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  1. Wow guys, stop posting your complaint in the staff's profile comment section and be patient. You're already in the forum, update your post in your thread.

  2. Because accepting through the browser usually works 50% most of the time, though the same case applies when trying to accept a trade offer through steam. But it can't hurt to have more options, especially since said option existed before the new queue system and somehow got removed in the process.
  3. "That's a nice costume kid, did you make them yourself? I don't really do Halloween but enjoy this jumbo Snickers! Don't forget to brush your teeth!"

  4. Oh boy, 2 days left to defeat the evil entity. inb4 clutch

  5. Halloween and Christmas are right around the corner and the annual site events also comes with them. While it's a great way to get users interacting with each other and working towards a goal together, i found a couple of problems with the quest system: Some quests require the user to finish another quest first before doing them Some quests are too monumental for a user to do Both of these are obvious, but let's make a scenario in which these both of these problems apply: You are a new scrap.tf user and by random chance you get this set of quests (Yes those are mine). Now you're faced with a problem, you don't have any event points/currencies (EP) to finish the first quest. And now you have to do the second quest first to be able to finish the first quest. The second problem occurs when you, the new user, doesn't have the necessary resource or capabilities to do the second quest, which in this case is making a public raffle and have 500 people enter it. This shouldn't be a problem if you are a well-known figure of the community or have a high-value item that the community wants for your raffle. Another specific problem occurs when you are unable to trade with the bots, for example, you don't have a smartphone to trade with the bots since scrap.tf require you to be authenticated first. As we can see, the user is now unable to continue doing his/her quests and have to give up doing the event altogether. Which is very unfortunate when the user wants a certain event specific site item or want to contribute to the event's global main quest. My solution for the problems above is to give users the ability to "refresh" site event's quests. This feature is actually inspired by a game mechanic from Sunless Sea. In Sunless Sea, you're allowed to "refresh" quests at certain location and condition. "Refresh" here means giving up quests that are given to you for a new batch of quests, sometime getting the same quests before refreshing or a new quests altogether. Obviously the player is only allowed to refresh his/her quests once and he/she can refresh again after a certain amount of time has passed. I suggest applying this mechanic to scrap.tf quest system, this allow the user to overcome the first and second problem by skipping it entirely. Of course this ability needs to have a cooldown period to prevent users from abusing it, i would suggest allowing users to refresh his/her quests once a day so that they can do quests that they can do and skip the ones they can't do. I would also suggest giving the user an easier or lower reward quests when they refresh his/her quests to avoid getting the same problem as mentioned above and prevent users from getting high reward quests when refreshing low reward quests.
  6. Who wants to get dizzy? All the kids are doing it.

  7. I showed you my stern, answer me.

  8. The introduction of custom emotes in scrap chat is great, but it's somewhat annoying to wait for your browser to load all of the emote when you try to type one, thanks to the amount of custom emotes in chat.scrap.tf that currently exist. And with the new feature of auto-emote-complete, my chat window stutters a bit when it tries to load custom emotes. My suggestion is to also load ALL of the custom emotes when opening chat.scrap.tf, preventing the need to load the emote AFTER opening the chat itself which cause unnecessary stutter/lag.
  9. get a room you two

  10. You're my fever

    and my cure

  11. I t ' s  a l l  i n  y o u r  h e a d

  12. billy96


    Post your stats
  13. not seeing the rest of you is getting the best of me

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