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  1. Then there's my puzzles. I make them on a whim, and they are either really doofy dumb things or actual brain busters that are meant to challenge people into looking at something through a different perspective. :3c On that note I should really get to work on my next puzzle. I even thought it all out and everything.
  2. Payload - not upward or badwater basin (I end up on those maps way too much and got sick of them) KOTH - Most maps, I stick to punch heavy. Favorite map is Harvest there. Attack/Defend - Play pyro, either flank or pybro depending. Don't really have a favorite. I don't really have a favorite gamemode I just play what I feel like of those three.
  3. I would much rather the suggestions go into different categories, the front page is for new suggestions, then they are moved to different subforums, like rejected, accepted, considered, etc. Like, for example, I still am waiting for an answer to my long since made thread about formats in puzzle raffles. : P
  4. I would say 100, 500, 1000, 5000 would make more sense, with 5000 being platinum. Although I may just be saying that cause of how many I've done. :3c
  5. I'm not exactly sure what hate you're talking about. More often than not I simply get asked about solutions or asked for help on a puzzle.
  6. I dunno, seems like something I'd be interested in seeing added. Would love to know who the peeps who have solved the most puzzles are.
  7. https://scrap.tf/raffles/I3RQ6L I feel like this is turning into a post puzzles which could really use a format thread but man it just futhers my point that a forced format is for the most part necessary.
  8. Title. On every scrap profile you have "Raffles Entered". I'd suggest a splitting of that between public and puzzle. Basically like how it was done before with Raffles Created.
  9. 2 would be fine, I just think 7 is ridiculous.
  10. Like when I suggested that 1 hour be the minimum, I'm going to be short, sweet and realistic. There is no reason why a puzzle raffle should be longer than 1 day. If a puzzle actually takes longer than a full day to figure out, the puzzle in and of itself is too large. While it is nice to have such a large buffer for people to solve a puzzle made, in most instances it's really not necessary. By allowing a puzzle to last upwards of 7(?) days, for many puzzles it's pointless but in the same vein it allows puzzles that could take well over a day to complete as a solver, even by experienced hands.
  11. I say if a chain of jigidis is greater than 300 pieces in total, that puzzle should be closed, with 200 pieces being the max size for a single jigidi.
  12. Honestly if someone is displeased about winning anything from a raffle it just shows how greedy they are. And that's the whole point. Puzzle raffles are all in all about solving the puzzles and learning from them to solve other puzzle raffles. It's a continuous loop of complaints from people when they hardly ever solve puzzle raffles but then oh hey it's a puzzle raffle with amazing prizes but the puzzle is too hard because they don't know how to solve it so they'll complain on their wall for help or bug people who have already solved it for help. Which is a mess and could have been avoided if people just spent the time to solve any and every puzzle they could and continued to learn from them. Which... brings us back to here. Hiding prizes would ultimately stop all complaining if the dude chooses to hide them, and to be honest, if I ever were to raffle great prizes in a puzzle, for sure I would hide them if this becomes a reality, because I don't want people who hardly spend time in the puzzle raffle side and only solve ones they see with super amazing prizes to bug me on my wall for hints on a puzzle I spent time to make.
  13. The perfectionist in me has been bothered about this for a while. See the thing is, I solved every puzzle... except my own. So I see 5/6. I can't solve 6/6 because I can't solve my own. So I'm just suggesting that if you make a puzzle raffle yourself for it to not be added to the total number of puzzle raffle count. So in other words it'd say I've solved 5/5 puzzle raffles. I haven't made a public raffle before but I'd assume it's the same over there.
  14. A puzzle today got me thinking about this again. I also thought up a possible idea for a solution. Inbetween the raffle message and box with info featuring the avatar, time left, etc. You could have the following: Case: All lowercase/All caps/Both Caps and Lowercase, Number of Words: 1/2/3/X, Numbers: Yes/No, Special Chars: Yes/No Which is automatically added based on the password. This could be a good compromise between telling too much and not enough and make it slightly easier for us as puzzle solvers to get a general idea of what the format is like.
  15. Another short and sweet post. It has come to my attention that when a badly made puzzle raffle goes live and somehow a few people manage to solve it but the puzzle easily breaks one of the rules, that when it's reported and closed, instead of the items going to the site or returning to the one who made the raffle, it goes to the lucky few who managed to somehow solve a broken puzzle/extremely obscure puzzle. I feel that if a raffle breaks the rules the items should become forfeit (stay with the site). Or if that's too unfair just simply return them to the puzzle maker.
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