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  1. Hi, we're very sorry to see this happen. Item prices were taken from prices.tf, which has worked well for the months that we have used it. This was the first case of severe item price abuse, and thus was as unexpected for us as it was for you. Immediately after this incident occurred, we blacklisted the item from being bid on auctions, and banned the user. Shortly after, we removed the ability to set an instant-buy value on auctions that accept items, as this was the reason the user was immediately able to trade the items after bidding the overpriced item. We have since not found a reliable way to prevent this manipulation while still keeping all item prices automatically updated. For this reason, we have decided to remove the ability to bid items entirely, at least until a better system can be set up. We offer auctions as a free service on our site. Other than a few optional scrap metal for promotion, we do not gain anything from facilitating these on our site. Our pricing methods have always been known, and the risks that come along with this are shown each time an auction is made. As auctions are a free service that is offered as-is, we are unable to match the item's value out of our own pocket. We feel very sorry that this happened, and hope you can recover quickly. Thank you for your understanding.
  2. Once enough cards have been sold again. We've hit the general stock limit on cards.
  3. Festive items are a separate variant of an item. Festivized items have a festivizer attached to them, which may be removed. You can find more info here: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Festive_weapons
  4. Do you see anything in the browser console? If you go to inspect element -> Console , there might be a red error explaining what's going on.
  5. 26 should be related to inventory space. How many items are you trying to trade, and do you have enough inventory space for them?
  6. That's what it is categorized as according to the game. Not sure how valve got there, but technically the spy has secondary and melee weapons, next to the primary PDA (disguise) and secondary PDA (watch)
  7. Steam reports do not work in such ways regardless. Without proper evidence of on-site behaviour, steam will not take any action, which is both a blessing for false reports, but a curse for reporting scambots.
  8. Due to a critical steam bug all bots were temporarily disabled. The bots are now enabled again, although trades are restricted to 75 items.
  9. All of our items are put into and taken out of the bots by other users. If an item is overstocked, it means that too many users are trying to sell it to us, and we thus do not accept any more. Once enough people have bought the item from our bots, slots will free up again, so more of the same items can be sold.
  10. Yes, this was related to one of the bots being unable to handle more items in the moment, which got resolved shortly after. Please be sure to post any request for help at the help&support forums, and to aid other users in the same direction.
  11. Well, there's an additional limit per trade (https://scrap.tf/help/basics) but you can always just do multiple trades with the same bot if you can't fit all of them in a single trade.
  12. Please don't report users for not paying, since they'll already receive an automated auction ban. Seems like this already got resolved though, do make sure to post in the help&support section next time.
  13. We've removed the url to the user due to our witchhunting policies. Please be aware that the trade in the authenticator is the trade you will end up accepting, everything before can be manipulated one way or the other. You can find info about a often occuring kind of hijack here: https://scrap.tf/help/kb/213
  14. Auction values usually use the backpack.tf value of the core item (without killstreaks, parts, paints, etc). In auctions, there is a special field called the Item Factor, which is a percentage between 50 and 100%. This is the factor that all non-currency items' values get multiplied by, and is set by the auctioneer.
  15. granted, they're all either collectors or strange, no uniques.
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