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  1. I have won 1 raffle out of 200+, and only received a Bonk Atomic Punch.
  2. Sheen: Charlie Killstreaker Effect: Winning
  3. Or if as soon as you got on the cart, it would instantly make you dance.
  4. When people on this website donate but don't fully read the rules <3
  5. Then buy the damn taunt, hop behind someone, or just fight.
  6. Okay, so I had a fun idea to spice up Payload/Payload Race. Basically, when you push/defend the cart by being on it, you HAVE to be using the Conga/Katozsky Kick. If you're not on the cart, then you can fight normally. For instance, you can't flame down people on the cart when playing flamethrower Pyro, but you can dance on the cart to stop the cart and give your team time to take out the opposing team. Basically, at the end of the day, you can fire all your weapons at the cart and take out all the dancers, but you still need to be ON the cart to stop the cart, basically forcing half the team to dance-block the cart, and the other half to co-ordinate an attack on the other team while blocking the cart. If you're playing Payload Race, it would be a little more fair to both teams, but it is still possible and even very fun yet challenging in normal Payload.
  8. By a bunch of 7 year olds because I said they couldn't buy my Aussie with their mum's credit card unusuals, then I say they're bad at Saxton Hale because they think setting up in spawn is gud.
  9. Here is my 9 part free-verse poem. They shout, When you're Scout, And they keep on the chatter, You shatter their team, For when you wield, The goddamn Back Scatter. Gib them, Hit them, It doesn't matter, For when you garden, They become flatter. Burn them, Turn them, Into a filet, As you keep WM1ing, Your fire is bright as day. Charging, Targing, They may pay, But the reach of the Eyelander, Is much to say. Big man, Big meal, May seem like a great deal, But if he wields such as a pan, Hug him? Yes you can. Denier, Supplier, May seem boring, But it's worth it, To see the Scout's tears pouring. You go to the doctor, He may give you a shot, It might sting, But if you stay still, He may give you a lollipop. Piss and diss, You might not be in fear, But when he's behind the scope, The forecast comes in clear, Lots of pink mist. Bonjour, Let me give you a tour, Of a place called hell, The first stop? It'll be the ride of your life; It's the end of this knife.
  10. I've seen the FailForts on Youtube, and they're frickin' funny, we all can admit that. We need to gather some people and do a FailFort Collab. Just put simply.
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