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  1. Probably will be priced by your trade.
  2. @Shiny Substitute We currently have two server moderators and a Discord. I know of some users who would love to become server moderators but feel they'd only be useful for getting action on the servers, and not actually moderating one.
  3. ScrapTF will never pay extra for paints, killstreaks, spells, and strange parts.
  4. Only three at a time.
  5. The site inventories are small and only used for certain things because I believe the bots would get full very quickly if it was allowed. Secondly, the bots would have to trade with each other, which is impossible. Also, why keep your items in a bot to raffle? Just trade them normally?
  6. Impossible to implement. The bots would have to communicate with each other and know what item was bought. Couple that with the fact that thousands of items are going through this system, and you've got yourself a buggy and laggy mess.
  7. Nope. Items unboxed from the Halloween crate will only have Halloween unusual effects. Source: Check last year's Halloween items. No other effects on those.
  8. If you're given the ability to select, you might not always go to the highest bidder. IRL auctions go to the highest bidder, every time. There's no selection.
  9. They can just judge what the hidden bid must be and put it up a little bit higher than that.
  10. No longer an auction with this idea put in place.
  11. Is it still a war if you'll always lose in the end? Snipers take away the bidding war factor because they just use "cheats" to win. Auctions are fun when they are done correctly. Which means added time for each bid. You know how in IRL auctions you have "Going once... going twice..."? That's so people can't snipe. Imagine if that happened IRL. Auctions wouldn't be popular at all.
  12. Or the snipers would basically set their max as the highest. This would basically allow snipers to run rampant 24/7 as they won't have to check the auction anymore.
  13. Do not suggest new banking types. https://forum.scrap.tf/announcement/11-guidelines-read-here-before-posting-a-suggestion/
  14. Another example, however this one involves an item with a price range, rather than a specific price. It should be worth 14.5 keys if the site were to treat it like backpackTF, however I'm unsure how ScrapTF handles items with price ranges.