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  1. Lukiday (birthday!)

    Did you delete my forum?

    No, we moved it to the right subforum. Help&Support is for Help and support. Team Fortress 2 is for community Team Fortress 2 discussion.
  2. Lukiday (birthday!)

    fixed Issue with Discounts on Scrap.TF's Strange Bot?

    This indeed seems to be a site-wide issue, it usually disappears after a few minutes when you reload the page.
  3. Hello, first excuse me, im not the best talking in english... I need some help, can you help me please?


    1. Lukiday (birthday!)

      Lukiday (birthday!)

      Not here, if you need site help please create a thread at the Help&Support forums.

    2. D.Ghost
  4. Lukiday (birthday!)

    Suggestion: Make Full raffles obvious

    Full raffles are already hidden from the list, but they don't auto-update on the raffle page to make sure the page doesn't use too much data. If you refresh the page you'll see that full raffles won't reappear.
  5. Lukiday (birthday!)

    Artifacts(?), in all games. Even happening on websites.

    Seems like for some reason the transparency isn't being taken into account, I'd suggest swapping out the gpu and seeing if it's still happening
  6. Lukiday (birthday!)

    Remove Access to donator bots premium perk.

    Even though all inventories are combined into one, items in the premium bots only show up for those with premium. Bots can also still be browsed at https://scrap.tf/weapons -> browse botss
  7. Lukiday (birthday!)

    Bot selling problems

    Please give us some more information about what you're trying to trade and post it at the correct forums. This forum is for discussing the game, any errors you experience should be posted at Help&Support
  8. Lukiday (birthday!)

    fixed Unable to buy or sell Steam gifts

    Nup, nothing. I suggest you try once a week or so.
  9. Lukiday (birthday!)

    fixed Unable to buy or sell Steam gifts

    This is a known bug:
  10. Lukiday (birthday!)

    Dupe standard stickybomb launcher.. what is its worth?

    You can get these by applying something to the stock weapon (a description, a name, a killstreak kit, etc). As you need to use an expensive item to get these they are worth ~0.88 refined, but they rarely get sold.
  11. Lukiday (birthday!)

    not bug Bot queueing for a non-existant trade for several hours

    Not a bug, just an error with the bot. Please make threads like these at the Help&Support forums as I've told you on discord. I've kicked you out, feel free to try again.
  12. Lukiday (birthday!)

    Dark theme for the forum

    You'll have to suggest this to Invision as they are the creators of the forum software the site uses.
  13. Lukiday (birthday!)

    fixed Auction Bugs Megathread

    This isn't really a bug. The key price changed since you bid those keys, but the site still uses the key value from back when you bid them. You should still be the top bidder.
  14. Lukiday (birthday!)

    Lukiday's Application

    Discord Tag: Lukiday#9999 Chrome dev tools? Yes Experience? Yes, I've written some php code myself and I have completed a course of software testing and verification at university
  15. Lukiday (birthday!)

    fixed Dark theme glitches out when used from phone

    This seems to be an issue with the "Dark" theme on mobile, for the meanwhile I suggest using the "Default" theme at https://scrap.tf/settings. I'll move this to Bug reports. The live support chat was down due to an issue with the chat server and is unrelated to the other issue.