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  1. Whenever I withdraw a steam item from a raffle it takes ages to get it to work because there's always an error. If this is on Scrap.tf's side (which I don't think it is), it would be awesome if it could get fixed. I think if it's on steams side, there would still be a few ways to fix it. Some ideas I had were 1) Allow people to reject raffle winnings. This would solve the problem but may cause others 2) Allow people to make raffles with items won 3) Allow people to make raffles with steam items won Thanks 🙂
  2. Seems like a cool idea. I'm also a left handed mobile user so I'd try it out.
  3. This seems like the most wanted suggestion in a while due to the blue scarf meme.
  4. I'd like there to be a warning when you're nearing your daily raffle amount limit. I always forget and just go on a raffle making spree, and then realize too late that I have a raffle I need to make but I've already reached my limit. I think it'd be cool if you got a little orange drop down message (like when you're missing a field in your raffle) letting you know when you're one away from your daily raffle limit when you click the create raffle button.
  5. It would be cool if it did. Maybe have an option to toggle it like the snow during Christmas in case of a bad phone.
  6. I came across the problem of not being able to make raffles with items worth less than 1 ref today. It was with an item with a rare level that made it worth way more than 1 ref, but I couldn't auction it. It affects other things like killstreaks, lowcrafts, spelled items etc. and I really dislike it. I have a few ideas to fix it. Idea 1: Allow certain users to be "trusted users" so you know they won't spam auctions with low value items that aren't wanted. Idea 2: Allow lowcrafts, level 0, killstreak, and spelled items to be auctioned no matter their value. I can't think of a single instance where any of these items are worth less than a ref, and I don't think that should be to hard to implement (although I don't really know). Idea 3: Allow people make requests to have an item worth less than 1 ref be auctioned. They could have a limit on how often they could make a request (maybe once or twice a week) and it would be a bannable offence to spam the system. I feel like this one is the worst but maybe it would be easier, I'm not an expert
  7. I have this problem to because I only use scrap.tf on my phone, and if my brightness is to low or there's sun shining on the screen it's near impossible to tell
  8. When you only have one item in the raffle you're trying to make it still says "Trade Items" (plural). I know this is a tiny thing but things like this have been changed in the past. Doesn't really matter if you fix it.
  9. Discord Tag: The Trojan Warhorse#3128 Chrome dev tools? I am not as I spend almost all of my time on mobile Experience? I have helped in testing a new website before, and I helped fix two bugs on scrap.tf here on the forums
  10. I was just thinking it would be nice to be able to raffle items from your site inventory. That way if you can't trade, for any reason, you can still raffle. You could just go to another inventory tab on the create raffle page (tf2, steam, Dota etc.) to access it. Thanks :-)
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