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  1. Hey!

    I just got an issue trading some hats

    I sold 2 hats and a badge for 8.33 ref with the bot. The hats and badge dissapeared on my inventory, but the ref weren't there!

    I restarted the game twice, and it didn't work.

    What should I do?

  2. Jan 7th: Removed holiday theme Closed cookie event Updated rules Jan 26th: Updated emotes Feb 13th: Sped up profile loading by caching a lot of stat counters in memory Feb 14th: Fixed raffle counters being updated at the wrong time Feb 17th: Fixed notification cache not being cleared in some cases Feb 19th: Blocked wrapped gifts from being bid in auctions Reworked raffle tips so you really can't tip a raffle more than once.
  3. These emotes have been added/updated:
  4. I'm making this thread to gather all feedback from this and past year's Secret Santa events. If you have any feedback, good or bad, let us know and we will try to incorporate it into next year's event. Here's a list of the current and prior events for reference: https://scrap.tf/santa/SCRP19 https://scrap.tf/santa/SCRP18 https://scrap.tf/santa/SCRP17 https://scrap.tf/santa/SCRP16 https://scrap.tf/santa/SCRP15
  5. Oct 31st: Fixed input validation on badge builder Remove links from people's usernames Nov 5th: Removed Halloween theming. Dec 2nd: Enabled Holiday theme Dec 6th: Opened the Christmas cookie event Dec 9th: Updated emotes Fixed secret santa comment notifications Jan 6th: Fixed unpriced cards being shown as 2 keys when they were actually 2 scrap. Fixed item banking showing "Unknown Error" when selling
  6. In reply to deleted posts: Read the opening posts, memes/rage faces will never be added.
  7. New emotes: Some of you requested to change names of emotes, I don't want to do that because it will ruin any previous uses of it.
  8. Based on their usage in the past 3 months, these emotes were the least used and are being removed.
  9. This was just to make things easier, when a user is banned all of their raffles are hidden so we don't have to check if they have any going and we don't miss any. They're not auto-closed because mistakes can happen when banning. We could combine them and also manually close raffles that we know are running.
  10. I'd rather implement systems to prevent things like this instead of relying on reports and a mod to manually warn a person to not do this. Something like changing the minimum item factor higher would be a better option.
  11. The issue is that scrap.tf does not have any consolidation system like marketplace has, so you can only do a trade with one bot at a time. That's a large and complex project so we don't know if we'll be adding it yet.
  12. I have removed some posts that did not follow the guidelines. Please read the first page of this thread before making any posts.
  13. Suggestions are open again for 1 week! Read the opening post in this thread for all instructions. If you're not suggesting an emote make sure to click like on the ones you want added.
  14. We have a bot in our chat that announces new raffles, that's the only way right now.
  15. Oct 29th: Fixed possible source of raffles starting without the items being traded in. Fixed current raffle being counted towards limits when editing it. Moved chat icon setting to chat itself. Fixed site inventory limits being higher than they should be. Removed steamrep admin display from profiles as it was confusing.
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