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    Altan district, Arstotzka
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    Current: SCP Foundation, Mega Man, Papers, Please, Unturned, and Salt.

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  1. Make It Bun Dem has been replaced by Standing at the End of the World by Have Gun, Will Travel as the song currently stuck in my head. Help again please.

  2. I'm listening to Make It Bun Dem on loop please send help

    1. Loki, The Zoroark

      Loki, The Zoroark

      Luckily you can't learn flamethrower

  3. Entrance, asylum, safety, you want it? It's yours my friend, as long as you have enough documents. I'm sorry Jorji, I don't give stamp! Come back when you have more, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, papers!
  4. Went to the beach, was pretty windy. Got a nice sheen on my screen.

  5. Funny question, especially to me, the Chief of the Arstotzkan Police. No, I have not committed crimes in the past 48 hours, kid. I have, however arrested people who have been committing crimes in past 50 years or so, and will keep continuing to do so.
  6. Feels good, might do something cool later. Where my fellow TV heads at? 

  7. My poem, for prosperity and memory purposes, should you want to remember it:


    "Sonnet for the End Times"


    With boarded windows and failing light
    A man seeks shelter in the old shack
    The herd is coming, but he’s not wanting to fight
    Nowhere to run, no turning back
    A hunting knife, a 45., all he has to stay alive
    He wonders, briefly, if this is a dream,
    No, he says, no it’s not, but anyway, the herd did arrive,
    It’s pitch black outside, and then, a single scream
    He sighs, and cocks his gun
    And opens the window, fires into the crowd
    But they keep coming, the nights not done
    With the darkness covering everything an a inky shroud,
    When the night is over, he rests his weary head,
    His life isn’t over, because he isn’t really dead

  8. Sunny outside, feeling cool. May go and play some sports later.

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