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  1. I feel very stupid asking this, and I searched the forums before posting but.... How do I make my profile picture a Gif? A step by step would earn my eternal thanks.
  2. Nice criticism! In response to your first comment, I wonder if division is a bad thing. For example when you have teams competing it usually results in internal divisions within the organization, but a general love for the overall organization itself. I don't hate Baseball because I hate the Cubs in fact if I "hate" the cubs I probably love baseball. In this analogy Scrap.TF would be the "baseball" the sport, and factions would be analogous to teams in baseball. The affiliation with the factions would only effect people who joined the factions. If you don't want to join you can still continue to be yourself, without worrying about factions. I do see your point that this would change the general vibe of the site, and to those who are comfortable with the way it is now, it would be an interesting change that I can understand you wouldn't enjoy. Your final criticism is, I think, your strongest. I shared this initial worry as well and will defend myself as best as possible. Drama will happen with or without factions. The worry is that factions will ignite or feed more into this drama. There are two types of drama; what we watch on T.V. or read in books, and real life. We'll call it fake drama and real drama. Fake drama is safe and allows for catharsis whereas real drama can result in anything up to and including death. My goal is to transform Scrap.TF's real drama (where people's feelings get hurt, people hurt other's feelings, etc) into fake drama (where people playfully smack talk factions, rather than players). You provided some good worst case scenarios as well I'd like to address. 1. Factions made to cause Drama and/or hate on certain people ---> Factions cannot be made. A certain number of factions would be initially created, with set general themes (elements, regions, team heavy/pyro/spy, etc.) and would never be able to be changed or modified, not even Leaders. Now that I type it out, I like the idea of factions being the different TF2 classes. 2. people from Faction 1 harassing people from Faction 2 --> If it breaks site rules, then it breaks site rules and users should be dealt with accordingly. I guess I would like to see friendly banter over regarding being the most generous team/players. 3. Factions being made to break some rules (i.e. the Leader of a Faction asking/forcing members to Donate to them, to Sub to them in YT, etc.). --> "being made" implies there would be some sort of leverage able to be used against users. The leaders have no functional role. They cannot disallow people from joining, nor can they remove people once they have joined. They cannot change the faction or it's page in any way. You pick your faction, then you raffle your way up. No politics, just measuring pure generosity. No one could be made to break the rules with this system since there is no leverage. I really appreciate your thoughtful response as well as the time you took to read my suggestion.
  3. With that reasoning, why would we ever innovate or do new things on this site because, well, most people don't raffle, and they never will. Thats a negative mentality which is untimately a defeatists attitude. If you can provide a reason WHY my idea wouldn't increase raffles please let me know, until then I dont consider your criticism constructive. I do share your interest in letting this bleed onto servers with compititions from time to time. That would be a great way to get more people involved. Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion and providing feedback!
  4. This is why I left in the option of number of raffles instead of value of raffles. When we make the factions, the richest players will be leaders of their own factions. Aside from that, who would want to be part of a faction where moving up is impossible? If the richest, users with the most items form into a faction, there would be little opportunity for upward mobility lessening the number of people joining. A faction "winning" doesn't mean anything. Just bragging rights. What would be the problem with a faction winning all the time? If it results in more raffles, who cares who wins? Thanks for taking time to reply to my idea!
  5. Proposal: Introduce the idea of factions to Scrap.TF. The terminology can change (Factions, Nations, Clans, Houses, etc) but each faction would have a ranking, and each faction member would be ranked within the faction. The way factions and team members are ranked is determined by how many raffles they do/value of their combined raffles. This gives members of the site who are in factions an incentive to create more raffles. It would also create an incentive to purchase premium from the site as that will allow you to create more raffles at a time. It may also provide users with a playful outlet for aggression by means of positive competition. Implementation: Each faction could have a page dedicated to just their affiliated faction. I'm unsure if it would be a good idea to allow other faction users or users with no faction to see the page. The page could be themed, and allow comments. It could also showcase faction leaders, and current number of monthly faction raffles/statistics on that faction's raffle metrics as well as your personal contributions. Faction users could receive a hat, with higher ranked faction leaders having more interesting profile picture hats. A faction badge would appear on users profiles, and faction leaders are chosen from the pool of most active/consistent rafflers. There are no duties/privileges with being a faction leader, just title, hat and the obvious fame & respect from everyone. All rankings can change overnight; nothing is guaranteed. Faction names and themes can be suggested by the faction founders, and can never be changed. Factions cannot be created after the initial set up. You do not have to be in a faction at all if you don't want to. Thanks for taking the time to read. Please let me know what you think.
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