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  1. not bug Avatar showing literally "Avatar"

    Not a bug. Feen.us died, causing all the files hosted by it to be unaccessible.
  2. Hallowent Event Bugs Megathread

    Remember that there are multiple secret links and that you might be clicking on the wrong one.
  3. Where the fuck is Luna?

    Lurking in the ban appeal realm.
  4. Hallowent Event Bugs Megathread

    Greetings everyone, This thread will be used for posting all of the bugs that you encounter in this halloween event, such as some tasks not fully working.
  5. hello, you asked on my forum post to send you more evidence of the bug, well

    this is all i could get...... even tho everything is set up

    and it does work with other bots, please help, within the hour the auction bet expires




    more evidence.png

    1. Lukiday


      Thanks for the evidence and info, but a status update really isn't the place to do this.

      Please post this info in a support ticket at https://forum.scrap.tf/support 

  6. Auction Bugs Megathread

    This is not a bug, so you really should submit a Help and Support ticket, but I'll answer anyways. There's no way for a user to know if the bot with the items is almost full or not. The only thing that you can do is check the inventory space left in every bot in the about page.
  7. Can you do something about the User Storage 18 bot Its almost full so i cant finish my bid. ?!?!?

    1. Lukiday


      Just like the last time, please create a H&S ticket: https://forum.scrap.tf/support 

      Staff most likely won't respond to Status updates.

  8. Hey I have a problem cannot finish a action. I think that the bots inventory is full. It happened to me Last time to. 


  9. not bug CS:GO weapon skin bug.

    This is not a bug. The bot indeed does have that amount of skins in it's inventory, they just do not have a price.
  10. Bidding

    Please post your questions in Help and Support and @everyone else, please refrain from encouraging them to post in the wrong section and link them to Help and Support.
  11. We tend to take a lot of junk out every now and then like: Crates and cases, spellbook magazines, secret saxtons, noisemakers, and the sort. No matter what we do we will always have useless items in our bots that do nothing but waste space. If this was a really serious issue, Geel would already have done something about it. We are aware about the bots (especially auction bots) being full lately, but the "junk" items are not the main issue. There are users who bid over 50 units of metal or items in general (I have even seen someone bid more than 150 units of scrap metal) which cause our bots to get easily full and for them to get banned too when the bots run out of space. This is an issue that we are aware about and that we still have to tackle. PD: The weapon bots have a lot of crates, we know, but we are leaving them be until we have a serious storage problem with weapon banking.
  12. Upgrading item stocks

    -Moved to the Suggestions subforum
  13. fixed Veteran Raffler Badge not appearing

    Instead of being an issue that depends on the user, it seems to depend on if you are checking your profile from dev or main site. We will be looking into it.
  14. i replied to the message you left on my problem thread