Metal, Reclaimed Metal and Refined Metal) as a possible choice when selecting gifts. In my more honest opinion, this event should be more about talking with your recipient and getting to know them, so you can get a more personalized gift than just dropping a piece of metal and call it a day. A lot of users have problems with that every year, and while this doesn't solve problems like getting just a random hat as a gift, this will make the users that either just quickly give a piece of metal to avoid being banned and then disappear for the rest of the event, or users that wait until last day to send a gift, to put at least some effort on the event and the gift. TLDR: The point of this event is getting a personalized gift for your recipient after talking and getting to know him, and that's not achievable with Metal.
  2. Mega cute

  3. :blobswald: EDIT: Did some fixes to the original one, removing some white squares that weren't looked at while applying transparency, and added a line on the right ear so it's more visible. The original can be seen here if needed. EDIT2: Again, did some edits, and scaled it to 128x128 after accidentally leaving it as 130x130 (D'oh). The previous one can be found here if needed
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