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  1. not bug Beta Banking and Stock

    Currently the Beta Banking page for Items doesn't match the amount of items that are stocked. For instance, on the Beta Banking it shows one Australium Ambassador, but on the Item Prices it shows there are 10 available.
  2. Suggestion for a better Scrap.tf auction system

    Pretty sure these were suggested countless times and ignored.
  3. Since ScrapTF and BackpackTF are owned by the same people now you'd think they'd have relative pricing across both websites.
  4. Christmas holiday bar

    Will probably stay unchanged as this is a complete rehash of Holiday 2015 Event, excluding the new hats.
  5. Why are auctions so user-unfriendly?

    Have auctions ever gotten bugfixes? Just wondering.
  6. fixed Halloween Spell Stats

    Some schemas are broken.
  7. Ability for auctioneers to block nuisance commenters from commenting on their auctions

    Like BazaarTF. Which has had an auction system way before ScrapTF did. I've recorded 443 unusual auctions where the minimum bid is within the price range shown on backpackTF. This was in the span of two to three months. That's a problem, and sadly, no one cares to stop it. They all just say auction sniping and "sell listings" are the norm for online auctions. But your spiel explains the exact reasons why they are horribly flawed.
  8. Ban unusual taunts from Auctions

    The only thing I know Geel does is start the ScrapTF secret santa and makes a blog post or something. That's about it, because I'm pretty sure all he really cares about is Marketplace and BackpackTF now.
  9. Ban unusual taunts from Auctions

    That doesn't sound right, because Jesse does everything.
  10. Ban unusual taunts from Auctions

    who the fuck is geel did you mean jesse?
  11. not bug Raffle won by host

    Not a bug. If the winner doesn't collect in two weeks, you get your items back.
  12. Strange Count Transfer Tool etc. - Auction Valuation

    However, whenever the site raises or lowers it's price for keys, the entire auction section suddenly gets a raise or lower in price for all active items. Which is stupid.
  13. Mega Auction/ Top auction

  14. the dragon fury

    Direct Hit for Pyro.
  15. Some kind of public low profile mode

    That is literally far away from what he's asking. You know minimum mode in ScrapTF chat? You can hide ALL the avatars. He wants that on the main site, as well as hiding ALL the colors. The "hidden" feature is a tiny speck of what he's asking, and you don't even see that often because you never really win raffles consistently.