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  1. Yeah, Server 2 needs to be chill, and the sudden increase of people "tryharding" and not letting people relax makes people not feel welcomed, or in the case of server 2 regulars, just not want to make them play on the server ever, would love to have this implemented.
  2. Where to begin? I truly enjoy Server 2, I've become a regular player on it, I've made friends on it, and as silly as this sounds, it even helped me get over some of my anxiety, but a single Server mod for the go-to server on here? Many other server 2 regulars have agreed with me when I say this, we need another server mod, one who can enforce the rules, one who can punish people and give warnings when needed. Please, at least consider it.
  3. Big support for ALL of these maps! They look wonderful. 👌
  4. On server 2 we have a trade map of Clocktown from Majora's Mask, sadly its an outdated version, there is however an Updated version on Steam Workshop. Would love to see the updated version replace the outdated map we currently have.
  5. I have a Professional Killstreak Original Kit Fabricator that I am finishing up but I have no idea what to price it; it has Fire Horns with a mandarin sheen, any help would be appreciated.
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