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  1. Currently, it generates a loud "Teleporter" sound and it can be rather distracting or just plain annoying. There should be a few options which enable users to either change the volume of the sound or completely disable it. There could also be the ability to choose from different sounds from a variety of choices. Or even be able to use custom sounds by inserting .wav / .mp3 files (I'm not sure on the terms on file names. So I'm not fully sure about that.) Similar to inserting Profile Picture files. Main Suggestions - A Volume Slider - The ability to disable trade offer sounds completely. - Being able to choose different sounds from a pre-made selection. - Being able to upload custom sound files which can later be used. The current "Swooshing" sounds gets a bit old after some time. No? Í'm sorry if I missed anything, but these are just a few problems I can think of currently.
  2. There should be an option somewhere that disables people from commenting on Public Raffles until they have already entered. It should be just an option that the raffler can turn on or off. Off on default. This could stop people from not completely reading the raffle and commenting before seeing what the entered message has to say. This could be an example of what it looks like. It could be worded differently but it is the basic idea of it.
  3. This is a stupid idea. Why would you suggest such a stupid idea? n00b 0/10 too stupid
  4. (First suggestion by me so here goes if it goes into the bin or it actually gets looked at before being thrown out the window and ignored.) The number of raffles for normal users like me can create is 4. And the number of raffles I can have open at once is 3. What I would actually want to change is the number of raffles I can create based on how many years I have been on the website. For example, I currently have 2 years on scrap.tf. And what I want is to be able to make 6 raffles instead of the 4 other users can create. And it rises for any other users. Premium/Premium+/Super Premium. And I know I can just spend $5 on the website for 8 raffles. But that is just not me. (I'm cheap, sue me.)
  5. I don't know. I don't care. >:C
  6. Like I seriously need to know, if you answer, it will solve all the problems of the universe!!! The fate of the universe requires that you tell me how big standing logs make children. I was only thought their children would drop if you kill them by chopping them down!!! :CCC This is serious stuff. No joking around here. ABSOLUTELY!!!! NO JOKING!1!1!!1!!!!11
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