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  1. Hello Everyone, for a long time now, I have constantly tried and failed to be a Youtuber. Whether it was poor timing or not knowing how. Honestly I still don't and I need recommendations on how I can start to be a good youtuber. or at least an okay youtuber. The time is perfect for me as I play games a lot in my free time in College. Questions 1. What is a good recording program to use for recording PC games (Free?) 2. Is Tf2 a good game to be a Youtuber for as I prolly will make Tf2 Videos a lot. (Mainly me goofing off) 3. What are some good suggestions you ,the community or other Youtubers, you could make?
  2. This drawing I made myself. When it was still popular, I need to make a new one maybe. Especially since this is pretty bad for me.
  3. Tomislav, Specifically because of always losing Dmn hoovy duels. Or the kritzkrieg
  4. I just hope they buff the Manmelter and the Sharpened Volcano Fragment. Maybe Reimagine the Axtinguisher. Give the pyro a primary weapon based on movement. (+25% Movement Speed, -30% Damage) or (+10 Movement Speed, -10% Afterburn Time, -5% Damage) or (+10% Movement Speed, -20% Damage)
  5. Perhaps they could create a cool hit scan weapon effect. Like a spell that causes the bullets from a mini gun or a scattergun to twirl in the air or other effects. (Cyclonic Bullets, Wavy Bullets, Sparkly Bullets, etc) But the hit scan would still be act as the straight hit scan bullets. they just do weird effects in the air together. (Bullet Effect: Cyclones, Bullet Effect: '72, Bullet Effect: Flow, Bullet Effect: Heartbeat) Or maybe a halloween/full moon restricted unusual spell. (Spell:Halloween Magic) Hmm, oh, oh, what about a spell on cosmetics that turns your character into the cursed voodoo version of yourself. That way you don't have the cursed voodoo soul taking up a cosmetic space. Last Idea, a Spell where kill streaks start doing weird things to the weapon, (Changing color, unique unusual effect, any halloween spell before etc.) (Spell: Halloween Killstreaker)
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