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Party Trumpet banned and raffle closed?

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Link to the raffle: https://scrap.tf/raffles/BSZ8OI


I'll just preface this by saying I have no association with PT whatsoever.


I had been participating in the puzzle and had gotten to --what I believe was-- the last step in the puzzle when I had to leave for a test review.

I came back from the review only to find that the raffle was closed and PT was banned for a day for "Impossible Puzzle Raffle Answer"


I find this quite astonishing and disappointing. As I'm fairly certain PT had gone to bed I doubt it was ever confirmed to be impossible by the creator himself.


Even if the puzzle had been impossible I'm not quite sure why that's a valid reason to take it down. Lots of people were fairly far through it. Unless mods were absolutely sure it's unsolvable I'd say closing it would be an extreme. A mod could simply add a comment saying they're not sure the answer is achievable until they could get a hold of the individual who posted the puzzle.


I understand it was probably taken down to keep users from wasting their time, but to those who enjoy difficult puzzles and who might have had a chance their time is wasted because some mod "thought it might not be possible"


The part that really baffles me about this whole affair is that puzzle raffles don't appear to be an official aspect of Scrap.tf.

Password raffles are a feature of the site, but it seems to be intended to allow the distribution of the password at the poster's discretion. Nowhere in the rules (other than "F. Any raffle can be closed for any reason at any time.") suggests or specifies that a password must be distributed in a means which guarantees a winner.


This is simply my opinion on the matter and not meant to create drama regarding the issue.




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The raffle closure and ban was a mistake. I've already lifted his ban and sent him an apology.


I've talked with Hindus through PM(Private Messaging) on the Scrap.tf chat and he revealed that he was actually extremely close to the answer of what the final message said. And the final message that, hindus showed to me, made everything make sense for me. Then I lifted Trumpet's ban and sent him an apology.


Also nobody at all was in the entries for awhile + A few reports, which made me believe that it was impossible to answer the password.


Again, Apologies for the mistake and I'll be sure to talk to, Party Trumpet through Steam and I'll tell him that he can redo the raffle.

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