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  1. This has been fixed. The issue was reading the checkbox so it'll only work on new auctions.
  2. Jesse

    Add Artifact Banking

    You can't trade in Artifact. It's SCM only.
  3. Jesse

    Changelog Scrap.TF Changelog

    Nov 13th: New emotes: https://feen.us/pghwka6u.png Fixed the twitch raffle and donation overlays.
  4. Jesse

    Changelog Scrap.TF Changelog

    Nov 6th: Fixed an issue where inventories with malformed characters in will fail to load.
  5. Jesse

    Changelog Scrap.TF Changelog

    Many changes were made throughout September for Tip of the Hats and fundraisers. I won't be going into detail on them. Oct 17th: Sppokified the site. Made dark theme the default for Halloween. Added a setting to force dark or light theme depending on which we use as default. Added a bunch of hats for future use, thanks to iWasHere. Oct 31st: Added setting on auctions to allow or block skins from being bid. They are blocked by default. Secret Halloween stuff
  6. Jesse

    Removing/Changing the default raffle length time

    Added. This will be pushed in the next update.
  7. Jesse

    An Update to the Scrap.tf Level System.

    The "level" you see on that page is just the user group ID. It has nothing to do with leveling up or anything.
  8. Jesse

    None of the Halloween stuff shows up on mobile

    This, it just blocks too much of the page.
  9. Jesse

    acknowledged Failed Raffle Item Limit bug

    I've manually set these items as removed. This should be fixed now.
  10. Jesse

    fixed Custom URL Bug

    That's a strange one. This has been a bug since March 2018. Was just a typo though and is fixed now on dev.
  11. hey what is it with the server errors and when can they be fixed?

  12. This is provided by cloudflare, and is to prevent ddos attacks. We've had to enable it recently due to some attacks. There's nothing I can do to change how it works.
  13. Jesse

    Changelog Scrap.TF Changelog

    Aug 24th: Changed file uploads to work in MiB instead of MB. Fixed card banking to allow buying when selling is disabled. Aug 25th: Fixed errors showing behind the auto-leveler popup. Added setting to block tips in all your raffles. Added setting to block other users gifting you premium.
  14. Jesse

    TwiBot !help command for chat

    This was added