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  1. Duplicate of a thread now in the correct subforums for questions and issues: Help&Support.
  2. This is all information that is available at https://scrap.tf/santa . Please let us know if you have a specific question about this by creating a help&support ticket at https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/
  3. Congrats! (You get it if you've been raffling for over 2 years, and if you've made more than 50 raffles)
  4. That's incorrect. Items will (and cannot) be moved to your site inventory. Your last option is to ask the raffler to hold on to the items and trade them to you once the tradehold is over.
  5. one more suggestion: Never fill in your steam credentials on another site. If you're logged in at https://steamcommunity.com , you'll only have to confirm to log in: And: Your authenticator is the final step, and the hardest step to fake. Always triple-check any trade you confirm there. If anything is off there, change your password, check for api keys at https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey and renew your tradeoffer url.
  6. Try again later. Please create threads about questions on the site at the Help&Support forums.
  7. Glad to hear this got resolved, but for the next time, please post at the help&support forums for site questions.
  8. Yeah, you can indeed turn them into scrap in-game, but do make sure that you have a premium tf2 account (which you have if you've ever bought something from the in-game store), as otherwise anything you craft turns untradable.
  9. Answered at Help&Support. Please create posts about issues with the site at the Help&Support subforums. This thread has been locked.
  10. Well, if you create an auction, the item is already in your site inventory, so you can't be trading the items away. You only really need to worry about this when you bid on an auction.
  11. woh, forum update

  12. Then you can't. Please remember to post any questions about the site at the Help&Support forums.
  13. Yes, you are! You can indeed win items from raffles, as long as you have the inventory space for it in tf2. These items will then also remain tradable (unless you craft them in-game) so you can trade these to other players.
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