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  1. Currently the Beta Banking page for Items doesn't match the amount of items that are stocked. For instance, on the Beta Banking it shows one Australium Ambassador, but on the Item Prices it shows there are 10 available.
  2. Since ScrapTF and BackpackTF are owned by the same people now you'd think they'd have relative pricing across both websites.
  3. Have auctions ever gotten bugfixes? Just wondering.
  4. Not a bug. If the winner doesn't collect in two weeks, you get your items back.
  5. You have entered 14,002 public raffles in total and won 454 items from 245 raffles. I guess.
  6. Obviously PMing Geel is impossible because he'll never respond, and PMing Jesse is kinda stupid because he's so busy doing his AND Geel's work he won't be able to respond.
  7. Also when are auctions going to be fixed? It's been a year.
  8. Animations don't work on Casual unless you do what Aymerhic stated above with the itemtest map.
  9. It's not never-ending, but doesn't contribute anything to the story. I'd say 4.
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