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  1. Luki

    Pricing suggestions

    This subforum is for site suggestions, try the TF2 subforum.
  2. Luki

    i shuldnt get banned

    This is Scrap.tf, not FoG. Try https://forums.f-o-g.eu
  3. Luki

    lemme buy keys from scrap.tf

    That isn't how it works, the bots aren't being resupplied by staff but instead by other users selling keys. Keys have risen in price a lot recently, so a lot of people are buying keys with the metal they have, making most keys we receive be gone in minutes.
  4. Luki

    Painting hats should increase the price

    Exactly, scrap.tf was made to trade the most common items faster than usual. If it takes ages to sell an item it's not worth it for the site to sell it either.
  5. Luki

    Find a solution to fake bots into entering your site

    They were not messing with the bot, they were messing with your account. They've gained access to your account via a fake steam login prompt you've entered your details into, this means they are able to cancel trades, but not accept them. Once their scripts detect an incoming offer, they quickly cancel that offer and send a new one. This method is not limited to scrap.tf, here's a blog post with more info about this scam from marketplace.tf: https://marketplace.tf/blog/posts/YHLZOB
  6. Luki

    Weapon Trading Bot(s?) not working

    No, Metalfan is correct, you shouldn't post help&support topics at the team fortress 2 forums, try https://forum.scrap.tf/support
  7. Luki

    Private Chat

    Yup, regular chat works for that, you can find it in the menu bar. Once you are in the chat you can right-click someone's avatar and click "PM" to open a private room for the two of you.
  8. Luki

    Did you delete my forum?

    No, we moved it to the right subforum. Help&Support is for Help and support. Team Fortress 2 is for community Team Fortress 2 discussion.
  9. Luki

    fixed Issue with Discounts on Scrap.TF's Strange Bot?

    This indeed seems to be a site-wide issue, it usually disappears after a few minutes when you reload the page.
  10. Hello, first excuse me, im not the best talking in english... I need some help, can you help me please?


    1. Luki


      Not here, if you need site help please create a thread at the Help&Support forums.

    2. D.Ghost
  11. Luki

    Suggestion: Make Full raffles obvious

    Full raffles are already hidden from the list, but they don't auto-update on the raffle page to make sure the page doesn't use too much data. If you refresh the page you'll see that full raffles won't reappear.
  12. Luki

    Artifacts(?), in all games. Even happening on websites.

    Seems like for some reason the transparency isn't being taken into account, I'd suggest swapping out the gpu and seeing if it's still happening
  13. Luki

    Remove Access to donator bots premium perk.

    Even though all inventories are combined into one, items in the premium bots only show up for those with premium. Bots can also still be browsed at https://scrap.tf/weapons -> browse botss
  14. Luki

    Bot selling problems

    Please give us some more information about what you're trying to trade and post it at the correct forums. This forum is for discussing the game, any errors you experience should be posted at Help&Support
  15. Luki

    fixed Unable to buy or sell Steam gifts

    Nup, nothing. I suggest you try once a week or so.