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    List of Interests: TF2, Writing short stories, Video games, fancy items, Hello Kitty, You!

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  1. People still trying to talk to me after I've been gone for so long? And here I thought you people disliked me.

    1. Siewierszczyzna


      Nope, we all still like you. At least I like you. You and you're supply drop missions. (Btw, what happened after that someone took your place? Missed out after that one.)

    2. A Moogle

      A Moogle

      Nothing, the series was cancelled. It's gonna stay that way too, since Escrow and certain people in this community keep me from raffling.

    3. 31Darkstar


      I still like you Kitty. I will always like you.

  2. Banned for wanting to ban someone for wanting to ban someone who didn't lock this thread!
  3. Banned for posting pictures of NSFW pancakes. Think of the waffles, man!
  4. Banned for sticking your tongue out at me, Mr. Nero >:o
  5. Banned for being a fellow cat.
  6. Banned for existing. How dare you, existing means I have to pay attention to you and that takes energy. -is lazy-
  7. Banned for commenting about un-banning!
  8. Oooh, what about Scrapway to Hell? Or if that's too offensive to certain people, Back in Scrap. (Both AC/DC songs )
  9. Degreaser with flare gun. I generally play Scout, Sniper, and Engie. This combo leaves you no room to react what-so-ever. It's an easy math problem for the pyro and an instant kill to you. Puff of flame (Around 5-15 damage before you get flared.) + Crit Flare (90, if they hit you, most of them will.) + Afterburn (You now have about 2 seconds to live.) = You dead (And them acting like they are good at the game.) Not sure why it's considered fun, feels too easy and a bit cheaty to me. Sorta like the baby faces before it was nerfed, it was just not fun to fight against nor challenging to play with, and so is this. (Well, baby faces was challanging in terms of aiming while moving..but that's what melee is for.)
  10. Unboxed Elite grade kitties. That's right son, us cats are elite. ;)  

    1. 31Darkstar


      Congrats Kitty. *gives a cookie*

    2. Shiny Substitute

      Shiny Substitute

      There's enough jelly for an entire JRPG's worth of slimes over here. :<

  11. Meowwwwwww....mmeooowww.... (If you have voice chatted with me, you know the suffering of my constant adorable meowing.)
  12. Huzzah, Steam API has crapped itself over and over..not that bad of a community update though~

    1. 31Darkstar


      It happens every update. Item server down for almost the first whole day. And I will say I love the Halloween update so far. The whole Gargoyle thing is awesome too.

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