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  1. A somewhat new (2017) app game released for Android and iOS by Bandai Namco, being a 3D-full retelling of the Sword Art Online: Aincard Arc, with some additions and changes to the story and plot. You take the form of an OC with a pre-made female companion Koharu, and go throughout the game (not fully finished, what with only having 7 floors so far out of the 100 total from the actual anime and comics) completing missions, NPC side quests, farm, and grind become the best you can be. WARNING: Game has in-game purchases (of course it does, it's a FREE APP game... ) in the form of Arcana Gems you use to get skills, abilities, and avatar cosmetics. Also, this game relies a LOT on grinding and farming by the time you reach floor 5, and only gets more tedious as you continue from there on. Tips: Once you install the game, and made your character, use every gem you have on the "Rare Order" (aka, skills and abilities) accessible in the Shop Menu, and use them. If you don't obtain at least 1 4-star skill (skills will have a weapon icon w/ red background, abilities while be a blasting icon w/ blue background), uninstall and reinstall the game and repeat from there until you get it. This is a secret exploit known in the community that thankfully (from what I know of) the dev team aren't aware or care about the existence of. Trust me, doing this will be beneficial for you down the road. I'm hoping making this, I can have other fellow players of the game comment below what their current sets are in terms of: weapon types (either sword, rapier, lance, mace, or axe) what skills you have equipped (and include the details of said skills such as the damage and effects) what abilities you have equipped (same ^ ) your overall loadout in terms of gear and weapons if you're in a guild, or are broadcasting for active players to be a part of their new guild
  2. Heavenly - "Prince of the World". Made by the highly underrated and almost unknown band [in modern society], Heavenly, one of their best, yet even MORE underrated song, "Prince of the World" is a gem for all who love heavy rock/ mild metal rock songs.
  3. You're attempting to join a server/ game when it's already started. The Meet Your Match update prevents that action by giving you a notice that Ad-Hoc connections are not allowed. From what I know of, the only way to normally trigger this message is to be trying to access a matchmaking server through the community server menu. Either that, it's a server-based issue or try reinstalling the game.
  4. Fanfiction is such a neat idea: let random people online post their own fictional versions of already existing properties and, in turn, practice their own literature and story-making skills in the process. I shamelessly read quite a lot of fanfiction, and I know many others on this site do the exact same as well, whether or not you're brave or humble enough to swallow your pride to admit it. I'm just making this to see how many here actually do so. (And please, vote honestly. The poll is anonymous, for those ashamed or embarrassed)
  5. Are you sure your RMB works? It may be jammed or broken otherwise.
  6. Have you tried reinstalling it? The game itself I mean.
  7. Looking for someone to provide for me a blob layout, essentially just the standard blob without a facial expression on it.
  8. Ever wanted a multi-regional MMO Pokemon main series game? Ever wanted to be able to trade and battle with as much control as a LoL server? Ever wished to have total control over your character looks? All the while being FREE? https://pokemon-revolution-online.net/index.php Just download the game after creating an account, make a new folder on your desktop, and highlight-copy-paste the files within that download into that desktop folder. Finally, click on the pokeball icon "PRO!" and you're all set! Hope to see you all online!
  9. https://emulatoronline.com/nds-games/pokemon-platinum-version/ It actually fucking works. AND IT DOESN'T RUN LIKE A PILE OF SHIT! (Note: It won't run like a piece of shit if you play it from your PC, and will work if you use Google Chrome) (BTW: Emulator controls: S = X X = B C = A Enter = Start
  10. Troll any and all possible sharks/ scammers out to get my pan. Then make it a YouTube series recording the best moments.
  11. http://blog.ubi.com/get-two-ubisoft-pc-classics-free-december/ Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag is going to be free on Uplay from the 12th - 18th.
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