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  1. The forum autoembeds imgur images, but also tries embedding normal html files, as lumberneer linked the webpage instead of the image, the image doesn't show up. Sooo, here it is, searchcredits to lumberneer
  2. //bans tortilla
  3. Personally I think that the current system is fine. Users are first banned for 1 week, then 1 month, then permanent. Some users might have made a mistake, and to give them a site-ban would be overkill.
  4. I'm actually not sure, I think someone linked me to it in-game.
  5. You're already explaining why the site most likely won't add this. ScrapTF is based around fast trading, so it only banks items that have a high demand.
  6. I have to agree with kirby here. The intro is unbearable, and the rest of the video has no entertainment value at all, it's just bland, unedited, boring gameplay. You can make your voice sound better if you post-process it with Audacity. You're able to remove noise and make you sound a lot better. I used it when I was making tutorial videos and it made my built-in mic sound decent. Also it looked like you missed a part of the screen to the left. For the next time, try creating a script, planning things out and caring about your video.
  7. Please use the Help&Support forum if you need Help or Support. TF2 discussion is for discussion about the game. You shouldn't need the authenticator to withdraw raffle items, as you don't lose any. Could you post your tradeoffer url so we can check if you're able to trade.
  8. I don't think this would work, as the site is built on fast trading. Most items are only in the bots for a few hours-days, so if there's a 30 day delay (15 days when sold to the bot, 15 days when bought) it would slow down the trading process a great amount. I'm not sure about this, but I think that items in a trade hold, still are a part of your inventory, making most of the bot's inventory unusable.
  9. They were most likely bought when the old system was still in place.
  10. Just check whatever they offer here. This isn't a forum for marketplace though.
  11. Please create these threads at the Help&Support forums the next time, you won't get any help in any other forums.
  12. Has been suggested, and rejected, twice: Personally I understand why this would be useful, but with the relatively small amount of people actually active, it would be better to just keep using google.
  13. The best one, no doubt: Crunchy I mean, do people even bother with regular? *drops mic and locks topic*
  14. First of all: I really like the idea, it would make auctions more like how they're done in real life. But please create suggestions in the suggestion forums: This idea has also already been suggested in the suggestions forum twice, but with different solutions. Feel free to leave any additions you have on them:
  15. Please create these kinds of threads at the Help&Support forums: