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  1. Halloween transmutes. A lot of craft hats are bought during halloween to be transmuted. Cheapest thing you can transmute (or at least one of the cheapest)
  2. But I don't want cold hands :mourn:
  3. maybe? even if they did I'm 99% sure they're not gonna sell em if you like added them or somethin
  4. No it would be pretty dumb if you could cancel an auction. What if someone already bid an item on the auction and the auctioneer just cancels the auction. Would be pretty dumb wouldn't ya say
  5. Yep, that should be completely fine.
  6. Don't think there's a way to turn ref into rec or scrap. Most likely would just have to do it in tf2
  7. "Do not use our site as a platform for promotion." "Sharing creative content is allowed, but do not post for the intent of advertisement." Taken from the scrap.tf community rules.
  8. You can donate keys and real money as well. They don't allow you donate more items since the prices can vary wildly if they're like unusuals or somethin.
  9. This has nothing to do with scrap.tf but while your here I may as well try to help. Contact steam support, tell them your items were stolen and link this profile to them.
  10. Here I am only with 99 posts (hah this one makes it 100), and you're 4 ranks above me lol
  11. Grandmaster any%. Just spam old forum posts :smug:
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