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  1. I asked the same thing last time but how do you all feel about banning Jigidi and jigsaw puzzles in general? We're all for it since it's just a big annoyance trying to decide if they can be reasonably solved.
  2. They are two separate items in the game, for some reason.
  3. Thanks for letting us know. I fixed this problem.
  4. Aug 1st: Added autocomplete for emotes in comments. Backend code cleanup and other minor changes.
  5. June 10th: Fixed trade counts on profiles. July 12th: Fixes for inventories not loading when bidding. July 19th: Added an icon to items that have spells. Fixed the festivized icon showing under prices. Updated emotes.
  6. New emotes: Updated: alulaspeak Removed: blobreach, blobreachreverse since we have animated versions Suggestions are now closed.
  7. This has been added and will be in the next update
  8. Suggestions are now open for 1 week. Please read the 1st post before making any suggestions.
  9. I agree that "misuse of the auction system" is too vague and we won't be using that anymore. Both of your bans were for asking for offers in auctions, which is auction rule 4. We don't allow asking for offers at all since we want all offers to be made through the auction system itself and not over steam or anything. 1st ban: https://feen.us/mk728l5o.png 2nd ban: https://scrap.tf/auctions/EDWKBV Sorry about the appeal slowness. We're currently short-staffed in that area and are working to fix that. All appeals are handled by a specific staff member that does not place any bans so they can can give another opinion on it.
  10. We talked about this and have decided that pictures of cropped nsfw art, as long as they are not sex/ahegao faces or contain anything within our current rule, will be allowed. I'll update the rule to remove "or be part of a work with". As it's stated, the rule will specifically not allow pictures with nudity or sexual acts within the frame.
  11. May 28th: Removed CS:GO skin banking. When tipping raffles the page will no longer reload. When entering puzzle raffles comments will now be enabled without refreshing. Lowered page margins on profiles for mobile. Fixed some errors for logged out users. Changed some pages to say trading instead of banking to be more consistant. Fixed raffle pages being tiny on mobile for some users.
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