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  1. I see. This is a MB vs MiB problem. 1 MiB = 1048576 bytes 1 MB = 1000000 bytes We check for 1 MB currently (1000000 bytes). I'll change it to check in MiB instead.
  2. Jesse

    Changelog Scrap.TF Changelog

    July 25th: Added graph to the stats page that shows Steam's downtime & response time. July 27th: Updated Steam emotes to use the larger versions now used in Steam chat. Geel: Added https://scrap.tf/impersonator July 31st: Updated CS:GO Skin banking to not show trade-limited items. Updated CSGO:Skin banking pricing.
  3. Jesse

    Get rid of bot messages

    Agreed, however I'm not the dev that typically works on the bots.
  4. Jesse

    Pause Auctions while Item Servers are Down

    This would be a much more complicated system than just "pausing the timers". The timers work by counting the difference between the current time and the auction's stored end time. In order to do this we'd need to increase that end time for every running auction. Another problem is figuring out when is steam actually down. Just look at this graph. Steam's API responses are extremely unstable and unreliable. If we added time to auctions every time it fails they'd run forever.
  5. Jesse

    cannot fix my backpack wont load

  6. Jesse

    Custom emote suggestions

    As I said before, emote suggestions are still closed. I was just announcing some removals.
  7. Jesse

    cannot fix Megaraffle still shows (!)

    Names in the event log are stored as text when they are saved. The old entries won't be updated. Only newer ones will be up to date and show the correct user group.
  8. Jesse

    Changelog Scrap.TF Changelog

    July 6th: Removed rules M1 and M6 pertaining to the former rules secret. Removed the "mark of shame" badge. The companion cube badge has been locked in place, and can no longer be obtained. All former users in group 1 (gray users) have been updated to user group 2. Added a second chat button to the navigation bar, and moved about to the footer. Renamed the Banking menu to Trade The warning message about bids needed to be 1% higher than previous now shows how much keys/ref need to be added. Fixed auction items being selectable when bidding. Removed a bunch of low-usage emotes.
  9. Jesse

    Custom emote suggestions

    Alright, bigP and ika are staying.
  10. Jesse

    Custom emote suggestions

    bigP is 1/2 of a full emote. It's intended to be used with ika to form Pika. Since ika was one of the least used emotes it doesn't make since to remove one and keep the other.
  11. Jesse

    Changeable Raffle Page

    Not really sure what you're explaining, maybe you could draw it?
  12. Hey Jesse the whole post wasn’t to prove how I’m right but to fix the rules that way no one else gets banned or is warned but is following all the visible rules such as myself thanks I know you are right and for some reason every person believes an arguments purpose is to prove how you are right when it isn’t so yay I mean a small rule change wouldn’t hurt saying no downloadable content is allowed 

  13. Jesse

    Change the rules

    I'll also leave all the user comments on your raffles that disagree with this:
  14. Jesse

    Change the rules

    Sure the first two should have included reasoning for the download, but you should have also stopped doing the exact same thing that you were punished for twice already. No more discussion on this is needed.
  15. Jesse

    Custom emote suggestions

    The following emotes are being removed since they are over 6 months old and have been used less than 100 times in total. I counted usage in all comments, raffle messages, raffle entered messages, and chat. If you have any strong oppositions please say so now. Do not suggest more emotes yet.