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  1. overly priced ones you can get, the ones that were not removed after the update, i hear they set you back 15 or so keys though...
  2. only have a single favorite, dead reckoner field tested, used to own one but sold it due to fps reduction of skins...
  3. the scatter gun is a normal strange, those ridiculously priced glitched items and the unusual was a 10 key unusual, steaming effect.
  4. i would agree with the minigun, the sandvich is iconic but only once you actually go into watching the meet the (insert class or whatever here) video, then you would know about it, the minigun is a weapon you first notice when you see the 9 classes lined up
  5. strange rocket jumper would be possible to exist (how many rockets shot/jumped with) although its a highly unlikely chance it would. what i would like to exist is rather than having rare weapon uncrateables IE the strange awper hand, there should also be a preposterously rare chance at getting an awper hand strangifier, get what i'm saying?
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