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  1. No. I don't want another reminder that the crying laughter emoji still exists.
  2. I'm pretty sure this is a duplicate suggestion. As for why, IIRC it involves how the site's code is formatted, and due to it, certain things such as being able to edit your own raffle comment aren't possible without going straight to the site's code creators themselves and making possible changes, but I don't think that's happening anytime soon.
  3. The point of the control point is to make sure everyone isn't camping in one spot nearly impossible for Hale to reach, and encourage players to always be moving, unless you're like Hatebi and camps in the cheapest spots available and fleeing like a coward. Basically, the control point is there to be a fail-safe option for Hales dealing with annoying Engi's, Pyro's covering said sentries, and vantage-point Snipers. Though I do agree, with only 1 player remaining, it makes sense to have it only enable then.
  4. A somewhat new (2017) app game released for Android and iOS by Bandai Namco, being a 3D-full retelling of the Sword Art Online: Aincard Arc, with some additions and changes to the story and plot. You take the form of an OC with a pre-made female companion Koharu, and go throughout the game (not fully finished, what with only having 7 floors so far out of the 100 total from the actual anime and comics) completing missions, NPC side quests, farm, and grind become the best you can be. WARNING: Game has in-game purchases (of course it does, it's a FREE APP game... ) in the form of Arcana Gems you use to get skills, abilities, and avatar cosmetics. Also, this game relies a LOT on grinding and farming by the time you reach floor 5, and only gets more tedious as you continue from there on. Tips: Once you install the game, and made your character, use every gem you have on the "Rare Order" (aka, skills and abilities) accessible in the Shop Menu, and use them. If you don't obtain at least 1 4-star skill (skills will have a weapon icon w/ red background, abilities while be a blasting icon w/ blue background), uninstall and reinstall the game and repeat from there until you get it. This is a secret exploit known in the community that thankfully (from what I know of) the dev team aren't aware or care about the existence of. Trust me, doing this will be beneficial for you down the road. I'm hoping making this, I can have other fellow players of the game comment below what their current sets are in terms of: weapon types (either sword, rapier, lance, mace, or axe) what skills you have equipped (and include the details of said skills such as the damage and effects) what abilities you have equipped (same ^ ) your overall loadout in terms of gear and weapons if you're in a guild, or are broadcasting for active players to be a part of their new guild
  5. The reason it was removed in the first place was because of the staff getting constant arguments from rafflers and other users about the seemingly endless amount of useless comments such as, "I hope I win", "plz let me win", etc., so staff thought it would be resolved if it were scrapped altogether into this... possibly more useless feature.
  6. As of yesterday, the new raffle number tally [that is displayed above the # of entries within a raffle] was released in a new patch to replace the winning percentage. However, if Mr.Ricardo's raffle poll determining whether the majority of the site's community liked or disliked the new changes is anything to go off of, you'll see how the community actually feels about the changes. In fact, within that same raffle's comment section, they felt it would've been better if it had been left how it was after the winning percentage was removed. Knowing this, the option to disable raffle number tallies from appearing, either through your profile settings, or an option while making a raffle, would please the majority of the users (since it would be kinda pointless just to flat out remove it a day after it was integrated into the system). Or hell, just remove it and center the rest of it so it looks more appealing, whichever works I guess.
  8. Jesse said it was because Premium was the original name for donator status, and because he hadn't gotten the time to change it, it had stayed as 'donator' status until someone brought it up about a couple months ago.
  9. Just out of curiosity, could you share the # of Premium+ and Super Premium users?
  10. I just made a new raffle, and had almost entirely forgotten about the poll I planned on having at the end, so I had to resort to copy-pasting my whole story + message onto a new raffle layout [while removing the original raffle because I realized unfortunately that you aren't able to insert a poll once you've clicked on the button that leads to the 'final preparations edit' part]. Because of this, I suggest having the ability to insert raffle polls while you're editing the final touches of a raffle before you 'create the raffle' and receive the trade offer to activate the raffle. Doing so will automatically remove the struggle of having to restart a raffle from scratch just to insert a poll you forgot to add originally, saving rafflers a lot of hassle in the process if they're forgetful such as myself.
