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  1. All of our items are put into and taken out of the bots by other users. If an item is overstocked, it means that too many users are trying to sell it to us, and we thus do not accept any more. Once enough people have bought the item from our bots, slots will free up again, so more of the same items can be sold.
  2. Yes, this was related to one of the bots being unable to handle more items in the moment, which got resolved shortly after. Please be sure to post any request for help at the help&support forums, and to aid other users in the same direction.
  3. Well, there's an additional limit per trade (https://scrap.tf/help/basics) but you can always just do multiple trades with the same bot if you can't fit all of them in a single trade.
  4. Please don't report users for not paying, since they'll already receive an automated auction ban. Seems like this already got resolved though, do make sure to post in the help&support section next time.
  5. We've removed the url to the user due to our witchhunting policies. Please be aware that the trade in the authenticator is the trade you will end up accepting, everything before can be manipulated one way or the other. You can find info about a often occuring kind of hijack here: https://scrap.tf/help/kb/213
  6. Auction values usually use the backpack.tf value of the core item (without killstreaks, parts, paints, etc). In auctions, there is a special field called the Item Factor, which is a percentage between 50 and 100%. This is the factor that all non-currency items' values get multiplied by, and is set by the auctioneer.
  7. granted, they're all either collectors or strange, no uniques.
  8. Please post your questions about the site at the Help&Support forums.
  9. This has been resolved at the help&support forums. Please create your posts about issues with the site there.
  10. https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/34-refunds/
  11. No, this isn't allowed, as this is requesting off-site trades. All bids have to be made through the bidding system. If they put their minimum bid too high or have the accepted items not set up correctly, they'll have to remake the auction. In the future, please post questions about the site at the Help&Support forums.
  12. Luki

    Bot Scammed me

    Please respond to your refund request instead of creating more threads for the same issue.
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