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  1. acknowledged (Visual Bug) "won 1 items from 2,186,299 raffles."

    You don't have to keep posting it. The thread being tagged acknowledged means I know it exists. Still don't know what causes this though.
  2. fixed Unable to raffle Steam and TF2 items

    Creating raffles with steam items should also be fixed now with that link.
  3. fixed Unable to raffle Steam and TF2 items

    Try creating a raffle on https://dev.scrap.tf/raffles/create and see if the error changes to something else.
  4. Some love for Tippers

  5. Map suggestions for the Scrap.tf servers.

    Added, thanks for the suggestions.
  6. Changelog Scrap.TF Changelog

    Jan 19th: Increased minimum item factor on auctions to 50%. Capped max number of items in an auction to 20. Show the reason why [most] auction items can't be auctioned. Fixed selling stranges showing that expensive items can be sold for 0 ref. More back-end improvements and optimization.
  7. New maps on the Scrap.tf servers

    That's fine, I prefer uploading them directly anyway. Added all those. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. fixed Strange weapons banking bug

    Fixed. This will be pushed soon.
  9. Changelog Scrap.TF Changelog

    Jan 18th: Renamed "notices" to "notifications", and updated the loading icon. The notification count will now automatically update itself. Fixed bot inventory indicators overflowing. Added multi-bans, users can be banned for multiple reasons at once. This greatly simplifies moderation when someone is auction banned. Updated profiles, ban appeals, and more to support multi-bans. Added a new profile-ban option to restrict profile customization. Removed the option to delete uploaded avatars (for now). Improved the display of Steamrep tags on profiles. Also hid Steamrep donator tags. Geel: Added descriptions to items as to why they can't be sold (overstocked, no price, etc) More back-end improvements and optimization.
  10. Once someone sells them to us.
  11. fixed Tipping twice in the same raffle.

    This fix has been pushed, if you still can do this let me know.
  12. New maps on the Scrap.tf servers

    Which ones? Post some links to them and I can add them.
  13. Changelog Scrap.TF Changelog

    Jan 15th: Updated skin/war paint images to show the stock weapon when we don't have the proper image for it. Made it so you can click/right click through avatar hats. More z-index fixes for menus being covered by UI elements. Fixed raffle latest entries showing the wrong amount on mobile. Changed the dev banner on the dev site. Added a setting to hide your Steam level from your profile. Added additional checks to prevent tipping multiple times on a single raffle. Misc back-end improvements and optimizations.
  14. Be able to view previous bids on your own auction

    Already been working on this: https://scrap.tf/auctionbids/3FELTQ (still not done yet)
  15. Card banking/Badge builder games

    We don't "add games", we only get cards for those games when people sell them to us. Browsing manually is obsolete and won't be updated.