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  1. What changes would you make the the Sharpened Volcano Fragment and the Manmelter? And what about the other underused weapons like the Detonator, the Back Scratcher, the Third Degree, and the Neon Annihilator?
  2. We all know it's coming. The new update which will give Pyro new weapons. So here, let's talk about predictions. What do you hope for in the update, like changes to modes and weapon balances and many others. Will the Pyro update be great, or will it flop? Do you believe in magic?
  3. I wish I could share my Srap.TF story, but I can't because of Escrow. To bad we can't tell them in forums.

    1. Luki


      You could just make a thread in the off-topic section :3



  4. I read that there is a chance to get Australium weapons on advanced or expert tours instead of just the Two Cities tour. is it true?

    1. Tasty Salamanders

      Tasty Salamanders

      Yes it is true, they changed it way back in in the Smissmas 2014 update.

  5. Anyone here unable to get points for their contract, or is it just me? Mine is for Sinshine, yet all the things it tells me to do to get points, I have done a few times, but it's not counting.
  6. So next week Scream Fortress starts, and it looks like the community will be handling this one too. So from what we have read on the blog, how do you feel about it, and when next week do you think it will start?
  7. So from what I saw on the blog, looks like there will be no Haunted Halloween Gifts.

  8. How many of you are excited for the next Scream Fortress that is coming? Besides new maps and cosmetics, what else do you hope to see. I hope the Haunted Halloween Gifts return. I really want those spells.
  9. Is it possible to make polls here?

    1. Luki


      It used to be an option on the forums, I think it's disabled/not updated yet.

    2. Tommy0000


      I think no, because I have been here for a year and have never seen a poll before


    3. Luki
  10. One thing people wish for in new updates are new weapons. Not me. To tell you the truth, I lost hope in there ever being new weapons. It seems Valve will continue to do weapon skins.

  11. The reason I haven't been on much is because I have been playing Hyrule Warriors Legends. It is really great.

  12. I want to make raffles. I wish I could make raffles. I want to continue with making polls for everyone to enjoy. But I can't because of Escrow. I can't afford the required phone, and I don't want to download that desktop app because I don't want to take the chance of it potentially messing up my computer. If only there was a way to have people participate in polls without raffles. That's what I enjoyed the most when it comes to making raffles, making polls for everyone to vote, comment, and enjoy.

  13. Well, the Tough Break Campaign will be over by the end of next month. So what are you thoughts about the campaign and the update itself? What do you think the future update will be like, another campaign and skins, or actual new weapons?
  14. I hear that you can get Chemistry Sets as a random drop. What are the odds of getting one?
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