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  1. I don't get your logic. You're saying 'I know the suggestion won't be accepted as it has been denied many times and has been suggested by many people. So, I'll keep asking'. That's how you get banned, my man.
  2. I like it quite a bit to be honest. It's a fun idea.
  3. You dislike feminism? Wot.
  4. I would love to see a community event...
  5. Levi

    .GIF Emotes?

    That is alrighty. What don't you like about animated emotes though, out of curiosity?
  6. In which case the main problem with the servers that needs to be worked on is staff.
  7. Possibly also shown on the screen in the same way as announcements; a banner at the top of the screen, thus making it impossible to miss.
  8. Levi

    .GIF Emotes?

    This is more of an 'is this possible?' than an 'add this!', but if it is possible, I would like to see it. Emotes are, as a whole, a big part of Scrap.TF's community. It's unlikely you'll ever see a raffle without a or a lurking around. So what would the possibility of gif emotes being implemented? I could not think of any off-hand, but I'm sure the custom emotes suggestion thread would have some ideas of new emotes, or possibly even current emotes with a new spin on them. Of course, as with many suggestions, I can imagine there may be some reason why this does not exist already, which is why I'm phrasing this suggestion more as a question rather than a whole-hearted suggestion. Adding gif emotes, in my opinion, would be a nifty little addition that'd add to the fun of raffles and the Scrap.TF chat. It would also add some more ideas for the emote suggestion thread, in turn bringing some new liveliness around the place. Feel free to add your ideas, or help me out with explaining why gifs aren't possible! Thank you for your time.
  9. Levi

    Buying Avatar Hats

    This is just making me wish I had bought a hat back in the love and hate event and the 2015 Christmas event ;-; I like the idea of community made hats, the problem being a way to filter the good from the low effort and bad. What will stop it from being spammed with phallic drawings and way too high prices?
  10. Back when he left and I was talking to him, he said he wouldn't return without an apology from the person that banned him. He said that instead of them treating him like a normal human and talking to him about it they just banned him. Not gonna give an opinion, this post just reminded me of what he had told me. In the end, drama is stupid, especially from an item trading site. Incinerate was a cool guy, but rules are rules.
  11. Maybe so, but there sure are some people who will be mad at getting anything that isn't super duper expensive. And in regards to what Spindel said, many more people get angry at raffles and their contents. Either way free items are free and people getting mad about getting free items is just annoying to look at and shouldn't be allowed.
  12. I like, but how often do you think it'd be used? :/
  13. As one may see when typing here, there are emotes. However, the weird default ones that look like the spawn of the devil, such as , , , , , , , , etc. All of which I haven't seen many people use. So, to increase the use of the less formal side of the forums (game discussion, off-topic), I suggest the main site's emotes being added here. Now, I can imagine this has been considered before, and not added for some valid reason. I couldn't know, I don't know the first thing about coding. And there are a lot of emotes. And more added time and time again with the suggestions thread. So, if adding them all is too much, what about the most popular and most used? Say, :csdsmile:, :ech:, :geel:, :butts:, :3:, etc. Here's a picture of what it'd be like, made using MS Paint and my bad editing skills. Ignore the weird sizing and random choice of emotes. They are just the ones saved on my computer as of now. So, ideas? Good/bad? Is there a reason why this isn't already in existence making my post mean nothing? :3
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