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  1. I'm sure everyone has been there at some point: you're trying to run an auction or just discuss something with someone, then they appear. Out of nowhere, some sour lemon pops out and starts harassing you and, in the case of auctions, actually scares away potential bidders. No matter what we do, we normal users can't stop spammers and their ilk, which begs the question: "Why not just let us block them?" Though I'm taking a bit of a risk in assuming this given what usually happens to communities for free games, I'm sure most users of the site aren't actually children, meaning the majority of us can't just "ignore it until it goes away". Sure, it might be okay if it's just spam or meaningless vitriol, since we have the ability to delete comments quickly and report the user when they get out of hand, but reporting doesn't always work because of the aforementioned "ignore it" "solution" given in all but the most severe cases. In these more severe cases, however, when reporting still isn't enough and the offending user is actually starting to hurt an auction or poison a comment section, which is where a "Block User" button added to the profile page would come in handy. Naturally, much like how staff comments can't be deleted, this feature would exclude the profiles of staff members from being blockable. As always it isn't lost on me how this might be used for less than honest means, like the hyper-sensitive types who can't actually handle words on a screen who would just end up blocking everyone they deem "toxic" (Which itself is a term that really should not be taken seriously but that's a topic for another post tirade), so I would also suggest making this system similar to reporting users in that a user submits a block request/ticket along with a reason, and a staff member would read it over and deem if it's a valid reason to block someone or not, as well as taking the user's block history into consideration when approving or denying a block request. If/when accepted, the blocked user will be unable to leave comments on the user's profile, auctions, and raffles, either on a timer that goes from hours to years depending on the severity and/or how long they specify in said request. Basically, I'm suggesting something that so many different types of sites have, including Steam itself, that I believe Scrap.TF is sorely lacking and that would make it a more friendly place for all involved. (Because I lack the artistic skill to actually draw up the specific icon i had in mind, I'll just try to describe it here. Situated next to the "Report User" button would be a yellow button, equally eye-catching but different enough that even users that aren't quite as quick as other can differentiate, bearing a crossed out circle that says "Block User" that would send them to a form similar to the report form where they can specify a reason why they don't want the user to communicate with them.) I genuinely hope this doesn't end up in suggestion limbo like my last one, and I hope someone can actually make sense of my rambling wall of text enough that it can get a proper judgement. Thank you for your time..
  2. And as I pointed out, some users, myself included, tend to set up and post their auctions too fast to actually heed the warning. I do understand the stance this rule is taking, I just think it might be a little too draconian. I also understand that the specific system I suggested might not be the best, but I still posted it because I feel like it might at least spark a debate about the current state of auctions.
  3. And yes, I understand this suggestion is far from perfect, but I don't really have enough experience running virtual item auctions to come up with a perfectly foolproof idea. Sorry in advance if it seems stupid, just thought I'd share something that's been on my mind since I really started getting into auctions.
  4. What I'm thinking here is adding the ability to prematurely cancel auctions for whatever reason, be it because the user is suffering from spammy bids (Like a certain incident a while back when the prices for the Genuine Tomb Raider promo items had remained un-updated by the pricing system and thus could be bid at much higher value than they actually held and leading to frustration when a high-value auction ends up bought out with a handful of Tomb Readers') or they made a terrible error when creating the auction (Because some people, myself included, just want to get the auction going and just start it too fast.) at the cost of, say, becoming temporarily unable to create auctions for a set number of times based on how many times they cancelled an auctions. (Thinking about 30 minutes for the first offense, doubling for each time and capped at 72 hours. As an example, the First cancel would prevent them from creating another auction for a half hour, the next cancel would give them a full hour penalty, followed by 2 hours, then 4, et cetera up to 72 hours. Another idea for this would be a sort of "good behavior" bonus, dictated mainly by how many successful auctions the user has created which, among other things, would either reduce or delay the next penalty the user receives. I already know one of the auction rules state that the staff can't cancel auctions by requests but frankly that's only a big deal because users don't have the means to do it on their own. TL;DR let us cancel auctions with a cooldown timer to prevent abuse
  5. or do what I used to do and use an android emulator (or iOS emulator if you're so inclined) and one of those free temporary SMS numbers. of course once the number you pick goes premium you're SOL but it should work fine as long as nothing goes wrong with your login. if you want to try it I'd recommend anything but bluestacks.
  6. 3183 hours. I've probably gotten around 20 hat drops, with my most recent one dropping last night. (I also got 2 Blood Bankers from drops back when they were worth a key)
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