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  1. As far as I know Geel is the only one that can fix this and he seems to be giving auctions barely any attention at all. He can't do much at this moment due to personal reasons, but he might be able to in some months.
  2. You need to be patient, supporters have a lot of things to do. Locked.
  3. Again, do not provide help and support to users who posted in the wrong subforum, you are only encouraging other users to do the same. Please post your questions or anything of the sort in https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/ Locked.
  4. Please refrain from providing help and support to users who post in the wrong subforum. You are only encouraging others to keep posting in the wrong place. This thread has been locked and will be moved to the archive in a few days.
  5. Remember that this is not the place for help and support. Please go to https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/ if you need so.
  6. Could you provide more information about your issue? It kinda does not make any sense the way that you have worded it. You said that you are trying to start an auction and get the error that you already have 5 items and cannot have more in your site inventory, which means that you are trying to deposit more. Then you claim that you took the items out and that you already have 5 items, which makes this not be an issue at all because you indeed already have 5 items in your inventory.
  7. This is not a bug, you did not finish your bid in this auction: https://scrap.tf/auctions/TZVJMD
  8. Please keep the topics related to their subforum. Locked.
  9. You are most welcome. Thread archived.
  10. There's nothing from our end that gives users of higher rank or a certain specific user an unfair advantage. The search function shows the items searched for if the bot is not selling them, already have been reserved or were just reserved, or are in a cooldown. What do I mean with a cooldown? The items sometimes take a while to appear in scrap.tf after being sold to our bots. It's a way of slowing down malicious behavior. There are a lot of people who spend the days spamming refresh on the search function in order to find expensive items in our bots or refresh the bots until they find something and yes, some of them spend most of the day doing that. There are a nice bunch of them doing that. There might be bots camping the bot's backpacks too (we do not support any unfair advantage, so any bots that we detect get banned). Putting what I said in a more simple way: 1. It is normal when it comes to such items. 2. That's normal behavior as well. 3. You might have opened the backpack before they took it, then select it when it's already taken. That or the bot takes some seconds to update it's status. 4. Festive weapons are easier to detect 5. If they spend the day camping the site, then it is normal. Also refrain from replying to bug reports unless you have something additional to provide about the bug being reported. Making your replies based on guesses or turning the bug report into a thread that would go to General Discussion does not help.
  11. Could you provide some more information (like items being traded) and screenshots?
  12. Please refrain from replying to threads that are in the wrong section. General Discussion is not for help and support so do not provide help, the thread will eventually be moved to the right subforum. By replying you are encouraging other users to do the same.
  13. This forum is for scrap.tf bug reports and not for marketplace. Bug reports shall go to it's reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/marketplacetf/ or https://marketplace.tf/support. Locked.
  14. I tested in dev and: Uploaded a 1.76MB .png and it worked, showed as a 2MB avatar tho: https://feen.us/5y7uxlf2yh06vzwm2skt.png Tried to upload a 1.98MB .gif and it told me that the max was 2MB Tried to upload a 2MB .gif and it told me that max was 2MB I never got to the page where you get told that the entity was too large.
  15. This has been suggested many times already and it won't be added. Please do some research in case what you are suggesting has already been suggested before making a new suggestion: etc