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  1. 3xlneet #ScrapTF

    Server 3.

    More information about its closure can be found in the following raffle: https://scrap.tf/raffles/1I788Q
  2. How do you get a hat for your avatar?

  3. It isn't really a bug, it's just that the browsers used in said devices are not really compatible with certain functions, libraries, code, etc. from our site due to how old and/or limited said devices are. I'll still leave your ticket open in case Jesse wants to work on some sort of compatibility for said browsers.
  4. Thanks for the help fixing my trade issue!


  5. Which duplicates are you talking about?
  6. can you check raffle related help tickets please

    1. 3xlneet #ScrapTF

      3xlneet #ScrapTF


    2. loofus


      seriously though its urgent someone needs your help

  7. We do not add any sort of value when it comes to KS kits being applied.
  8. CSGO banking got removed, as stated in https://scrap.tf/csgoskins
  9. It somewhat is, as cached prices are being shown. Geel is already aware of this issue, and we are still waiting for him to fix it someday.
  10. Hi! Can you help me? I make a post about I couldnt pay for a item in auction becouse bot didnt send me the trade offer and now Im banned. My pos t was deleted.Screenshot_2019-05-19-10-50-50-416_com.android.chrome.thumb.png.f9d7de021b1d73e804f2746099eb7a7a.png


    1. Lir0sis


      Same thing: my post about this problem was deleted too.

  11. Hey I sent an support ticket. Concerning a bug. Can u help me out and respond to it?

  12. Hey,sorry about submitting another ticket. But since you've replied on my 1st one,i've waited a whole week and it has still not gone away. Please help me out somehow.

    1. cr1sp


      Can you try to like,refresh my like...account cache or something? idk please do something. thank you

  13. Trade To Pay my auction bid is stuck on preparing since like 7 hours ago i made a public post but it got deleted? what the heck! will i get banned  even though i cant pay bid?!?


    Edit: Im really scared im gonna get a ban i just want to pay auction bid :(

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