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  1. Is this the end of the unusual bot? Or just everyone's too busy to check it.? D:

  2. Thank you, mods. <3

  3. 4 weeks already, admins.

    1. Ezekiel


      Uhm... about what?

  4. Raffle Tips

    Hello, I've got a question. Begging for tips will be banned or not? I think that Tips should be given to people who are deserving it, not begging. And there will be more people like this - "i'm raffling this scrap/gun so pls, give me some tips". I haven't found a rule saying about that, so I think this would be good. And yeah- that's all what I wanted to say about this. Sorry if someone already suggested this before I made this topic - haven't seen it. And sorry for my language, but I don't speak English everyday.