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  1. Granted, but you got a ghost spaghetti, which you can't eat. I wish to have a gun with unlimited ammo.
  2. You're banned for absorbing poor creatures and stealing their powers. That's bad, mkay
  3. Banned for dancing. Dancing is illegal here, you know
  4. Wish granted, but Annoying Dog stole an unusual hat with nebula effect before you got it. I wish loadsamoney.
  5. Banned for using tiny baby letters
  6. You're banned for nomming net
  7. Nyeh heh heh, I'm the Great Papyrus and I'm going to win this forum game.
  8. Banned for sleeping on the cloud
  9. all this thread is belong to us
  10. The user above is pro in Dance Dance Revolution
  11. Your rawr isn't too spooky to spook :3 *rawrs loudly*
  12. Oh, is it a lock button? *presses the big red button*
  13. Oh no, one opponent more *calls heavy reinforcements*
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