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  1. There's bp.tf with 18.66 ref https://backpack.tf/stats/Unique/Tour of Duty Ticket/Tradable/Non-Craftable and another website called tf2.store sellin 13 of em for 18.66 each.
  2. Yeah definitely, I just made profit from auctions today. I bought some spelled items for 4 keys 11 ref and now have a buyer who wants em for 4 keys 32 ref. There's many ways to make profit with auctions and that's just one of them. There's probably some guides on it online that you could look at.
  3. I believe they won't be able to help you just because your desktop authenticator isn't working, just try your best to fix it otherwise there's nothing they can do.
  4. They can't really fix it you know, the reason your inventory isn't loading is because of steam api (how it tracks items). They can't really do anything for now, we'll just have to deal with it for now 😕 Only thing you could do is comment on the auction and say how much you want to bid and say that "my inventory isn't loading on the auction so I'm going to say how much I could offer" or something else like that.
  5. Steam api (how it tracks in game items). Let's just say it's really really really bad and makes it so that scrap.tf can't load things
  6. There's no real way to not be sniped. You just have to be lucky.
  7. Users have to sell keys to them for them to be purchasable.
  8. It's only for depositing stuff, if your withdrawing winnings from an example, it'll just go over the limit. It won't matter
  9. You don't gain much with premium, you gain priority in queue (not really noticeable in my case) , an animated gif for a profile and more custom stuff, access to a few more bots, premium lounges (literally no one uses them) and the ability to schedule raffles. You also need to pay for it once or someone needs to pay it for you.
  10. What does it say when you try to withdraw? Also you could probably go to live support for help.
  11. Well the bots restart every 30 minutes so you should be able to finish the bid, if it still loads, maybe try asking for support help?
  12. After 30 minutes the bots reset so you should be fine now
  13. the bot resets every 30 minutes so you should be fine now
  14. I believe that's cause your bp is private, going on backpack.tf, I can not see your backpack and rep.tf says your backpack is worth 0 ref
  15. Well for keys or rec or scrap or what? You can't really sell refined as it self. If you want to smelt it, you can go to the weapons area and it should say smelt metal otherwise I have no idea what your talking about
  16. Nope, once you make it, staff can't do anything, it's on your part that you check how long it goes for
  17. Of course the refined will be tradeable, if it wasn't you wouldn't be getting it in the first place
  18. I tried checking the bot's inventory and I can confirm it's not there, sorry man, don't know what happened to it
  19. Hmm, honestly I'm not sure how putting it in the scrap.tf inventory allowed the guy to steal it, only explanation I have is that you deposited it into a fake scrap.tf. There could be some other way I'm not thinking but I'm honestly not sure
  20. Hmm, honestly maybe that does work but I'm not too familiar with scripts and stuff.
  21. Well, we all make mistakes bud, some bigger then others, hopefully you'll learn to check items now, sorry for your loss =(
  22. Taken from the scrap.tf help page "The game you want to sell has to meet these conditions: The game has to be a tradable game gift in your inventory (next to the trading cards). You cannot sell games that are in your library. Once a game is in your library, it can never be turned back into a tradable game again." So I believe you can't just buy it from steam cause that automatically goes to your inventory
  23. I don't think that's the case, I'm just guessing so many people are on the site they buy out hats so quickly because believe be, a lot of people on this site, I wouldn't be surprised if like 50 people were on the hat trading page at once
  24. I'm guessing their changing the pages in some way? Though I guess the pages could of just broken as well
  25. According to what nikki (a developer on scrap.tf) said "It is difficult to determine if the user you are trading with is one of our bots. Always double-check to make sure that the trade you are confirming is correct, and never visit suspicious websites!" I think you could also check to see if the bot is friended with geel or jesse
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