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  1. Custom emote suggestions

    Those are already resized to 128x128. Check https://scrap.tf/img/emotes/
  2. About the Halloween Event...

  3. Hey, Jesse...

  4. Hallowent Event Bugs Megathread

    Are you sure you clicked the correct secret link? There's 2 of them.
  5. Hallowent Event Bugs Megathread

    Make sure you click the "Forum" button on the main site or else it won't work.
  6. acknowledged Weird Menu on Mobile

    Unfortunately I cannot test anything on iOS or Safari, which seems to have problems rendering certain elements. I can't replicate this problem on Chrome mobile.
  7. Custom emote suggestions

    Suggestions are now closed to new emotes. Further posts in this thread are only for upgrades to current emotes.
  8. Changelog Scrap.TF Changelog

    Sept 27th: Added raffle vet badge. Dark theme fixes. Fixed spell check on raffle/profile text editor. Oct 5th: Spookified.
  9. fixed Another Dark Theme Issue

    Fixed, will be pushed soon.
  10. fixed Strange Profile Description glitch.

    Fixed, there was a messed up emote causing the editor to freak out. You'll have to update your profile description since you saved that.
  11. Hey uhh, I won an auction in scrap.tf but I cannot finish my bid. I have all the items that I bid, My trade URL is up, My steam privacy settings are all public and I do not have any trade bans. It says there is an issue with steam. I suspect that the person with the item does not have it because I typed their name on steam search and looked at their inventory, but the item was not there. 

    This is the auction https://scrap.tf/auctions/8NKI8A



    1. H3NTYE


      Oh wait, of course they don't have it. It's in the scrap.tf bot's inventory. But I still can't trade.

    2. Lukiday


      Please make a Help&Support thread about this, Jesse generally doesn't offer support.

  12. Changelog Scrap.TF Changelog

    Aug 27th: Emotes Sept 1st: Emotes Added emote size to the list Sept 6th: Premium system released. This replaces donating. Removed buying priority monthly. Sept 7th: Emotes Sept 10th: Emotes Added more year badges Sept 12th: Emotes Sept 13th: Added profile backgrounds and other user settings. Added dark theme. Sept 14th: Dark theme fixes, and made entered raffles more visible. Sept 18th: More dark theme fixes for the nav menu. Fixed blogs being messed up on mobile. Added ToTH promo video to the front page. Emotes
  13. Scrap.TF "Updates Site"/ Blogpost Site

    Large updates: https://scrap.tf/blog Small updates: https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/636-scraptf-changelog/ We don't really release info about upcoming updates. Only occasionally I'll ask people in chat to test some things and give feedback on my ideas. If you really want to be involved and informed chat is the place to be.
  14. Raffle Premium