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    Я бы хотел вернуть себе годовую шапку и не могу ее вернуть. вот ссылка на бота, которую сам биржа мне прислала. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198884870330

    1. Luki


      If you are experiencing any issues with trading, please make a thread at the help&support forums.


    Я бы хотел вернуть себе годовую шапку и не могу ее вернуть. вот ссылка на бота, которую сам биржа мне прислала. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198884870330

  3. Don't worry, we believe you, I've heard from every single person ever that you're an upstanding person, and I don't care what anyone says.

  4. Since the majority of the last questions have been over the same few topics, and all issues have been already responded to, I will be keeping this thread locked.
  5. I believe I have answered all questions so far. In order to ease some stress on our mod team, I will be locking this thread for now so I can get some sleep, and will open it again for any questions in the morning.
  6. Yes I did claim some users harassed me over these events, but I also addressed all allegations that were made. I did make an initial response after the twitter thread, but I didn't feel it was necessary to explain personal matters at the time. The only replies we've removed from this thread have been spam of memes. Yes I said that users did make lewd jokes, and that I was negligent in not enforcing rules against them. This was already said. Feen.us' primary purpose is not to host porn, but to store screenshots taken with the program ShareX. Anyone who uses the service can attest to
  7. I didn't address this because I didn't think it was relevant enough. I did ask Pillzman to check on a Discord server that I thought was being used for harassment and threats against ScrapTF users, and it ended up being true. We have a rule that says "Your behavior on other community sites and platforms may affect your access to our site, especially if it relates to our site or its users" because we feel the need to protect our users, even if threats and harassment is happening on other platforms. The screenshot I posted showing Pillz on Twitch does not show me, but shows someone else he was ha
  8. I don't see how this is relevant, but I am a guy.
  9. I am unsure of the exact date the photo was taken because I do not have it any longer. It was a consensual lewd photo that was sent to me by Luna while we were in a relationship and he was not underage.
  10. This is my response to killjester's comment on his video, they cannot post here because they were banned for posting a joke raffle about the accusations. Here's a screenshot of what they asked I released two screenshots of the behavior that Pillzman was banned for. They had to be censored, and I don't want to post more of them because the person being attacked does not want to be identified for their own safety. Yes Lilith is a lewd person and has been banned previously on our site for having too suggestive avatars or raffles. The reports I posted show the cases where we determined tha
  11. Part of that update was to make moderation easier so we don't have to hunt down other rule breaking things people did. It was also done to curb the curiosity that you explained about banned users in an attempt to stop the spread of the photo. It seems like this only further expanded people's curiosity about it, but I hope you can see it from my viewpoint about wanting to stop the spread of a personal photo. Now that this explanation is out there it should clear it up for everyone.
  12. I will be going through old bans placed for this reason and allowing them to appeal again.
  13. We started the relationship when he was 17 and I was 19. I'm not sure how long after that the photo was taken.
  14. Yes this kind of harassment and threats is illegal.
  15. I covered most of this in my initial post, but these rooms were not "full of minors" like some people claim. I am not sure who the censored screenshots are from, but I agree that NSFW chat rooms did not belong on our site.
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