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  1. Pretty sure that's a meme, so it wouldn't count.
  2. Pretty sure you were banned for something completely different. The only ban you have listed in your profile is a ban for auctions.
  3. I was desperate enough to actually attempt that, but by my 3rd-time hitting chain-87 (your shiny chances reach max % of appearing after chain-75, but the whole chain breaks after 225, so I was at I think...537 deaths of innocent Petilil [ALL IN ONE BATTLE, SO I HAD BROKEN 2 CHAINS, ON MY 3RD AND AT 87) before I just threw in the towel.
  4. No. 25 boxes in, AND NO SHINY STILL.
  5. My mask.
  6. Depends on what you're trying to improve: Scout's unpredictability, Rocket Jumping, Puff-n-Sting combo-ing, landing direct hits with Grenade Launcher, how to last longer with Heavy, strategic Engi spots, how to be a better medic, getting better aim as Sniper, or becoming a skilled Spy. Just click on my profile, go to " profile", which should bring you to my profile, and next to the report button is the Steam Profile button. It'll open my steam profile, and friend me for any assistance.
  7. Some people want to create fast raffles, so they make them 50/50, 30/30, etc. I do it all the time with my raffles with /100 participants, so everyone participating has a 1% of winning.
  8. This whole discussion seems pretty much redundant. Overpriced Auctions, Discount Auctions, Auction Sniping, these are all things that happen in IRL auctions as well, coming from an auction participant. All of this is common stuff within the Auctioning communities, especially sniping, so there's no real point trying to fix something that's not really broken. Yes, I know it's annoying as fk with snipers, but that's why most people avoid it with a huge raise in their auction bid, so no one is tempted enough to try and outbid them/you. However, what should be certainly considered in including is the option to reject bids. Say for example if you're selling a Dogfighter for 5 ref, and someone just gives you a few crappy-painted cosmetics, instead of simply bidding 5 ref. Last I checked, auctions can forbid some auctioners from bidding, and in some cases, the actual bid [like raising it by a cent], so it's definitely something Jesse could consider the auction-creator should be allowed to do.
  9. You know it man.
  10. I mean... technically there's R34 of it with Pokemon, so it counts.
  11. A better graphics card. I'm literally using one of the most basic ones in history, and I've considered maybe buying this for my B-Day in a couple months: Or maybe buy an expensive Unusual.
  12. Right, but an improved version so you don't have to check through each one individually to find the one item [or more if you're lucky], it'll just put the name of the raffle and name of item won.
  13. Before November last year, I took a few months off. So, I had no clue as to whether I actually won something during those few months. I realized that, in case for others to remember what they've won in the past, for Scrap.TF to create a list of all items won, similar-looking to how if you win a raffle it shows the raffle name and the item won, it'd be a list of them showing what items you've won before.
  14. Raffles work exactly how raffles work: you join it [for free], and if you're lucky, you'll win one of, or the item being raffled off. [Meaning, if it's listed for: Multiple Winners, it means multiple people will win from that overall raffle, so if someone raffles 3 items and lists it for Multiple Winners, 3 lucky people will win an item each. One winner means only 1 person will win that item, or all the items in that raffle if there's more than 1, but is listed for "One Winner". If you are asking how to make one, just click on the "Create Raffle" button when you're on the current raffles list, at the top right corner of the page, and there will be boxes for the Raffle Title, whatever you wanna say to all joiners of the raffle in "Raffle Message", another for those who happen to join it in another raffle message box, an option on how long you want the raffle to be up for, how many can join before the raffle automatically ends, and finally it'll open your inventory and you click on what item or items you want to raffle, then accept and begin the raffle. But you need to have the Steam Authenticator to create a raffle though.
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