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  1. Banned because you care about spelling.. u litle scroub.
  2. Member since August 25, 2014 and has done 749 trades.
  3. Banned for mentioning X-Files.
  4. Pan

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Wish granted, but you can never buy/sell a Shako again. I wish for a dollar. Made of solid gold.
  5. banned for Taper en anglais if i typed that right its french for typing in english
  6. Pan

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Your wish is granted, but the cosmetic it is applied to is automatically deleted after 1000 damage. I wish for a magical wish granting unicorn.
  7. Then set it free. If life gives you a small loan of a million dollars...
  8. Banned for banning people.
  9. Pan

    The cookie

    While the grammar nazi's arrest you, I'll take my cookie back.
  10. Pan


    Happened with me before when trading card bots first came out
  11. Pan

    The cookie

    The thread is ded, so the cookie is MINE!
  12. Banned because you didnt get in fast enough
  13. Pan

    The cookie

    Sir, did you not see the no slapping sign? And while you look for a sign I steal the cookie!
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