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Trouble in buying mvm parts

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I played mann up with a pal, and got these killstreak fabricators. Their outputs are all specialized and we saw that we can sell them. However, I want to buy mvm parts to complete the fabricators, but It'll only keep displaying this message: Trade was empty. This likely means you offered items that were overstocked, or that you can't afford what you attempted to purchase.

I tried doing so with the bot: ScrapNet, Even though I have the right quantity of scrap/ref/recl metal, and still pop-ups this message. Help would be appreciated.


NOTE: Auto complete fabricators won't be a thing as there's not enough parts in order to complete them.

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What parts were you trying to buy? Parts like battle worn are bought very fast cause they're cheaper then what most people sell em for, sometime's it'll say there's like 3 in stock when there's actually none, just because scrap.tf has to take time to change the stock number from 3 to 0

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