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  1. Granted, but it blows Arctic wind and the flames of hell. I wish for spam.
  2. Wish granted. You suffer a heart attack and die. I wish to not have autism in real life.
  3. Granted, but you choke on it and die. I wish for a paradox.
  4. Wish granted! It's 52.... no...32....103...54...28...1600.... bah. I wish for the next commenter to become my mindless puppet(not the FNAF One) before they can corrupt my wish.
  5. Wish granted, but the ducks flood your house and your duck journal refuses to take anymore. I wish to not randomly fall asleep.
  6. Granted, but your friends all get killed by you driving over them. (They are dogs) I wish I wouldn't get randomly hungover.
  7. Wish granted, but the moose is untrained and poops all over your house. And aslo gores you to death when you spent too long without feeding it. I wish for the world in peices.
  8. Ummmmm.... wish granted? I wish for a noncombustable burning hat. Which will not set me on fire.
  9. ??????? Wish granted, the phlog is now your head. Let's try again,I wish to have a burning max head (hat) without anything else happening. Also whoever trying to corrupt my wish will become extremely stupid. Also it cannot set me on fire. Or replace my head. Or do anything except look cool.
  10. Wish granted. But you also have no life. I wish to have a burning max head without anything else happening. Also whoever trying to corrupt my wish will become extremely stupid.
  12. Banned for HAVING 1000 posts. You have destroyed geel's servers by having so many posts. (Yes it bans neet too..)
  13. Wish granted, but it does your homework terribly. I wish I would get an unusual without anything I wouldn't want happen to me. Or my account.
  14. Wish granted, but it is so tiny you can't see it. I wish for everybody following my wish to become stupid.
  15. Wish granted, but as soon as the old memes die new ones are immediately born. Boooty hole on Holy Marckels become the norm. I wish ro make the next person so stupid they cannot corrupt my wish.
  16. Banned because there are bronys on these forums.
  17. Wish invalidated due to not fulfilling last wish. Wish granted, but it's full of stickytraps. I wish for power over other people's wishes.
  18. Wish granted, but the bananas ate so big they crush you. I wish for control over scrap.tf.
  19. You're banned for realizing my name comes from Club Penguin.
  20. Wish granted, but you get so many hats they crush you. I wish to be unbanned from all sites following my last wish.
  21. You're banned for not restricting freedom.
  22. Wish Granted, but you now know so much your head explodes. I wish to get a duped dirty unusual.
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