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  1. We talked about this and have decided that pictures of cropped nsfw art, as long as they are not sex/ahegao faces or contain anything within our current rule, will be allowed. I'll update the rule to remove "or be part of a work with". As it's stated, the rule will specifically not allow pictures with nudity or sexual acts within the frame.
  2. May 28th: Removed CS:GO skin banking. When tipping raffles the page will no longer reload. When entering puzzle raffles comments will now be enabled without refreshing. Lowered page margins on profiles for mobile. Fixed some errors for logged out users. Changed some pages to say trading instead of banking to be more consistant. Fixed raffle pages being tiny on mobile for some users.
  3. This is an intended change: https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/636-scraptf-changelog/?do=findComment&comment=75209
  4. May 21st: Raffle pages no longer refresh when entering. They will still refresh when leaving raffles. Entered messages now slide in due to the page not refreshing.
  5. This should be fixed.
  6. Sorry this has been broken for some time. The twitch tips page has been updated and fixed: https://scrap.tf/tip/huuishuu I've also confirmed the overlay works when configured correctly on https://scrap.tf/twitch_tips Try the "Send test tip" button. If anything else isn't working for you let me know.
  7. May 20th: Raffler-unclaimed items will no longer count against your raffle limits. Fixed auction links not showing on reports. Removed low usage emotes.
  8. The following emotes have been removed due to low usage: crumpkin fishking grizz kirino knuxlaugh monikasigh natsukihmph pillfox pillnom servalface shako supahog tomhappy tomhappy2 tomsmile trance yurishy We are removing the least used emotes every 3 months. We may open suggestions again soon.
  9. Thanks for letting us know. This has been fixed and will be released in a later version.
  10. This button is provided by our ad partner. If you use an ad blocker or are outside the European Economic Area it will not work.
  11. April 9th: Added support for youtube.com/c/ URLs in profile settings. Updated rule on explicit/NSFW avatars to be clearer. Fixed editing 4 hour long raffles.
  12. The text editor for raffles is 3rd party software that we didn't develop, it's https://ckeditor.com/ It may be possible for us to implement this into a plugin for it, but it's just unlikely.
  13. Infinite raffles are fixed
  14. For marketplace.tf: Yesterday I updated the deposit items page to make the user confirm the bot's join date when confirming the trade on their mobile device. You can see that here https://marketplace.tf/deposit The issue on marketplace is once a user submits a trade offer to deposit their items, the hijacker will cancel that trade offer and make a new one to a fake account that they control. When the user goes to confirm that trade on their phone they would not notice the accounts were different (since they would use the same name). Making the user confirm the join date (which is much harder to copy) increases the security here as long as the user pays attention and actually checks it. Another case was where fake bots would send random trade offers to users taking their items and saying they would be deposited. We added a message to the main site to warn users that we will never do this and that they are completely fake. For scrap.tf: The situation here is a little less clear to me. I think what happens is hijackers will do the same thing in canceling legitimate trade offers from us, and then send a fake one to the user. On scrap.tf this is a much harder sell since you do all trade interaction on our site. As long as the user says on our site and clicks "Open Trade Offer" on this popup they will be shown the correct one from us. Here we warn the users to only use this button, and not their steam trade offers listing since that can be fooled with fake accounts. If the hijackers cancel our trade offer; the user will be shown this message warning them if they did not cancel it to check their account with these steps: https://scrap.tf/help/kb/213 I think these are both good solutions to mitigate the problem. The solution you talked about won't work because the hijacking occurs at the trade confirmation step, and less at the trade offer step. We also want to make things as simple as possible for vulnerable users to understand, as they are the ones most fooled by these attacks. It's hard for a lot of users to understand what went wrong here since in their mind they seamlessly traded with one of our bots, and don't want to believe that it was a fake.
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