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Beware of this scammer and tips on how to identify a scammer.


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Disclaimer: I DO NOT want you to send hate to the guy I am talking about, I am just here to spread awareness on scammer in this game. Also this msg is aimed towards new traders and NOT to fall for these kinds of scams.


Hello everyone! 👋👋


Just the other day my friend got a message from the scammer, he was offering unsuals and australiums for some items in his inventory. I found him on steam to check out what his deal was. He offered to trade unsuals and australiums in his brother/cousin's account(he kept changing his story on whether it's his cousin or brother which is a dead giveaway that he is a scammer) after you send his items he wants. (in this case he wanted my strange head of defense, strange botkiller flamethrower and some other cosmetics) The giveaway that he was a scammer was he wasn't making any 🤑profits🤑 from the trade and it was too good to be true to my side of the trade. I played along till he said something suspicious:


"My brother is asleep so you might have to wait after you send the offer."

(please do not send items in two different offers because you can get scammed so easily like this) I told him ill wait till his brother woke up then I'll send the offer. And for the next 30 minutes he kept trying to convince me to send the offer now. (p.s. I didn't send any offers and just blocked him.)


Side note: I checked his backpack on steam but it seems he has scammed for a lot of new traders so I made this post you can look at his steam profile here: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198399768236. I know this because he has a lot of low tier cosmetics but no metal or keys at all, the disc of those items also say they are crafted by other users


Here are ways to identify🔎 or avoid a scammer:

1) Check his past names, if there is 10 or more than he is most likely a scammer. This is because scammers want to  change their names so they don't get found out. 

2) Make sure he doesn't send offers too good to be true. Surprise, surprise, they usually are.

3)Don't send or accept offers in two or three different windows. Scammers can decline one and accept the other.


If you encounter a scammer report him and block him. Scammers are no new thing to tf2 nor will they stop.


That's all everyone! Stay safe trading!



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one more suggestion: Never fill in your steam credentials on another site. If you're logged in at https://steamcommunity.com , you'll only have to confirm to log in: 


And: Your authenticator is the final step, and the hardest step to fake. Always triple-check any trade you confirm there.

If anything is off there, change your password, check for api keys at https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey and renew your tradeoffer url.

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