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  1. Baaaa I can art baaaaa

  2. If you became your icon how would react and go about your day and life?
  3. It seems Strange banking is broken once again, the Sniper Rifle has no parts or Killstreaks on it and is still priced at 10 keys.
  4. How did you guys find out about this site?
  5. If you became your icon, but as the opposite gender, how would you react?
  6. I know weapons are amazing but you guys need to slow down in the queue, 87 people in there recently

    1. 哈哈


      Probs due to holiday tasks or slow bot

    2. Kati Ran

      Kati Ran

      people with trade holds get stuck in queue and scrap.tf bots end up refusing to trade with them

    3. UncleBrian


      It still continues.Geel save us!

      (maybe spy is sapping the trading bot)

  7. The Cuddlebox being under maintenance makes me sad. I spend a lot of my time there.


  8. Everyone is putting Santa hats on their emotes, I'm sitting here waiting for Thanksgiving.

  9. Please don't be one of those mondays.

  10. Most likely not because it looks too much like the ADAM Harvester from the Bioshock series. Because of copyright reasons Valve cannot sell the Vita-saw. This includes stranges.
  11. Have a very unlucky day!

  12. Mfw bored for no reason

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