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  1. I like it quite a bit to be honest. It's a fun idea.
  2. Back when he left and I was talking to him, he said he wouldn't return without an apology from the person that banned him. He said that instead of them treating him like a normal human and talking to him about it they just banned him. Not gonna give an opinion, this post just reminded me of what he had told me. In the end, drama is stupid, especially from an item trading site. Incinerate was a cool guy, but rules are rules.
  3. I believe it is after you donate you get the picture. EDIT: https://scrap.tf/thanks/
  4. Heh, I do this when stocking up for my raffles. I buy every Tomislav available in every bot and laugh at my ~200 Tomislav collection.
  5. I don't understand fully why, I'm sure someone does, but I do know it is unfixable. Or so I've heard. Maybe because they're still technically unique quality? Someone should know.
  6. If you have the non rule reading badge you haven't read the rules properly. Coming from a first time reader, trust me. It is no bug. It's you that is doing something wrong; not reading them clearly. As for your donation, if you need help go to the Help and Support section of the forum. And finally, Secret Santa. A reroll is happening, so don't worry if someone is AFK. Also a post more fit for the Help and Support section.
  7. I've always liked Payload and Upward, and I've had a lot of fun with friends on the cap points map Mountain Lab (countless hours). So how about you? What is your favourite TF2 gamemode and map?
  8. Levi

    my birthday

    Early happy birthday! Maybe too early.
  9. If you need assistance, post in Help and Support. If you want a refund, post in the Refunds section.
  10. Levi

    Hotline Miami

    One of the best game in existence. Opinions on it?
  11. I'm bored, so here is a bunch of music I like. Luv(Sic) Part. 1 - Nujabes + Shing02 Luv(Sic) Part. 2 - Nujabes + Shing02 Luv(Sic) Part. 3 - Nujabes + Shing02 Luv(Sic) Part. 4 - Nujabes + Shing02 Luv(Sic) Part. 5 - Nujabes + Shing02 Luv(Sic) Part. 6 - Nujabes + Shing02 Hands On The Water - Skyhill Different Frequencies - Skyhill Black & White - Skyhill Afterglow - Skyhill Only One - Skyhill The City As You Walk - Skyhill Glass Doors - Sk
  12. Yourself and the supporters. Just realised what you meant. Well, yes, there is no way of finding out if others have the same issue, but that isn't really needed to help the problem.
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