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  1. I’ve run into a lot of Auctions lately that are straight up scams, I would like it if these got removed and the user gets a warning about this behaviour. I took a Auction ban for someone to stop them getting from getting scammed (plus I didn’t see the IF %) please look at attached photos (if they work) to see what I mean. If the pictures don’t show up here’s what’s going on: 1. User makes an auction for a key, sets the minimum bid at 26-29 most of the time, makes it 50% IF and puts it up, they are automatically making ref from this from the first bid (52 ref) and people don’t notice. That also make it items only so people can’t bid currency, which is fair enough as long as it’s no lower 75% IF for the key. These scammers are getting away with this which is unfair, especially when newbies fall for it and work out later it’s a scam. This needs to stop! Thanks for your time reading this!
  2. I believe that CAPTCHA is required in MvM parts banking since all the items disappear within a couple of seconds of appearing, and I believe that people have made bots to buy these highly sort after items as soon as they appear, I’ve spent hours just trying to get 8 money furnaces, there needs to be something done about how quick these items disappear. Another alternative is that you limit the amount your allowed to buy in a single purchase to 10 or something along those lines, just so that I and the community that is trying to get these parts have a chance.
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