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  1. October 30: God why November 1st: Disabled Halloween event November 9th: Updated settings page to use ajax calls instead of form submissions. This means that the settings page will no longer refresh when you save settings. Possibly fixed a bunch of settings-related bugs Super Premium color submissions are now automatically verified/denied Banned user avatars no longer show in raffle entries Updated auction rules: commenting offers is not allowed Ability to view all comments on an auction when the number of comments surpasses 50
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  3. hello i am the dev of this site. no
  4. October 1st: Enabled Halloween 2020 Event Added a status indicator on the auctions list page. This value is based on the availability of the TF2 API (which is required for auctions to work, the rest of the site uses the Steam API at the time of writing) October 2nd: Added a timer to the event page to indicate when today's sweets will change and the next candy bucket will become available Fixed an issue where candy bucket id 2 would only spawn if today's pumpkin was candy bucket id 1
  5. September 13th: The legend on the topmost graph on the stats page is no longer hidden behind the chat button Custom item descriptions will now be displayed while we are using the fallback inventory API Reports on auctions no longer require the user to enter extra details, and the "select reason" option can no longer be selected as the reason
  6. September 1st: Re-enabled purchasing premium with items. We currently will only accept keys Account birthdays are now celebrated with a small cake next to the user's name Fixed a bug where the raffle list would rapidly refresh itself Optimized the snow weather effect a ton Fixed a few typos Fixed all raffles being shown as having multiple winners in the raffle list Removed the "inspect in game" button from all menus except Skinbanking ...
  7. August 16th: Premium Plus users may now use their profile background on their raffles - look in the settings page for the option Fixed users not being able to buy premium for themselves if they do not allow premium gifts More item box hovering fixes Items in item banking are separated by craftable status Professional KS kits will no longer overstock if the eye effect is the same while the sheen color is different Team shine Specialized KS kits will no longer become overstocked by basic KS kits Chemistry sets will display output information in
  8. August 5th: Fix the stats page so it actually shows content Bans on backpack.tf will carry over to our site Updated live support to V2 Disabled the July 2020 summer hat event Removed the option to pay for premium with TF2 items (we have long considered this feature deprecated) Steam API status on the landing page should be a tiny bit more accurate (maybe) Fabricators in auctions should show sheen and output information Fixed strange parts on skinned items not being displayed in auctions Raffle winner privacy is now more aggressive, more o
  9. July 20th: Link to steamgaug.es has been removed on the "site offline" screen Added the Easter 2019 and Holiday 2019 event badges. These have already been handed out Users can now comment faster on their own content Lots of bot changes to hopefully make trades faster and more reliable
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