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  1. Quest - contribute an item to the mega raffle

    Would you want to be forced to donate an item to the mega raffle? The whole mega raffle is meant to be voluntary from the community's combined generosity into one massive raffle free for anyone to join. Making a quest that forces you to donate an item to it would go against what the intentions of the mega raffle. Besides, I'd rather not want to have a strong chance at obtaining what's likely going to be one of hundreds of crates in the mega raffle if it were to become a real quest.
  2. Profile Backgrounds More Noticeable

    When people equip a profile background, they do it because they not only like it, but want others to see it as well. However, not many users tend to be interested in a user enough to go onto their profile, so I've thought of a way for them to see it without having to go onto their profile. What if you were able to have your "profile" on your raffles have your current profile background displayed on it? What I mean, is having this part: display your current profile's background too.
  3. Requests to pull items from bots

    Pretty sure there's a term in Economics to describe this, that being I think a monopoly. Similar to the diamond industry, if someone where to stockpile a vast majority of a single item, such as gold, plutonium, mercury, etc., they could determine what that item's value is indirectly. Economics in itself is pretty simple that can be summed up in three words: supply and demand. The more an item is in demand, the more likely they'll pay a larger amount for a limited supply, like the Amiibo shortage of 2015-2016. Same can be said about this as well; if someone were to stockpile all available Earbuds, or at least 95% of every single Earbud in the TF2 economy, they can somewhat control the value of them since they're the main provider of the item now, and because they're limited items, you can't obtain them through any other methods besides trading more for what it's originally worth.
  4. Hey guys, help me

    How did you glance past this? https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/ The first digit is a number
  5. different types of quests

    A much better suggestions idea would be that certain tasks have an extra sub goal/ bonus for it. What I mean is like, for example those 250 entries in a raffle you made tasks. Underneath could be a sub goal where if you got 1,500 entries in a raffle, you'd be rewarded 5 points (Not sure if it'd be automatically sent into the bar, or count as spending points. You decide.), that way, it'll be a win-win for those who want to fill the bar and those who are only doing it for extra entries into the holiday raffle/ hats.
  6. What would you do if you could get a free golden pan?

    Troll any and all possible sharks/ scammers out to get my pan. Then make it a YouTube series recording the best moments.
  7. New GTA 5 Heist: Doomsday

  8. There's no way Scrap.tf will be able to make any profit with the current YouTube algorithm. The system practically age-restricts and de-monetizes any video mentioning TF2 or has footage of it, so that's likely not happening unless the current president of YT is either fired, fixes her shitty system with her employees in charge of designing the bot, or all the above.
  9. Best unusual effect?

    Death by Dusk.
  10. AC4: Black Flag Free in a Few Days

    http://blog.ubi.com/get-two-ubisoft-pc-classics-free-december/ Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag is going to be free on Uplay from the 12th - 18th.
  11. Game recommendations?

    Star Wars Battlefront II.
  12. More specifically, being able to delete a comment you made in the Secret Santa event chat. I'm primarily suggesting this since I wish to remove a comment I made to the wrong chat on the Secret Santa page (there are two: Gifter chat and Recipient chat. I meant to message my recipient, but thought it was through the gifter chat), but surprisingly there's no option for it. It'd help fix any chat mistakes in future Secret Santa events, as well as avoid any embarrassing chat mishaps such as my own.
  13. What date was Scrap.TF created on?

    http://whois.domaintools.com/scrap.tf Have a nice day.
  14. What date was Scrap.TF created on?

    You would have to ask Jesse himself, only he and Geel are responsible for the creation of the site.