  11. Your argument is how only a select percentage of users from that total are actually active, and even less of those actually comment. Let's say for example, about... 40% of all those (!) Gray users are at least bi-daily 'active' users, and from those users, only say... 15% bother commenting, with 35% average chance of it being related to spam or whatnot. 40% of 1,283,921 = [about] 513,568 users 15% of 513,568 = [about] 77,035 users 35% of 77,035 = (through very rough estimation and examples) a grand total of 26,962 spammers. Because 96% of all users are (!) Gray, if we were to use this brief example, that's how many would be blocked from commenting in general. Doing so, would cause severe backlash from the more saltier and hardheaded non-rule reading users, and blah blah blah. My point is, regardless of the active user-base total, Jesse still has to consider the site's reputation and manage the more critical changes to the site, all the while satisfying the majority of the site's common users with somewhat strict, yet still fair rules so there's no exclusion or bias on the actions of a minority of users. To put it all in perspective, out of the actions of 0.02% of the site's more... rule-breaking tendencies, all users of that tier would be punished for their actions altogether. * I may have gotten my math mixed up somewhere, I'm not sure, I'm doing the calculations at 2am, and haven't done much math-related stuff involving percentages in a few years.
  12. Kinda what I was going for as a byproduct of the first idea, but yeah, essentially that.
  13. The idea sounds for the most part solid, since the majority of those who beg/ 'spam'/ comment the same old "hope I win" type of comments consist of, as you stated, (!) Gray users, though I have to point out that some, not a huge percentage of, but some Blue users commit the same acts (!) Gray users do, though that's like... say, 5% of usual Blue users.
  14. Many users and rafflers over the past 24 hours have argued saying how ugly and tacky the current text boxes* are in raffles, since without the win chances, there's an empty gap of space that looks unprofessional and was quickly edit-rushed. Hence the reason for the... odd title I chose to give this suggestion, as I'm not entirely sure what staff should do for that space. That's not to say I don't have any ideas for the missing space where the win chances once resigned. Possible ideas to go with: A. Just increasing the overall text size so it's large enough to fill in the missing spot. Because I'm not entirely sure whether it's size 11, 12, or 14, let's just say it's size 12 text. Increasing it to 14 or 16 will fill out the missing space. B. More of a gimmick idea IMO, but perhaps instead of a win chance, have it display the lose chances. I don't know, sounds stupid enough to be fun and test it out, especially seeing the near-almost 100% being shown on Unusual raffles. C. Display the total value of the item being raffled. Of course though, adding in extra parts such as Strange Parts, Killstreaks, Halloween effects, etc may be a bit of a challenge (especially Halloween effects, cause my GOD are those difficult to pin-point a solid price), but it should still be at least included when calculating the overall item' worth. The 'raffle value' would determine the raffle's item through the prices from backpack.tf and maybe marketplace.tf. One downside I could see to this, however, is regional currency translation, i.e, different countries using different currencies, which would need a bit of work possibly having a bot in charge of said 'raffle value' determine, but not impossible. D. Show what current rank the raffler is in terms of ranked rafflers. E. List how many raffles the raffler has made. A few of these ideas I like a lot as you may see, mainly A, C, and D, but because staff work in mysterious ways in determining what could and won't work, I've given a bunch of potential ideas for the staff to decide through, because if I'm being honest, the raffle description box in its' current state looks unfinished, and I know many others share my similar opinion that we want something done with the rushed removal-edit job done on it. Plus, I'm sure everyone will be satisfied with at least one of these ideas. * In case you have no idea [somehow] what I'm talking about, I'm referring to these:
  15. I see several flaws to this idea, as well as have a few questions about it: A. How would this work? An overall email bot that informs every 'subscribed' user of a raffler when they've made a new raffle? Or just a general 'subscribe' feature that informs when a raffle has been made? B. Having thousands of users subscribed to, say, a single popular raffle, would possibly [and quite quickly] overwhelm the email bot (I could be wrong, don't have the slightest clue about how much stress bots can handle), which could delay when users receive email notifications. C. Not all raffles are "24-hour w/ 5k+ entries" kind, some are 10 minutes w/ only 100 entries, 5 min. w/ 25 entries, an hour w/ 500 entries, you get the point. For those raffles, what would you intend on doing? Because a notification for an already-ended raffle is basically useless at that point, and not everyone has the time or availability in their (for most people) busy lives to immediately react when a new raffle notification has been received. D. I made a suggestion for something like this a while back, along the lines of implementing a "follow specific raffler/ user" feature, and this sounds somewhat like it, only instead involving email notifications instead of site's. The idea in itself is nice, but there's just too many glaring flaws in it for me to see it being added.
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