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  1. If the trade is failing then please, post about it in Help and Support instead of Bug reports because this thread is for auction bugs. In this case it was not an auction bug, at all. The bot's backpack was full.
  2. Being looked into
  3. Is this still happening now?
  4. This should be fixed in dev now,
  5. Unbanned you when you got banned You should be unbanned now.
  6. We have been changing some things related to item banking and Geel looked into these issues last night. Everything should be working/fixed now.
  7. hi can you come in live help pls

    1. Mudakip


      Why don't you just make a thread in help and support to get help?

    2. xarger321


      I have make


    3. Lukiday 🐈

      Lukiday 🐈

      Asking here won't speed up the process, we have live support open whenever we can.

      If live-support is closed, you'll have to make a thread at the forums, which you have done twice. It might take up to a day for us to respond, as we aren't available 24/7, please be patient.

  8. Please do not make threads like these in General Discussion. Locked.
  9. -Not a bug -Not a bug -Used to happen with me, but not anymore.
  10. Yeah, nothing. Geel still has too look into it. We apologize for the inconveniences.
  11. Your ban has been lifted, We are aware about this bug. Please tell us if you get banned.
  12. Not a bug, it's supposed to be that way.
  13. Please do not report bugs from the dev site.
  14. Please refrain from bumping threads. You won't make them get reviewed any faster. The twitch bot is mostly for bumping your private Twitch raffles in which you can make them be Followers or Subscribers only so you know that the ones joining your raffles are indeed people who are watching your twitch (secret link) stream or at least have bothered to follow and/or subscribe. I believe making a raffle saying that you are streaming is not allowed because then you are making the users search for your channel or have to reply to them with the link to the twitch raffle if they ask for it. You are still advertising your twitch channel in a way and if you mention that you are raffling free things in the stream, then you most likely are using the twitch private raffles (so you are forcing them to subscribe or follow) or a private raffle (in which you gain views and maybe a few follows/subs). For me it feels similar to if you are making a raffle saying "I am up for trading!" but post no trading link or saying what you are trading. You are saying that you are willing to trade with other users in our community (which is against our rules).