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  1. There's no real way to not be sniped. You just have to be lucky.
  2. Users have to sell keys to them for them to be purchasable.
  3. It's only for depositing stuff, if your withdrawing winnings from an example, it'll just go over the limit. It won't matter
  4. You don't gain much with premium, you gain priority in queue (not really noticeable in my case) , an animated gif for a profile and more custom stuff, access to a few more bots, premium lounges (literally no one uses them) and the ability to schedule raffles. You also need to pay for it once or someone needs to pay it for you.
  5. What does it say when you try to withdraw? Also you could probably go to live support for help.
  6. Well the bots restart every 30 minutes so you should be able to finish the bid, if it still loads, maybe try asking for support help?
  7. After 30 minutes the bots reset so you should be fine now
  8. the bot resets every 30 minutes so you should be fine now
  9. I believe that's cause your bp is private, going on backpack.tf, I can not see your backpack and rep.tf says your backpack is worth 0 ref
  10. Well for keys or rec or scrap or what? You can't really sell refined as it self. If you want to smelt it, you can go to the weapons area and it should say smelt metal otherwise I have no idea what your talking about
  11. Nope, once you make it, staff can't do anything, it's on your part that you check how long it goes for
  12. Of course the refined will be tradeable, if it wasn't you wouldn't be getting it in the first place
  13. I tried checking the bot's inventory and I can confirm it's not there, sorry man, don't know what happened to it
  14. Hmm, honestly I'm not sure how putting it in the scrap.tf inventory allowed the guy to steal it, only explanation I have is that you deposited it into a fake scrap.tf. There could be some other way I'm not thinking but I'm honestly not sure
  15. Hmm, honestly maybe that does work but I'm not too familiar with scripts and stuff.
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