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  1. fixed Profile comments bug

    We are aware about this bug and Jesse has been busy lately working on other things. It should be fixed soon.
  2. Im going to lose kit (2 keys and 26 refined) I want to know what will happen to my item? I mean I'm being very descriptive with my issue, and how am I going to know if I'm unbanned ?


  3. User Storage Bot issue with auction's

    You did receive an answer, you replied to it, and are waiting for another answer. Please be patient because our supporters are not awake 24/7 and by making multiple threads you are making things worse for you.
  4. Key converter

  5. Sell cs:go Keys

    This applies to items too, rejected.
  6. Auction Bugs Megathread

    As you can read in the message that appears before bidding and in this thread, this is not a bug. We check the item's IDs so if you trade it away, you will not be able to finish your bid.
  7. Auction Bugs Megathread

    This is not a bug. Before bidding we remind you that we check the IDs of the item and ask you to not trade it away. Since you have done that, you will not be able to finish your bid. The user did not finish their bid and got banned and you might have to wait a bit and try again.
  8. not a bug Cannot Withdraw Raffle Winnings

    This tends to happen when we are experiencing some connection issues with Steam. Normally waiting for some minutes and trying again should do.
  9. fixed Cannot see any cosmetics in hat banking bots

    It should be working fine now
  10. fixed Cannot see any cosmetics in hat banking bots

    This also gets fixed after some minutes.
  11. not a bug Banking and search showing different prices.

    This is not a bug, it's supposed to be that way. The search function shows an estimate value obtained from backpack.tf and not from our site.
  12. Festive weapons

    This is not a bug, everything is worth 1 weapon in weapon banking and we do not pay any extras if the weapon is festive, killstreakified, etc. Locked.
  13. fixed Cannot add Steam Trading Cards to raffle

    Probably in a day or a few days. EDIT: Most likely at the Weekend
  14. fixed Cannot add Steam Trading Cards to raffle

    If I remember correctly, we disabled (or at least we almost did if that's not the case) raffling any kind/most Steam items because of some recent bugs. They seem to have been fixed now, but we are going to wait a bit first in case another bug comes up.
  15. Bots get stuck from time to time and it is not related to this bug anymore. Archived.