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  1. Moby Dick
  2. BUG

    They are not on the accepted games list, which you can find at :
  3. BUG

    Not a bug. None of the games you own are accepted by the bots:
  4. This thread might provide more info on why the devs won't do that: For the next time, please post threads like these at the Suggestion forums: Where you'd find out we don't accept pricing suggestions.
  5. (I was kidding ><)
  6. Banned for using a photo as profile picture
  7. No, you have to make a picture of it and upload it on imgur, like this:
  8. Banned because you're right, there's usually not much to pick on without looking at their profile
  9. App

    An app wouldn't change anything, files you could possibly store are cached anyways. For all things you can do on the site, you need to be online. The site is built around bootstrap, which is already mobile-friendly.
  10. Shrek Three
  11. We don't officially give support for the SDA, but maybe it's already running in the task tray (at the date / volume). I'll move this to off-topic as this isn't about the site.
  12. Please don't bump threads. Jesse seems to look through this forum once a month, and he'll usually reply to them all. You'll have to wait, as long as it's not in the accepted or rejected fora, it will receive a final response from a member of staff.
  13. shrek earrape (continuing from starco)
  14. You'll only get banned from auctions, you can continue to use any other trading or community feature has to offer.
  15. Yes, this will get you banned, items are non-interchangable (even if you got the same item back, it'd have a different id so it still wouldn't work).