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  1. Hexlicious [⇄]

    Ability to select what metal/keys are used in the trade

    Well of course, but scrap.tf is not an automated banking site.
  2. Hexlicious [⇄]

    Ability to select what metal/keys are used in the trade

    Well I posted this in the completely wrong area, sorry about that.
  3. I always got loads of pure sitting in the "new items" section of my inventory on backpack.tf, but scrap.tf never takes these items whenever I am buying anything on the site, could you make it so the button that allows you to choice which items you pay with also shows pure? Thanks.
  4. Hexlicious [⇄]

    Why can you bid skins? Exploitable.

    It's such an easy way to exploit the service, even the site itself sells skins for dirt cheap, so someone can go to one of the bots and buy a skin and instantly flip it for something else on the auctions, usually with some good profit, since backpack.tf overvalue pretty much every skin by several refined or sometimes even keys. I almost got ripped off with a skin that was worth 5 ref according to scrap.tf, but the highest it ever sold for was just under a refined, please fix that asap.
  5. Hexlicious [⇄]

    Will auctions ever return?

    They worked perfectly fine for me, then one they just were just removed without any explanation for why, it's the best thing this site has ever implemented, apart from it's main focus.
  6. Hexlicious [⇄]

    The new ads

    Why would you make such a big deal out of silent ads? They don't owe you more bots just because they wanted more money for their work (which they very much deserve)
  7. Hexlicious [⇄]

    Will auctions ever return?

    Like, I haven't been very active on this forum, so unsure if this is a common question, but will they? It was easily one of the best features the site had to offer (although not perfect), it has come and gone like 3 times now, but this is the longest it has ever been disabled, and I am really missing it. Edit: Ok I read some other topics about it, but there still hasn't been given a reason behind why they were disabled.
  8. Hexlicious [⇄]

    Ability to see all bids and choice the "best"

    You have the ability to reject the top bid, and the next highest will then become the top bid, why not just make it an easy pick and choice?
  9. Hexlicious [⇄]

    the invasion failure

    Cry more.