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  1. This is not a bug. Unfortunately you do share IPs with plenty of users.
  2. As the error states, it is not available at this time, and no hats are showing up because the bots are full. You will have to wait until they have more space in their inventory.
  3. Ah, I hate to interupt you again, but the bots are doing that thing again where they are stuck in "preparing trade limbo" and I am about to be auction banned because it is not currently sending me a trade, just letting you know that is the reason I am about to be banned... heh, sorry.

  4. I had a bug with my inventory and you said you told Geel but when will i know when its fixed

  5. We do not pay any extras for festivized/festive items in weapon banking.
  6. Please refrain from helping other users outside Help and Support and redirect them to the right place instead, as you are only encouraging others to do the same thing. Thread locked.
  7. I am not sure where you obtained the refined metal exactly (as I am unable to find you in the winners section as well), but you most likely are unable to withdraw it because it's in the bot User Storage 4, which is currently down (and has been down for a long while). Geel is working on it to have it fixed as soon as possible.
  8. Could you help me with a problem im having?


    I've won alot of stuff from the auction on scrap.tf and recently i've had this problem where I don't receive the trade offer even after trying 40-50 times.


    There shouldn't be any problems since I have the items in my inventory and I even got an auction ban for a month just because it didnt send me a trade and I couldn't get the item i offered on.

    Here's the link to the auction: https://scrap.tf/auctions/655ZU0

    my trade url: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=347372538&token=mYjvGjCs



  9. Looks like it indeed is bugged and that new donors are not showing up (tested by donating you one ref, you can keep it). Moved to Bug Reports.
  10. ok so I think I  found the problem. The bot doesn't like me paying with 2 keys in full. Is there any way the items im paying could be put in a bots inventory that isn't full?

  11. -Moved to Help and Support for now. Can you link us to your donators page?
  12. It's https://scrap.tf , of course, unless you actually meant the dev one, which is closed for beta testers only.
  13. This has been fixed in the dev version of the site and will be pushed to the main site soon.
  14. The chat went through some changes recently, so it may have to do with your cache. Please try clearing it and try again.
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