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  1. Anime Recommendations

    Did you watch Mob Psycho 100? Same company as OPM, and it's free.
  2. Anime Recommendations

    One Punch Man Magi: Adventure of Sinbad [Netflix] "Blame!" Movie [Netflix] The Seven Deadly Sins [Netflix] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua0zMsDiAyg
  3. Relocate Help/ Support Forum

  4. Increase the Site's buy price for Craft Hats

    I sadly know exactly what site you're talking about.
  5. If you'd like to put more thought into your opinion, post it here.
  6. Max Character Limit

    Or just a character counter in the top right letting you know how many characters you have left to type.
  7. Close feature for videos in the Scrap.Tf chat

    They mean the site chat, silly. @Starco
  8. Major Issue on Server 3

    I didn't do it. Blame Ben. I wanted it donors only or something. @Sentork
  9. Major Issue on Server 3

    I noticed this yesterday and I told the admins about three hours ago.
  10. Major Issue on Server 3

    I've already told the admins about this on the Discord.
  11. Community Avatar Hats

    I remember suggesting one. To be honest I think the massive fucking workload for everything (bot catching, optimization, Geel pretty much focusing on backpackTF exclusively right now I feel, tons of auction bugs, lots and lots of suggestions to go through) I feel we should let them be for now. I mean, we only have two developers and that's it.
  12. I made a video of heavy Boxing from the ScrapTF servers!

  13. Why isn't a join all raffle a thing?

    No incentive to read any raffles, which is the point of making a raffle.
  14. >no one can reserve an item >reservation only works when someone is trading with the bot There is reservation, and it's being exploited to drop the price of the unusual to a massive quicksell. This means that the site is losing profit in the unusual banking. Less profit = less server time = site is down.
  15. An incentive to contribute to mega raffles

    No one contributes to the mega raffle because it's stupid.