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  1. use 3 sniper class weapons to craft a sniper token
  2. https://scrap.tf/help/kb/10
  3. You probably got this item from one of the halloween contract rewards right? None of those items are tradable even if you are a f2p or a p2p
  4. Ryan

    Bot Scammed me

    How did you even get scammed?
  5. There are clear instructions on the entire event, that includes gift submission dates, yesterday was the last day you could submit your gifts. You can't rejoin it anymore and you are banned from all future secret santa events.
  6. I don't think they meant sniper from tf2, it's related to the auctions here on scrap.tf
  7. Your recipient and gifter is a different person. If you are here to expect to take more than you give, then you better not enter this event.
  8. Huh, but my metal that i crafted when i was f2p turn into tradeble after i become p2p
  9. Keep pressing retry loading until it shows error, then refresh the entire page
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