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  1. There are no bots. What you see are people with their names and icons hidden.
  2. why do we keep getting new stuff when the old stuff is still broken

    1. Doctor Quasar

      Doctor Quasar

      All in the sake of preserving vanity, a endeavor to restore the pleasure that was once, a nostalgic remorse and longing that is to be fulfilled, perhaps it is simply a prospect of the human condition in a consumerist marketplace that has slowly evolved in confluence with our tactics of marketing. 

    2. Lukiday 🐈

      Lukiday 🐈

      Because a new feature that might bring in 10000 new people is more desirable than a bug hindering just 10 people from doing a single specific thing.


    3. Mudakip


      Why not 

  3. I've seen this happen both ways, and it's always the same. Somehow, updating the buy and sell prices for keys on the site directly meddles with the prices of items that people bid with. Let's take, for example, my 72' Taunt: I See You. It is currently priced at 28.5 keys and was shown as such, however, due to the site raising the prices of their key banking system, it's been lowered to 26.4 keys as shown below. This happens both ways, as a decrease in the site prices causes the item price to rise. This directly affects its price and is not just a visual bug. https://scrap.tf/auctions/O9WH6W The auction above proves that it's not just a visual bug. Given the 80% item factor and the minimal bid, I should have been cleared to bid this only (28.5 x .80 = 22.8). However, due to this site-wide update, the price of the taunt was treated as shown, and I was asked to bid 19 more refined. Below is a closed bug report about this issue made much earlier. I do not know if it was solved for a little or permanently. My suggestion is to make adjustments automatic for auction items, or possibly remove the connection between the items and the site updates. It might be possible that the site-wide key prices are bypassing the pricing from backpackTF, as I'm sure this is where most of the prices for items in auctions are taken from. Regardless, this is detrimental to auctions, seeing that key prices will begin to rise exponentially as before soon enough. Users might be able to use this to outbid others when they should not be able to, and possibly "shark" users out of items. Note: I do know that there is a manual fix to this, and I'm not sure how easy it is, but it might be useful in the long run if there was an automatic way to adjust this Here are some more screenshots of the problem: This one involves an item with a price range, rather than a specific price. Should be worth 14.5 keys. This unusual is rounded to a price of 15 keys. Also has a range. Most recent evidence. Keys were raised to 26 refined. Even more evidence. Price range of 28-34 keys, treated as 28 keys, and now lower than that due to key prices rising.
  4. Yet another example. Same unusual, but the price of keys was raised from 25.66 refined to 26 refined.
  5. 100 keys*
  6. That someone is Geel. Who never really works, per se.
  7. February 15th you said on this topic 

    Each item has a specific coding/ID. These IDs are what the bot looks for when paying for an auction.

    Seeing as you don't have the exact gift bringer anymore, you cannot pay for the auction.

    You will receive a ban from all auctions for seven days.


    Will this be the same for me? Can I avoid this outcome?

    1. Mudakip


      Questions about the site don't belong here.

  8. That's why it's called an auction and not a quicksell????
  9. These are for server bans not auction bans or site bans.
  10. Yes and no. If moderators are only used to get action on the servers, then they aren't really moderators and more-so event hosts. Once the servers are getting daily action without any input [which they currently are to a degree], then the staff can be worked on.
  11. Please, hold off on posting maps until next month. This hasn't been decided yet, but I believe every month we will be changing up the map pool for all gamemodes.
  12. https://forum.scrap.tf/announcement/11-guidelines-read-here-before-posting-a-suggestion/
  13. This is where I love you. Every other person on this topic is ignorant of this important fact. All of this talk about auctions being broken and the need for them to be fixed, and no one actually understands that Jesse hates auctions and is unmotivated to work on them BECAUSE THEY ARE SO BROKEN. Geel added this, so for once, I feel Jesse is forcing Geel to actually fix something he made. Do not take my word for this, this is just an assumption made from a conversation with Jesse two or three weeks ago.
  14. No.