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  1. The function was put there for convenience. If it isn't working, then it needs to be fixed.
  2. Third example. Key prices were changed to ~27 refined on the site.
  3. Suggested and rejected.
  4. Another example. Key prices have been raised on the site to ~26.55 refined, and item prices have lowered again until manually adjusted.
  5. I'm joking >w<
  6. Facestabs are just the knife getting a random crit.
  7. At some point, people will just say "fuck it" and refuse to buy keys anymore. Regardless of that, however, there will be those few people that still buy and sell which will further increase the price. And when that area is reached, the trading community will most likely wither away as there will be little to no activity whatsoever. You may see a craft hat or two traded around, but once you get to keys, it'll be nothing.
  8. Opens up the door for abuse. I'd rather know I'm either getting Youtube, ScrapTF, or backpackTF instead of some flashy webpage or some NSFW stuff.
  9. Using latest Google Chrome app and latest iOS version. iPhone 5c.
  10. Buds are more stable, however are dependent on keys and therefore requires people to work towards keys which are unstable.
  11. I believe the whitelist is there because the site may not want to hyperlink almost everything, as most things aren't exactly related to ScrapTF, its raffles, and its auctions. I just made a suggestion to add backpackTF links to the whitelist as they pop up a lot in auctions and it was accepted.
  12. I've seen this happen both ways, and it's always the same. Somehow, updating the buy and sell prices for keys on the site directly meddles with the prices of items that people bid with. Let's take, for example, my 72' Taunt: I See You. It is currently priced at 28.5 keys and was shown as such, however, due to the site raising the prices of their key banking system, it's been lowered to 26.4 keys as shown below. This happens both ways, as a decrease in the site prices causes the item price to rise. This directly affects its price and is not just a visual bug. https://scrap.tf/auctions/O9WH6W The auction above proves that it's not just a visual bug. Given the 80% item factor and the minimal bid, I should have been cleared to bid this only (28.5 x .80 = 22.8). However, due to this site-wide update, the price of the taunt was treated as shown, and I was asked to bid 19 more refined. My suggestion is to make adjustments automatic for auction items, or possibly remove the connection between the items and the site updates. It might be possible that the site-wide key prices are bypassing the pricing from backpackTF, as I'm sure this is where most of the prices for items in auctions are taken from. Regardless, this is detrimental to auctions, seeing that key prices will begin to rise exponentially as before soon enough. Users might be able to use this to outbid others when they should not be able to, and possibly "shark" users out of items. Note: I do know that there is a manual fix to this, and I'm not sure how easy it is, but it might be useful in the long run if there was an automatic way to adjust this.
  13. Might rise back up once the paint is used and there's higher demand for it. But that might take a long time.
  14. Using SCM to price things is bad as it's usually inflated to the max. I suggest going down to 15 keys.