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  1. just noticed i probably put this in the wrong forum section, but ill leave it here unless i am told by someone to move it for now
  2. i was accidentally pressed my mouse while hovering over the "About Us" button on the bottom of the main page, and it showed this error message. i decided to try the other buttons to see if any other button showed it, and that only other one that did show it was that "Premium" button(screenshots show error for both buttons.) this probably isnt important, but i thought i might as well put this here just in case it IS important.
  3. no, he was not. he didnt metion that, he only mentioned some kind of time stamps. i, infact, have found the photo in question(which i will never in my life post because hell no) and i can 100% confirm there are NO time stamps anywhere on it. i would also like to note that i think there may be some alt account here. all of the ones commenting here AGAINST jesse have 2 things in common: 1. the accounts were made today or very recently 2. the only comments/posts they ever made are the ones on this whole forum post
  4. ill say this much. yes, the picture is real. no, the person in the photo was NOT underage. no, it was not intended to be lewd or pornographic in nature. it was just a joke between 2 people in a relationship(i believe) that got leaked by some asshole who wanted to start some chaos.
  5. what? this whole forum post is the response, dude. what in hell do you mean by that? i get what you mean, fair enough, but this whole thing is the response to the accusations.
  6. you realize this is about literally being sent death threats and stuff, right? stuff which is illegal to do. this isnt about learning to handle criticism, dude. its about addressing rumors that are untrue.
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