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  1. I suppose happiness isn't chosen for me. I feel like a body without a soul, and i wish i wouldn't have any friends.
  2. You're banned because you like bananas.
  3. 0,00000000001 raffle win chance confirmed?
  4. We all have our own destiny, we can only change it if we are able to even do such thing, and if we can accept it. Our timeline will end someday, but we will be remembered for eternity. Don't pretend who you aren't, if you will do such things, people will think you're hiding behind the mask of fear. But some people say that they don't have fears, they actually have some fears, but they won't let them outside of them. We all are how we chose ourselfs. We can't change who we are, or how are we deep inside. Don't judge by the outer view, judge by the deeper view, to the bottom of the spirit. I will be here, forever, helping people in emotional problems. And nobody can silence my opinions. - Karetní Tornádo, 2015
  5. Remember guys, we have only one life, we should take care for it, and enjoy it to the fullest!

  6. By the way, the coffee is limited, SO GET OVER HERE AND BUY SOME COFFEE FROM ME. (please, i need to feed my slaves which makes the coffee for me)
  7. Are you low on coffee? Are you so lazy that you can't go buy some coffee? Well, i'm here for such things. Just ask me and i might give you some coffee, but you need to pay me. The coffee is made out of the freshest diamonds and.......i don't know what's the second. *looks at script* Who wrote this piece of shit?! I need to start making my own scripts. But anyway, you can get some coffee from me, Karetní Tornádo aka The Best Coffee Supplier in Antarctica.
  8. I was called Karetní Tornádo before, until i realized that i need a change. I'm no longer called Karetní from now on, now only known as Howling Winter, short as Howl.
  9. I'm not sure if you're cool....and are you? Also, congrats on donating.
  10. I know, that title dosen't make any sense, but that dosen't matter. For past few days, i have been thinking. Is it better to be how we are, than who we aren't? We should make choices by ourselfs, not to be controlled by others. It is our life afterall, our fights. And i have my own fight now. I have lost my happiness, my willing to be happy. I am fearing that i won't be happy anymore. But i'm tired of being laughed at by other people. For those who make fun of me, i would just tell them to go fuck themselfs or something similar to that. Because i'm tired of this all. Because this is my life, i choose what path i make, i act for myself, not by other's demands. I'm not like this, and i never was. So, please, leave me alone for a while.
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