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  1. April 9th: Added support for youtube.com/c/ URLs in profile settings. Updated rule on explicit/NSFW avatars to be clearer. Fixed editing 4 hour long raffles.
  2. The text editor for raffles is 3rd party software that we didn't develop, it's https://ckeditor.com/ It may be possible for us to implement this into a plugin for it, but it's just unlikely.
  3. For marketplace.tf: Yesterday I updated the deposit items page to make the user confirm the bot's join date when confirming the trade on their mobile device. You can see that here https://marketplace.tf/deposit The issue on marketplace is once a user submits a trade offer to deposit their items, the hijacker will cancel that trade offer and make a new one to a fake account that they control. When the user goes to confirm that trade on their phone they would not notice the accounts were different (since they would use the same name). Making the user confirm the join date (which is much harder to copy) increases the security here as long as the user pays attention and actually checks it. Another case was where fake bots would send random trade offers to users taking their items and saying they would be deposited. We added a message to the main site to warn users that we will never do this and that they are completely fake. For scrap.tf: The situation here is a little less clear to me. I think what happens is hijackers will do the same thing in canceling legitimate trade offers from us, and then send a fake one to the user. On scrap.tf this is a much harder sell since you do all trade interaction on our site. As long as the user says on our site and clicks "Open Trade Offer" on this popup they will be shown the correct one from us. Here we warn the users to only use this button, and not their steam trade offers listing since that can be fooled with fake accounts. If the hijackers cancel our trade offer; the user will be shown this message warning them if they did not cancel it to check their account with these steps: https://scrap.tf/help/kb/213 I think these are both good solutions to mitigate the problem. The solution you talked about won't work because the hijacking occurs at the trade confirmation step, and less at the trade offer step. We also want to make things as simple as possible for vulnerable users to understand, as they are the ones most fooled by these attacks. It's hard for a lot of users to understand what went wrong here since in their mind they seamlessly traded with one of our bots, and don't want to believe that it was a fake.
  4. Mar 21st: Fixed kirbysleep emote. Optimized and updated some hats to SVG (Thanks to iwashere) Fixed another case of users creating too many raffles at once. Fixed sorting raffles by time left. Added 4 hour raffle length option.
  5. The bug in the OP of this thread is fixed. If the 2nd issue brought up here still persists you can open a new thread for it.
  6. Feb 19th: Added time ended to raffle history instead of just saying "Raffle Ended". Added warning to the trade offer popup about potential scams. Feb 25th: Don't hide owners from the top rafflers list anymore. Added auction rule about item misrepresentation. Added blobjoy emote. Feb 26th: Fixes for users being able to create too many raffles. Removed these emotes for being the least used in the past 6 months. Mar 11th: Fixed issue where raffles could start and end at the same time. Additional fixes for users being able to create too many raffles. Mar 14th: Fixed bugs related to disabling hat banking. Mar 18th: Fixed raffles started at the exact same time not showing up when paginating. Mar 19th: Fixed regression where raffles could show up twice when paginating. Emotes update
  7. The following emotes have been added from the last batch: Also updated: redcrab, teamcaptain, trubbish, smughat Some things we used to choose these were: number of likes they got on the forum, how well used we think they will be. We did not choose emotes that did not follow the guidelines, were too low quality, or too "meme-y" Generally we will accept emotes depicting specific users even if they don't have enough likes, since everyone should have a chance at that. We will now be evaluating emote usage and removal based on a 3 month period from the time they were added, to the current day. We will be removing the least-used emotes every 3 months from the time that group of them were added. So use your emotes!
  8. Fixed, will be released soon.
  9. This is known. They're the same raffle, just shown twice.
  10. I've been doing some tweaks, and this may be fixed now since I haven't seen any new reports of it. Again, if you see any like this please post them here so I can investigate.
  11. Our prices come from backpack.tf https://backpack.tf/stats/Unique/Puggyback/Tradable/Craftable
  12. I'm still working to figure this one out. If this happens to any of your raffles please post a link here. Here's another one: https://scrap.tf/raffles/VNAD65 This was a separate issue that should be fixed now.
  13. We did this yesterday https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/636-scraptf-changelog/?do=findComment&comment=72296 If you're still seeing any new bids placed with them post the auction link here, they may have different item IDs.
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