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  1. the dragon fury

    Direct Hit for Pyro.
  2. Some kind of public low profile mode

    That is literally far away from what he's asking. You know minimum mode in ScrapTF chat? You can hide ALL the avatars. He wants that on the main site, as well as hiding ALL the colors. The "hidden" feature is a tiny speck of what he's asking, and you don't even see that often because you never really win raffles consistently.
  3. Put a line there, in between "Your Raffles" and the raffle titles. Thanks.
  4. TF2 Halloween 2017 Update

  5. New Raffles

    But everyone wins something so it's kind of a gray area.
  6. Auction idea - "The Budget Button"

    auctions have been broken for a year, how old does a problem have to be to be put on the list
  7. Scariest Opponent to Face?

  8. Possibly a request for a tf2op clone~

    We technically have that already, it's called auctions.
  9. How many raffles have you entered.

    You have entered 14,002 public raffles in total and won 454 items from 245 raffles. I guess.
  10. A Question for Jesse/ Geel to Answer

    Obviously PMing Geel is impossible because he'll never respond, and PMing Jesse is kinda stupid because he's so busy doing his AND Geel's work he won't be able to respond.
  11. A Question for Jesse/ Geel to Answer

    Also when are auctions going to be fixed? It's been a year.
  12. Help With Paysus Engineer Animation Overhual Files

    Animations don't work on Casual unless you do what Aymerhic stated above with the itemtest map.
  13. Allow Donators To Become Donators Again.

    Donator was a ScrapTF thing. Don't see how it caused confusion for the perks it rewarded. Scrapping it for something from backpackTF is dumb in my opinion.
  14. Won Raffle options...

    Site Inventories would get instantly full because of this.
  15. Advanced Auction Filtering

    I've been keeping track of how many auctions are "sell listings" since last week, but only focusing on auctions involving unusuals. These are my results.