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  1. I'm not advertising any thing, I'm trying to warn people. also most people will install anything that promises rewards and security without ever checking out what is going on behind the curtain.
  2. FACEIT's ring 0 rootkit monitors everything you type, every file you download, and every website you go it, regardless of you being in a game or not. if you install there mandatory software you are letting them steal all your info and sell it. if you install or use the service you let them hijack your computer and monitor everything you have typed and ever will along with every file on your system. there ring 0 rootkit can't be uninstalled and your whole computer is fucked. oh and if you delete your faceit account they retain ownership of your steam account and can still steal all your game data and inventory. The AC EULA shows that Faceit AC really is malware: "4.4 All data generated in the operation of FACEIT Anti Cheat shall be owned by FACEIT immediately on its creation." aka "We have full ownership rights to the data which we could steal from you." now, you are thinking, "ok that's bad for the game and users but what does that have to do with scrap.tf"? by letting them sell your data you get reward points that can be used to buy tf2 hats, keys, etc. everything for sale in the faceit store is stolen from the steam accounts that they hijack. the stupid users will sell/trade said ill gotten items here on scrap.tf and this will cause even more problems.
  3. lol right now scraptrap says that it has 18 items, go to the page, nothing there.
  4. what we need is a adblock/noscript like plugin that works with the steam overlay browser.
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