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  1. It's my belief this allegation was made in retaliation for banning 'Tacobot' players. They were upset at Geel and Scrap.tf for banning their accounts from using the site that they began going around MvM lobbies claiming 'Geel was a Pedo'. They did the same for a player named REMP Owner. This is how children behave when they get their toys taken away from them. I wouldn't worry too much about feeling the need to defend yourself against it. If people are stupid enough to believe anything Tacobot players say to them, let them believe what they want to. I may not always agree with Geel, however few have done as much for the TF2 community as he and the rest of the Scrap.tf team. Only thing Tacobot contributes is anger, bitterness, toxicity and generally being unwanted in every game they join and now too ashamed to even tag up making themselves obvious to others. Thank you Geel and Scrap.tf for everything and hope this passes soon because it's absolutely disgraceful and disgusting to be honest to see this kind of treatment and behaviour in our community. I'm sorry m8 you deserve better.
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