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  1. Awesome for weapon banking, and that's about it. You'd be better off shooting yourself in the foot doing anything else, as the profit loss is almost always massive. So no.
  2. The problem with those sites is that I want quick trades... Everytime I make a listing on backpack.tf nobody ever responds ever.
  3. How is it hard to sell? Is it because scrap.tf can't handle the amount of paint x the amount of hats and cosmetics, or is it something about TF2's economy itself?
  4. Idk if the title is to long, but it pretty much explains everything. My team spirit cute suit goes for over a key on bp.tf, but here it goes for the unpainted price. Is it a bug or is it intentional? http://steamcommunity.com/id/scrap2unusual2/inventory/#440_2_4123341781
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