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  1. User Subscribe Button

    Many of us users on the site all have at least one favorite raffler, whether they're daily or even at times monthly raffles. But having to diligently go through each raffle to see if they've made a new raffle constantly gets annoying, and usually boring real quick, and some of us want to be notified when they create a new raffle. For example, say I'd like to know if Derpy Snipz makes a new raffle, but don't want to have to constantly check for a new raffle by them. With it, I'd be notified (it's basically the YouTube subscribe button. Hey, if Scrap.tf is willing to be inspired by Instagram of all places for their forum comment reaction emoticons, then this isn't too far a stretch) immediately once they submitted a new raffle.
  2. cannot fix Forum Text Auto-Strikethrough

    I see... well, thank you for at least acknowledging the issue personally, Jesse. (This discussion has been resolved and blah blah blah, you get the drift. )
  3. Anime Recommendations

  4. Anime Recommendations

    Already seen One Punch Man, loved it, and have been waiting since December of last year for S2, and the others are Netflix exclusives. (Sure I could find recordings of them online, but... meh, maybe.) I should also throw in, I'm into these sorts of anime: - Romance/ Comedy [I don't want just pure romance, that's basically a chick-flick but better storytelling and bigger eyes, so if suggesting Romance animes, have them be more then just romance.] - Action/ Comedy - Pure Comedy There are a few other exceptions to the kinds of anime I like, like gruesome and that stuff, but the ones listed are the kinds I'm more acquainted with. As of right now, my anime viewing schedule [binge-watching through each series] is, in no order: - Hunter x Hunter [it's bloody #14 on Anime Recommendations. 14!! Out of thousands!] - Boku no Hero Academia [if I enjoy Hunter, then I'll tackle Boku since I've heard they're somewhat similar.] - Log Horizon [Apparently it's real similar to SAO, so I'm definitely watching it.] - No Game No Life [in the middle of the series rn, currently on Ep.7 of 12] (BTW, anyone know of any anime similar to OreImo and Eromanga-sensei? I love them quite a lot, but since I only have rumors and hopes Eromanga gets renewed a second season [last episode, ep.12, aired only a month ago, I'm desiring similar animes to them.]
  5. Anime Recommendations

    I'd like some anime recommendations that are similar to either Sword Art Online or Naruto. -Already Watched/ Read/ Plan on Watching: Fairy Tail [plan on watching] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure [50/50, haven't decided whether I should or shouldn't watch] Bleach Might tackle One Piece Not sure if I should watch The Irregular at Magic High EDIT: And do NOT suggest Dragonball, never watching it no matter how good it is. Naruto fillers are bad enough, don't want to go through 25 episodes for Goku to charge his bloody attack.
  6. I'm unaware as to whether or not anyone else has seemed to come across this bug, but I know for sure I've encountered it multiple times when making posts. Here's what my issue is: Now here's the thing: I never activated the strikethrough button once, and to make double sure, I went back to edit and highlighted all the strikethrough, and pressed the strikethrough button a few times, and finished editing, but it didn't change a thing. I'm not too sure why or how this happens, but this "bug" occasionally slides into my DMs my discussion posts, and I'm more curious as to why this happens, more than if it's an actual bug. (And yes, that strikethrough in that "my DMs" was intentional.)
  7. Auction Item Price Chart

    Have you ever wanted to know if you're getting a good/ fair deal when searching through the Auctions, but aren't quite sure of the value of the auctioned item? That's where this suggestion comes to play. My idea is to have a sort of "compare chart" where it states what the auctioned item's original value [based of Backpack.tf's stated value] actually is, so you're able to compare the item's actual worth to the auction's minimum bid. I don't believe it'll be able to work on items that have Halloween effects, so it'll be most likely a blank or not available, as bp.tf has no official value listed for whatever Halloween effect is on that item. For example, say you see someone auctioning off a Strange Killstreak Rocket Launcher w/ Damage Dealt attached, but you aren't quite certain how much that would actually be worth [to make sure you get your money's worth]. With the item compare chart, it'll list both what a Strange Killstreak Rocket Launcher, as well as what a Strange Part: Damage Dealt are both currently worth, like a pricelist, below what the minimum bid amount lists. For a visual representation, here's one I made from a recent auction: [The item has Sappers Destroyed Strange Part attached]
  8. Custom emote suggestions

    So basically a mirror version but w/ Blu stripes.
  9. Do you consider mobile [phone] gamers as "gamers" [like PS4, XBOX One, and Switch gamers?]
  10. TF2 Update Notifications

    Due to me spending more time on Scrap.tf than the actual game it was made to support [seriously, haven't even touched the game in a month], and not always in touch of Valve's TF2 updates, I figured what if Scrap.tf had a notification similar to the current Tip of the Hats 2017 charity donation event notification Geel himself made, where when a new update [ie. the long awaited Pyro update, etc.] is released, to notify those who are like me that a new update has been released.
  11. User Storage Bot issue with auction's

    All this time spent on explaining your issue, yet you post it in the incorrect board. https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/ Scroll down the page next time for the Help and Support Forum if you have an issue.
  12. Relocate Help/ Support Forum

    (Play the video while staring at the gif)
  13. Item ideas!

    Who's Antoine? If you're asking for anyone that we might know of that is knowledgeable in designing TF2 items [through SFM], I may know of one. He's in my friends list, and not only has he gotten community items [As in, his designs were officially made by Valve and incorporated into the game. He designed the Snowmann all-class cosmetic hat and the Christmas 2016 case. He even has a Saxxy that he earned with a couple others in creating "Turbulence", the winning Saxxy Awards 2015 animation. It's a good animation. The video I'm talking about is this if you were curious: ] His name is OverPovered.
  14. Relocate Help/ Support Forum

    Almost everyday, another user mistakenly posts on the wrong forum board an issue or problem they're having, usually on the Off-Topic and General Discussion boards. And for those who spend a lot of time on the Forum [or in my case, way too much for a normal human being], it gets real annoying/ bothersome having to always link them to the proper board they should be stating their problems on. [Usually those who are new to the site and/or haven't actually read the rules.] I figured this is likely because they don't realize there's a Support Forum, as the first boards you see when you enter the Forum are the General Discussion, Off-Topic, Servers, and Community Moderator Applications. Either that, or they don't bother checking the rest of the page to spot the Help/Support Forum, leading to them posting it in the Community boards instead. So to resolve this, why not swap the locations of the "Community" Boards with the "Scrap.tf" boards, so when you enter the site, the first board you'll see is the Help/Support instead of halfway down the page, since [unfortunately] it seems like users usually only enter the Forums to report an issue they're having. Doing this would drastically decrease the amount of clueless users posting issues in the incorrect Forum board, which saves the Support staff (aka Ezekiel and Lukiday), general staff (Luna and 3xIneet), and me (Hey, I like helping others. By shooing them away to the correct forum) time relocating them to the actual board.
  15. Item ideas!

    I want a Pyro primary that comes with a projectile, like instead of an airblast for m2, be a 60dmg fireball shot out like a cannon that travels about the same speed a grenade launcher fires. That way, he's not limited to a small surrounding area.