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  1. Oct 29th: Fixed possible source of raffles starting without the items being traded in. Fixed current raffle being counted towards limits when editing it. Moved chat icon setting to chat itself. Fixed site inventory limits being higher than they should be. Removed steamrep admin display from profiles as it was confusing.
  2. Sept 2nd: Update puzzle raffle rules. Misc backend optimizations. Sept 16th: Add warning about possible scams when depositing items. Removed profile link from site-wide announcements. More backend optimizations. Sept 19th: Updated the style of the raffle list header to show bigger numbers. Add new edit raffle page that allows you control more things. Show raffle start times when they are pending upload. Updated some badges to SVG, thanks to iwashere. Update and clarify some rules. Oct 3rd: Add more SVG badges and icons, thanks to iwashere. Fix mini icons on items overlapping. Oct 8th: Enabled Halloween mode.
  3. Edit - posting support ticket :)

  4. I've just been watching here for more opinions, but it seems almost everyone agrees they should go. I'll update the raffle page soon with this rule. I also really want to implement a multi-step puzzle system similar to it's too hard, but limit the number of steps.
  5. Just an update, this exists now: https://mishcatt.github.io/VTF-Editor/
  6. These rules only apply to puzzle raffles, which are publicly listed. It does not apply to private raffles with passwords.
  7. Aug 12: Significantly speed up opening notifications. Aug 18: Update trade offer popup to show when we are mobile-confirming trade offers. Aug 22: Fixed notifications not sending to auction bidders when their bid becomes active again. Fixed in-game inspection links.
  8. This was previously added, and it seems like it was broken. It will be fixed in this next update.
  9. I'd rather not add complex rules like "must submit screenshot of jigsaw puzzles" and "jigsaw puzzles must be limited to x number of pieces". I'd rather keep it simple and either allow or disallow them. I also want to move all puzzle rules to the (semi outdated) yellow box when creating a puzzle so it's more visible to users.
  10. I asked the same thing last time but how do you all feel about banning Jigidi and jigsaw puzzles in general? We're all for it since it's just a big annoyance trying to decide if they can be reasonably solved.
  11. Aug 1st: Added autocomplete for emotes in comments. Backend code cleanup and other minor changes.
  12. June 10th: Fixed trade counts on profiles. July 12th: Fixes for inventories not loading when bidding. July 19th: Added an icon to items that have spells. Fixed the festivized icon showing under prices. Updated emotes.
  13. New emotes: Updated: alulaspeak Removed: blobreach, blobreachreverse since we have animated versions Suggestions are now closed.
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