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  1. fixed Unable to raffle Steam and TF2 items

    Merged with bug thread
  2. not bug Bypassing tips

    We are pretty aware about some words bypassing the filter and we decided to leave it be time ago. Intentionally bypassing the filter will lead to a ban/warn.
  3. Items stuck in reserved state in item bot

    -This is not really a bug, moved to Help and Support This is happening because we have a selling price but no buying price. The main item banking manager is aware about this error and it's intended to be like that right now (as far as I know).
  4. Auction Bugs Megathread

    Is this still an issue? If it is, can you post the url to said auction?
  5. acknowledged Badges disappearing after the site is back up

    -Merged with this thread. This tends to happen when you try to log in or do anything while the site is experiencing some DB issues. Fixed Your badges got reset and you got another chance for getting the rules reading badge. You can keep it.
  6. not bug Beta Banking and Stock

    The bots with the other ambassadors are full, cCausing them to not show up in /all since the trade would fail and would make you be stuck in the queue.
  7. I can't withdraw anything from raffles I won, I am stuck at the preparing your trade screen!


    nvm, all fixed now :csdsmile:

  8. I was trying to withdraw my 1.44 ref from the site inventory from the auction part. I withdrew my items and the trade was loading. Then after about 15 min an error popped up saying that the bot did not have the items. I did not even get to trade with the bots. Then when I looked back in my site inventory the items were gone. They aren't in my TF2 inventory or in the site inventory. If you can tell me why this happened that would be great.

  9. Secret Santa bugs Megathread

    That was not a bug. You had to submit your gift after depositing the items.
  10. Help My Money Wont Refund After Verification!!

    This is not the right place for Marketplace support. Please go to https://marketplace.tf/support for that.
  11. Secret Santa bugs Megathread

    Is this still an issue? You cannot. What seems to be the error?
  12. Auction Bugs Megathread

  13. not bug Marketplace Bot issue

    Our forums are not for Marketplace Help and Support or bugs. You will have to go to https://marketplace.tf/support.
  14. pending Badge builder + steam auto leveler not loading

    -Moved to Bug Reports
  15. not bug Holiday Daily Quests Not Refreshing (Again)

    This is not a bug anymore, there are no more quests for you to fulfill. Happy holidays!