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    And let's not forget the BEST part of this new update: FUCKED UP PINGS! [OVER 150 ON AVERAGE FOR AN ADVANCED PC]

    *Cue pings raising over 200 from new flame graphics*
  3. Custom emote suggestions

    >128x128 >"small" If it's already 128x128, there's not much you can do about the actual models, unless you intend on making the models in the image smaller in proportion to the whole image, but that in itself is somewhat foolish since it'd be harder to recognize if it were converted back to 32x32.

    *Cue server connection crashes* *Cue Item server connection failures* *Cue long ConTractor establishing connections*
  5. I want Jungle Inferno Update

    WE ALL DO.
  6. Music sharing thread

    For when you need to get your Spooky on
  7. Display Image on Raffle Comment

    Kinda odd how you're able to display images [aka image/ gif url's] on user profiles, yet not raffles. So why not? I'm sure there's a way to make it work, even if it means having to restrict the image size proportions to something like 500x500 maximum.
  8. Halloween Event Percentage Bar

    Just a simple percentage next to the Trick or Treat event bar so you know you're making a difference. I'd say have it go to the hundredths, aka for ex. 25.56%, 54.71%, etc. (I assume each 3 points [aka 1 "attack"] counts as 0.01%)
  9. Halloween update quick question

    I can respond to this with my own question: Just how much points do you think you'd need to solo through the entire bar? Like I spent 6 points [2 "attacks"] on the entity, and it didn't even flinch a percent. Solo-ing it would literally be impossible. So no, it's not a solo task. It's a community task where I assume if you participate in it, the system will reward you once the event ends with a badge.
  10. We are beating the evil entity very fast

    Also, How is doing the objective much earlier than the due date ever a bad thing?
  11. Translation

    We already have translators. Jesse knows more about it, maybe some of the other staff too like 3xIneet.
  12. Where the fuck is Luna?

    They haven't been on here in 3 months.
  13. Talking about treats

  14. About the Halloween Event...

    Once the bar has been reached, will you still be able to earn points to unlock items like the Halloween-themed profile background and Witch Avatar hat?