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  1. When ever an ad shows up and Im on my phone, it stretches the page out. Its annoying.
  2. There were a lot before this, like how the screen streches so you have to scroll left whenever an ad appears or how textboxes willnot show what you are typing past 8 characters, but thats nothing compared to... this... I cant even list them all! I have 10 screenshots, but I cant share them!!!
  3. Umm... Gmod is built on an FPS engine...
  4. Im not sure if the Quickiebomb Launcher has been nerfed straight to hell yet, but if it hasnt...
  5. Ive had this problem for a while as well. Its really annoying, but I kept forgetting to report it.
  6. Im not a dev, but I've been watching the bar as well. I think simply an aesthetic problem, so I would not worry about any miscalculations.
  7. Oh, thats on purpose? My mistake...
  8. About a month ago, I held an auction for my Uncraftable Grand Duchess Tutu. I started the auction only about 4 hours (at the earliest) before the auction glitches went down. As a result, my auction ended after they were stopped from being created. Someone did win the auction, and I got what they paid for, but the game asked me to remove the Uncraftable Grand Duchess Tutu as well. At first I didn't, fearing I would steal it from the buyer (I didn't know what caused auction shut down then), but a day later I tried to remove it. It put me in the queue and after a minute it said that the item didn
  9. Im not sure if this counts as a bug to you guys, but It should be corrected.
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