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  1. Why is my inventory full? i only deposited one item but i have 5 filling my space

  2. I recently have been trying to sell "Just Cause 3" on scrap.tf's steam game buyer. However, everytime I've attempted to access the sell menu it has told me that it is unable to load my backpack from steam. I've tried again and again for around 3-4 weeks now and I still have no success. Everything on my profile is public as well. I would appreciate it if an admin could offer some assistance. Here is my steam profile if you need to contact me directly.


  3. Hello, I have a Determing escrow bug again, last time I had it on April 30 and seems like you solved it. Every time I try to buy any cards from 36 bot, I get Determing escrow and Unfortunately, we ran into an error fetching your eligibility for trading. errors. Is there any way to fix this? My trade url: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=152912817&token=qvt-ERYY

  4. Hi, I had a post yesterday about the auction not trading and I got trade banned but no one responded to me. it mightve been because I put it in the wrong section but I could put it in the archives

  5. can you help me please?

  6. 3xlneet

    Server 3.

    More information about its closure can be found in the following raffle: https://scrap.tf/raffles/1I788Q
  7. How do you get a hat for your avatar?

  8. Thanks for the help fixing my trade issue!


  9. can you check raffle related help tickets please

    1. 3xlneet
    2. アインスリ


      seriously though its urgent someone needs your help

  10. Hi! Can you help me? I make a post about I couldnt pay for a item in auction becouse bot didnt send me the trade offer and now Im banned. My pos t was deleted.Screenshot_2019-05-19-10-50-50-416_com.android.chrome.thumb.png.f9d7de021b1d73e804f2746099eb7a7a.png


    1. Knight S0laris

      Knight S0laris

      Same thing: my post about this problem was deleted too.

  11. Hey I sent an support ticket. Concerning a bug. Can u help me out and respond to it?

  12. Hey,sorry about submitting another ticket. But since you've replied on my 1st one,i've waited a whole week and it has still not gone away. Please help me out somehow.

    1. wrld


      Can you try to like,refresh my like...account cache or something? idk please do something. thank you

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