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  1. No need to say that 10/10 would accept suggestion
  2. This does not have to do with any game nor bring any actual discussion. Please do not make pointless threads.
  3. Geel just told me that he is pushing an update that is fixing this issue so it should stop being so buggy now.
  4. -Moved to the Suggestions subforum. I believe this belongs here instead of help and support so it can be discussed with the whole community and easily be reviewed by more staff members.
  5. I believe it's meant to be a joke/reference, meaning that it's supposed to be that way. As you said, it's the missing texture of Gmod icon and this happens when the emote cannot be found or does not exist.
  6. We are pretty aware about this bug and it will eventually be fixed.
  7. Make sure that your browser is up to date and that you are not using any addons. If it's still not loading after that, it most likely is because it's having a hard/bad time trying to load all of your games, making you wait a bit more.
  8. It's fine. Locked.
  9. This is not an actual suggestion and it's more of a bug report bump. This got fixed as far as I know and if it keeps happening, then please keep the discussion going in the bug report.
  10. This is not the place for help and support. Please go to https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/ for that.
  11. Remember that this subforum is not for help and support and this is not the first time I have seen some users in here ignoring said warnings. If you all keep helping users in the wrong section instead of redirecting them to help and support, you will face punishment. Anyways. As I hinted before the right place is help and support. This thread has been locked.
  12. Is the button showing up now?
  13. As you can read in scrap.tf/terms , we do not take ban requests:
  14. Do not make mutiple threads about the same issue/topic, please. Locked.
  15. As far as I know Geel is the only one that can fix this and he seems to be giving auctions barely any attention at all. He can't do much at this moment due to personal reasons, but he might be able to in some months.