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  1. Forum rules?

    Other than the site rules, there's only the rule that you should post in the best-fitting forum, meaning that questions like these should be posted at the Help&Support forum https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/
  2. Treats and a question

    There are multiple secret links

    Well, we're only on day 1, so there are 3 days still to go. Pyro seems to be getting some kind of jetpack
  4. How does the Veteran badge work again? :thonking:

    So you need to wait until November 21, 2017, which is in 6 weeks
  5. Most bots have less than 10 untradable items, I don't think this will change much in the end. Also, as far as I'm aware, each item has to be taken out manually, so this will take a lot of time for a small reward
  6. In my experience https://marketplace.tf/sell is the safest option, I haven't tried that many other sites though.
  7. "Follow" Raffler Option

    That's a different story. IPboard (the forum software) already has polls implemented, so Jesse only had to flip a switch ("Forum polls are enabled now"). A feature like this will take quite some time to test and implement, and depending on how high it is on Jesse's to-do list, it might even take a few weeks.
  8. Who Tipped Me?

    In that case people can ask for tips by holding an extra giveaway for everyone who tipped them. A tip is really just a way to say "Thank you!", regardless of who gave it to you.
  9. Remove Raffle Lengths Past 1 Day

    You can still select them when you create a private raffle, but it would be nice if they could be removed from the public raffle creation page.
  10. Scrap.tf Stream Tipping Suggestion

    He means stream tipping, like https://scrap.tf/tip/uncledane I'm not sure if that is possible, as the site doesn't have pricing systems for other items, meaning that it wouldn't count to the amount donated.

    This has been resolved at live support. Please create Help&Support threads at the correct forums next time, the general discussion is rarely read by members of staff: https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/
  12. fixed Cannot see any cosmetics in hat banking bots

    The developers seem to be aware of this, you'll have to wait a bit and try again.
  13. Witcher Chat Icon

    I did my best >< . The logo might be a bit too detailed, so when you touch it up and resize it to 60x60 with flat colors, it's kind of hard to see what it's supposed to resemble: https://i.imgur.com/ST3qLsA.png But if you feel like it's good enough, feel free to link this thread to Jesse
  14. Witcher Chat Icon

    Chat icons are the images that show up next to your name, in the chat. You can find all the current ones at https://scrap.tf/settings#profile
  15. Auction Bugs Megathread

    That's because the auction has an item factor of 90% , meaning that all the items that aren't refined and keys, are valued at 90% of their original price. You'll have to add more to your bid.