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  1. Trolls always come up with a way to abusive a system, whether it directly impacts other users or Scrap.TF. This is precisely why Scrap.TF isn't so open to new ideas; they have to discuss it with one another before implementing it into the system, but even then it's more of a beta test then it is an official new feature. They have to constantly think about the gains and downsides behind every new idea, and if it's got a lot more gain for both users and Scrap.TF, it's more likely to be accepted, so long as it's within the boundaries of the terms of service when posting an idea.
  2. *GottaGo's thinking process*:
  3. The price range for all the items change constantly, so the bots are always having to be updated for Scrap.TF, though they normally care only about key prices in ref, and will only sometimes manage the bot prices.
  4. The bots' make their prices based off's prices. Updating them would involve having to go straight to the source, aka and "update" the price for many items, which Scrap.TF doesn't have the time nor care to do.
  5. I think this is fitting for you.
  6. From what I've learned and have been told by better scouts/ Scout mains in the past is, try to aim with the mouse as little as possible. Use your speed to aim, adjusting it with the mouse. It also helps to be a bit more unpredictable in when and where you go to crouch jump as an enemy projectile barrels straight for your crotch. A single unpredicted crouch jump can mean the difference between a 5-killstreak [life] and being dominated [death].
  7. Just some computer info questions, if that's not too much to ask. I don't know jack sh*t when it comes to processors, RAM, CPU's, etc etc. or anything involving technology or computer science unless you count operating a microwave. Anyways, as a clueless user myself, I thought I'd get some help figuring some stuff out in terms of which is "larger", in a metaphorical sense. How good is an Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 graphics card? Is it able to run most modern (GTA V, Battlefield 1, etc etc.) games, or do I need to upgrade it? If I do need to upgrade, what's a strong, reliable graphics card that can run something like Battlefield 1, as I've heard it needs a larger graphics card than even GTA V? And, if possible, could you provide me a link to one on eBay, Amazon, etc.? As of right now, my current computer's setup (as I've searched and written down) is: (RAM) - 12.0 GB RAM (Processor) - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz 2.71GHz (4CPUs) ~2.7GHz (DirectX Version) - DirectX 12 (CPU Speed) - 3.25 GHz (Type of Memory) - DDR3 (System Type) - 64-bit operating system (Free Disk Space) - 1.54TB (I'm like, 99% sure I'm safe with this one) (Graphics Card) - Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 I know something here needs an upgrade, probably the graphics card, but is the rest able to handle GTA V at least? Are the Ripjaw X series a graphics card or a processor?
  8. There are tutorials on YouTube and websites that allow you to make gifs into an animated gif spray. They work, as I've made this my own spray in-game: *Though I wish it would be a bit faster in-game, since it's like, half the speed the gif here currently is when it's in-game.
  9. I'm not even going to ask what's happening here or delve further into this, but if you still haven't realized the main picture here, I'm going to make this easy to understand: Think about it from not just the player/ user's perspective, but the bots'. The bots will constantly be filled to the absolute brim with junk crates that no one will want to buy (unless of course they're rare or ones that are worth more than $0.03-$0.07 on the Steam Market, or are cases from the newest update), which will make them unusable to the general public until someone makes space in there for more people to clutter with their sh*t crates. It'd be an unproductive and annoying cycle of take one, replace with 10 more. And besides, they already do have a crate bank, it's called the Incinerator.
  10. I don't think you understand how Scrap.TF approves certain mechanics. It's as simple as this: If Scrap.TF no make profit off it, they no accept it. Or basically, if it doesn't earn profit or enough of it, they won't ever accept it. Scrap.TF is first and foremost, a business before anything else.
  11. :kirino: :kyousuke: :considerthis: (Might need to make a bit more fixing up for the last one, so if anyone could check if it's fine, that'd be swell.)
  12. :haiguys:
  13. Pretty sure that's a meme, so it wouldn't count.
  14. Pretty sure you were banned for something completely different. The only ban you have listed in your profile is a ban for auctions.
  15. I was desperate enough to actually attempt that, but by my 3rd-time hitting chain-87 (your shiny chances reach max % of appearing after chain-75, but the whole chain breaks after 225, so I was at I think...537 deaths of innocent Petilil [ALL IN ONE BATTLE, SO I HAD BROKEN 2 CHAINS, ON MY 3RD AND AT 87) before I just threw in the towel.