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  1. hey dude l sending this mensage because these topic 

    my ticket that a open on marketplace.tf its open but l don't have acess to my acount right now.yus2YMGkQ1yavfGyBTDgJQ.png please my unusuals are blocked, and my money, l can prove l'm myself l just lost my code and my phone, thanks anyway if you can help me see you


  2. Hello, im sending this mensage because i have a problem with a few itens on marketplace.tf, i already sent a ticket 12H ago but i did not get a answer yet, can we talk here or can add me to talk pls?



  3. Hay I seen you recently helped someone out with the same problem i am having with Storage bot 19 are you able to help me with this problem as well

  4. Your Trade URL seems to be fine and from the screenshots that you have posted, you are getting a different error message. Can you post the link to said auction?
  5. Fixed
  6. -Moved to Bug Reports and archived. The game banking manager knows about this and it seems to be caused by old games that are not accepted anymore. Nothing that can be done about it.
  7. Remember that if you keep spamming, you will be banned again.
  8. Fixed You are able to bid with the same items when someone outbids you as long as you have not bid them somewhere else. Try refreshing a few times and try again.
  9. You do not seem to have made an "event raffle" and therefore cannot get that badge and the fact that you seem to be claiming that you had them makes it be suspicious, therefore we cannot give you any badges that you claim to have had.
  10. The game banking manager did some changes a few minutes ago. Is it still happening?
  11. Is the CSGO gift showing up when you try to sell it or does the trade fail?
  12. Fixed. Your 2015 event badge should be back Fixed. Nope.
  13. Serious Sam complete should be gone from our accepted gifts now, meaning that this issue is fixed now.
  14. Should be fixed now