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  1. When it comes to currency, you only need the exact same amount of metal/keys that you bid. For example if you bid 3 Refs using only Scrap, then you can only pay with all the Scrap, you can't pay with Reclaimed or Refined.
  2. The highlights just show the new rules/new additions/clarifications to the rules.
  3. The site only accepts gift copies. You can't sell steam keys here
  4. Official site events usually have their own pages, decorations, announcements and/or pinned raffles.
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/meetthestats/announcements/detail/3109175025022992762
  6. Well, unfortunately yes because otherwise you will get auction banned.
  7. Then your best bet would be reporting them directly on Bp.tf
  8. You could/should report the user so then Staff can look more into it and take action if necessary.
  9. Yes, you need to pay with the exact same items, so can't just buy similar ones. However if your bid is only Currency, then you can still pay as long as you have the exact amount of currency even if they're not the same items that you bid originally.
  10. The skin is priced at around 14 keys, the sks and festivizer might bring that up to 15 keys, in theory. There are a couple of listings at 14 already and it also last sold on the market for $28 (roughly 14 as well).
  11. From what you're saying, will you two be sharing IP then? Because if so then yes, there's going to be a problem. But if you have separate IPs and accounts then there shouldn't be any problem at all. If you're having troubles once she has her account, then you could do a Whitelist request: https://scrap.tf/help/kb/109
  12. Sorry to kinda burst your bubble but there are a lot of other users with these services. Plus there's a free, public tool available to get full colored decals.
  13. That seems to be a very matching skin with the effect and ks. I'd say you could ask for at least 40 keys for it
  14. The thing with spells is that there's no set price for them. Atm, the cheapest 2x spelled strange air strike is listed at 24 keys on bp.tf, however it is very unlikely you will get That much for it. And there's no Spectral Spectrum Cloud Crashers listed on bp.tf
  15. https://backpack.tf/classifieds?item=Back Scratcher&quality=11&killstreak_tier=2
  16. https://backpack.tf/stats/Unique/Heer's Helmet/Tradable/Craftable https://backpack.tf/stats/Unique/Heat of Winter/Tradable/Craftable
  17. Are you clicking on the items before clicking on "Submit Gift"? That's an important step before you actually send your gift.
  18. The bots' stock depends purely on users selling/buying the items nothing like that can be/is done.
  19. There's not much to do unfortunately, just hope that you get a new match on the 21st. If it really is an alt account though, and the main account is banned on scrap for one or another reason, you could report them to also ban their alt, but that will not give you a new recipient.
  20. You could make a normal raffle but ask people to comment if they're f2p, then you pick a winner and send it to them if they really are f2p.
  21. Basically, there's a difference between Signing up and Confirming your entry. So anyone can signup into the event, but if you missed the Confirmation date (Dec 1st) then you're just not in the event at all.
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