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  1. Like I said to Focks, i know you're raised on the whole belief that "it's on the internet, it doesn't count" except, that's not how certain things work. Pedophilia is a very serious crime, and something that can have a lot of real life consequences. People can be put on a sex offender registry, which can cost them their lives. The only challenge is finding the actual proof of it, and if proof is made up, it can be determined by law enforcement if it's real or not. Baseless accusations of this magnitude which can have serious repercussions on someone's life is not a joke, and it definitely isn'
  2. Except this isn't a mean comment, this is accusations of pedophilia, which, IRL, is a very serious crime that can have people lose their jobs, in some cases be evicted from an apartment, and put on a sex offender registry list. I know you're used to the whole "it's online therefore it doesn't count" mentality, but news flash for you, some things can be enforced IRL. And when you make this serious an accusation, you'd better have absolute proof, or you can get in trouble for this "bruh"
  3. Unless you've got absolute proof of this, you might want scale this back. This kind of thing can be illegal and can be investigated IRL
  4. I have to seriously wonder what the hell is wrong with these people to pull this shit. This is not like some normal internet trolling garbage. This is serious accusations. To me, if they really had any merit behind it, they'd put proof behind their statements. And from what I've heard, anytime they are confronted to be asked about proof, they engage in more subterfuge and misdirection of the topic. My question to Jesse and the scrap staff is this: Based on the way things are going in this world today, isn't the activities and the claims this group are making somewhat illegal? I mean, chil
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