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  1. January 30th: Added ability to mute comment sections on some pages
  2. I clicked on one of your contact methods and it brought me to my dead grandpa's Facebook account's most recent post, which is a link to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Down".

  3. Your contact methods is pretty sus ngl

  4. December 8th: Update about page Fix mega raffle Add a setting to hide your linked Twitter profile Enable christmas December 31st: Allow specific crates in raffles January 8th: Turn off christmas Fix settings page not saving settings Fix raffle group I not rendering in raffles Add feature for PremiumPlus users to allow them to have emotes in their user title
  5. August 19th: Added a "won" auctions page Improve auto-leveler Increase sensitivity of alt detection for auctions Fix a few backend issues with trading Add a string for users that are erroneously considered last online "52 years ago" September 7th: Add the ability to export your data through the settings menu October 5th: Enable Halloween October 6th: Fix an issue with offset comment ids October 19th: Fix the "player hits" strange part displaying incorrectly October 28th: Added proper Twitter integration. You must connect your account by logging into Twitter via the settings menu Change "Raffle Type" to be "Distribution Method" November 2nd: Disable Halloween November 9th: Fix puzzle raffle passwords not being filled when opened in the editor Fix not being able to cancel a comment reply
  6. July 10th: Fixed an odd margin on the raffle creation page Fixed an error when posting a comment to a raffle that has no pinned comments
  7. May 30th: Update 'about' text Fix an issue with posting comments June 11th - 20th: Fix some issues regarding the "avatar hats" collection page Get all updated warpaint images for weapons/warpaint items Rename "avatar hats" to "customize" in the user dropdown Add more years badges Fix a terrible bug on the emotelist page June 21st - 30th: Ice & Fire Event Fix a bunch of internal errors Fix some broken pages Add support for "profile effects" Fundraiser fixes & improvements Give out Ice & Fire badges Fix empty vanity urls redirecting to the Evil Entity July 1st - 2nd: Fix even more broken pages due to internal refactors Add the ability to pin comments. Up to three comments may be pinned. Pinned comments on profiles will not stop the source comment from appearing in its original location. Fix raffling Steam items Fix won raffle counts being broken on cache Fix an error for logged-out users when clicking the servers tab
  8. May 19th (Undocumented): Added a link to the merch page at page footer May 23rd: Added a confirmation page to newly created auctions. Auctions will no longer start on their own, and must be started manually. Alternatively, you may cancel an auction while it is in this state as well Update rules Fix an issue with reporting comments
  9. April 20th - 27th: Block rejecting currency-only (keys & metal) bids Add a warning to reflect this change on auction creation Fix incinerator stuff Fix game banking Fix report creation May 15th: Major internal refactoring & restructuring revolving around items, all services affected May 22nd: Fix an error when trying to load inventories Added a "total items" indicator to the raffle creation page Fix many, many raffle items stuck in a bugged state, causing lower raffle item limits
  10. April 1st: Added Super Duper Premium Update Stripe checkouts for purchasing premium April 2nd: Removed Super Duper Premium April 14th: Update backend PHP version April 15th: Fix a ton of issues relating to backend update Search for Geel in order to remove him yet again
  11. At the end of the day, we want to encourage our users to interact with each other, so our terms of service reflect this. We will not be changing our policy regarding this any time soon.
  12. I need help because when i claimed my own raffle is still there! and am not happy about it because i cant make raffles! So please fix it. By: engineer gaming

  13. February 27th: Fix being able to reply to closed reports Fix consecutive spaces not appearing when viewing a raffle password Fix issue where user flags were not set properly - fixes hiding of "join our group" banner Fix tipped raffles history page pagination Decimals are no longer allowed in auction creation min/max bid settings for keys. Use the proper keys + ref format for decimal key values
  14. February 25th: Fix alignment of recent raffles on index page Fix comments being disabled/disappearing upon raffle completion Re-add time left to auction promos Fix auction promo timers being set to the currently viewed auction's time left Fix joined auction page pagination
  15. February 23rd: Fix auction promo ads randomly telling you to pay them (lol) Make auction promo ads a bit shorter, and match panel width on pages (overall makes ads smaller)
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