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Is there an official scrap.tf 3-step verification process that asks for 30 keys?


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Hecking no!

A couple useful tips:


1. Never ever log anywhere through the link someone else gives to you, even if it's from a friend as their account might be compromised.

2. If you visit an unknown site, check the to see if it's trustworthy and check the spelling of the url, something like steamconnunity.com means it's a fake one made to look like the original and steal your password

3. No moderator from steam, trade site or elsewhere will contact you privately/through unofficial items to ask for your items, to log somewhere or whatever, if someone claims to be a moderator they will have something clearly visible showing that, on steam they have an unique badge on their profile, here on scrap we have badges, tags and a full staff list at scrap.tf/about

4. Never trade for something outside of the trade window

5. Knowledge is your best defense, know about the most common scam methods

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On 11/6/2023 at 12:30 PM, Treeckogeek said:

I really need to know if im getting scammed and i dont want to buy keys because it seem shady. Please tell me. It started out by asking for multiple items and saying it would give me them back. Then once i finished, it asks for 30 keys. Will this get me verified for market sales?


I think I'm getting the same scam bro

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