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  1. Hello. Texting directly because I guess creating a new topic will be taken as spam (and because I use forums rarely and don't know much how to use them right). So..
    Today I created this https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/18109-items-block-as-bid/?tab=comments#comment-67204 

    topic with a bug report but... not a bug, really? So it's alright if I get outbid once and my items remain useless forever? I can't see closing that report in your activity list, but maybe you can explain why things work as this.
    P.S. Also as I remember this worked fine in the past, if you bid and get outbid, you can use the items i other auction to bid.

    1. 3xlneet #ScrapTF

      3xlneet #ScrapTF

      Yes, it is not a bug.


      This was done because some auctioneers rejected bids which they did not like, making certain previous bids win. If said winner bid the same item in another auction (and also won it), then they would have to finish two auctions with the same item, which is not possible, making the user face a ban.

    2. ♂ Ram ♂ Ranch ♂

      ♂ Ram ♂ Ranch ♂

      Hmm, this seems fair. But what if it cancelled the bid which was the latest? or just locked items till the auction they were used in is finished ? It is more complicated to what was before (my second idea seems better and less complicated as for coding) and what is now, and the situation you explained is bad for a user, but it's kinda rare compared to what happens now - less and less people can use auctions. Imagine someone creating auctions just to lock someone's items - this is even worse.

  2. 3xlneet #ScrapTF

    cannot fix A weird issue between this auction I found

    This seems to be a rendering issue that has to do with your browser, as I/we are unable to replicate it: https://feen.us/f722clpyqj6cqgifb47tpkcy9h3zqq2quh0fygwo20p69xkspm.mp4
  3. 3xlneet #ScrapTF

    pending Auto-leveler service haven't being functioning properly for over half a week

    -Moved to Bug Reports
  4. 3xlneet #ScrapTF

    fixed GLITCH!!!

    It has been fixed. Thank you for your report, you have been awarded the "bugs" badge and given Super Premium.
  5. Your threads have been getting moved to help and support. I suggest you to go to it. Thread locked.
  6. i think i blocked notifications from Han Scrapo or from Little Scrapy how can i unblock them please help me

    1. =WL= playboiko

      =WL= playboiko

      no actually i cant trade only with Little Scrappy


    2. EmergencyPancakes


      In Steam go to Friends, then Blocked.

  7. 3xlneet #ScrapTF

    Bernie Bot

    Please do not provide help and support outside help and support.
  8. 3xlneet #ScrapTF

    More CS:GO bots

    That shows tradable CSGO items The bot has been working fine but it has been full lately (CSGO inventory)
  9. 3xlneet #ScrapTF

    Downloadable Content

    Please refrain from further pushing this suggestion:
  10. Hi i have send the refund ticket as you told me I expect all of you can help me thx :) 

  11. Ive been trying to join this auction but it says You seem to not have one of your items anymore.

    please help https://scrap.tf/auctions/KSSBBS

    1. Auctions
    3. agarswrasb


  12. 3xlneet #ScrapTF

    pending Badge Builder not working

    This happens because we are unable to correctly obtain all of the information regarding your badge progress because of our connection with Steam's API. Never heard about it only loading a couple instead of all of them though. I am going to move this to bug reports to see if anything can be done regarding this issue, since card banking in general has always been pretty buggy.
  13. Remember that you got told to never trade the items away until the auction is over and that getting them back would not work because the IDs would not match anymore. Also please keep in mind that you are getting unbanned because of this bug which made your bid win instead of the highest bid (that did not get rejected).
  14. 3xlneet #ScrapTF

    About raffles

    It has to, and remember to not provide help and support in other subforums.
  15. Your bid should not be the winning bid as far as I can see from the logs, so I am going to move this ticket to Bug Reports.