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  1. Why I sold my entire Mad Milk Collection

    No collectors will ever do so. Especially HarryG.
  2. Oh, wonderful. Maybe there is hope. I actually didn't check at all and just assumed there was nothing happening there since it's been so long.
  3. Regardless it would still be a quality of life change, even if snipers would still end up winning almost all the auctions as they usually do. And how long has it been since a change to auctions has happened? Other than a blacklist update. Because auctions might be a lost cause at this point.
  4. Is this place still cool

  5. Maybe if people keep suggesting it then it shouldn't keep being rejected. If enough users are asking for it, it's possible that it's a required quality-of-life change that would make auctions more enjoyable to the masses. If the TF2 Team did not listen to the masses and kept their initial release Casual Matchmaking, then TF2 would be dead. Even though this site is a completely free service from what I know, it should still try its best to be accessible and convenient to the fullest it can. Which might require this change to auctions.
  6. Just a simple suggestion. Some people write entire stories within their raffles, and when it comes time to create the raffle, they find the bottom of their story all jumbled up from the limited amount of paragraphs that are available. Currently, you are allowed to create 21 paragraphs, but for some this can end up being not enough for their story. And given that the max amount of characters for raffles is 3500, shouldn't it be reasonable to have a max amount of paragraphs related to that? My idea would be somewhere around 30, possibly even 40 if that's allowed. Or somewhere in between.
  7. Allow Donators To Become Donators Again.

    Come together, my fellow supporters. We have to fight to get a reasoning behind this rejection.
  8. Allow Donators To Become Donators Again.

    Wanted it. As I said, we traded ScrapTF for BackpackTF lingo, which is stupid. I want ScrapTF.
  9. Allow Donators To Become Donators Again.

    lol rejected

    As long as it follows the guidelines on this: http://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/page.php?site_id=nrsi&id=OFL Can't be breaking the law, now, can we? And in all honesty, these are just a fad. After a few weeks or months they'll die off just like any other fad: Q+A raffles, event raffles, raffle trains, etc.
  11. Add a "blobnom" hat

    At some point the blobs just become annoying, so no.
  12. Custom emote suggestions

    Oh, cool. Thanks, I like this better.
  13. Custom emote suggestions

    Emote would be too wide with finger NOT cutoff.
  14. not bug Beta Banking and Stock

    Currently the Beta Banking page for Items doesn't match the amount of items that are stocked. For instance, on the Beta Banking it shows one Australium Ambassador, but on the Item Prices it shows there are 10 available.
  15. Pretty sure these were suggested countless times and ignored.