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  1. Beep Boop. Butt Inspector robot coming through. Beep Boop.

    1. Shillpack


      Do you need your butt inspected?

  2. New Help

    The point of this forum is to make a suggestion, not complain. If you don't have an alternative, why bother posting here?
  3. fixed Raffle/Profile Loading

    You can only join a raffle with one account. Using your alt account is fine.
  4. Remove the ability to add weapons to raffles

    No There is no reason to remove weapons from raffles. If you don't like those raffles, don't join them.
  5. Um I'm banned? (dunno where to post)

    People who get banned from the site get banned from the servers. Since your ban was only a short one, I'm sure you could make an appeal here
  6. Unusual Taunt Blacklist

    Unusual taunts were becoming more common to unbox, and their prices were dropping because of that. Unstable prices are not suitable for auctions. Holy Grail Taunt: Pool Party - 390 keys to 30 keys pretty big drop
  7. Pricing

    Here's a great explanation for you to understand why Scrap.tf doesn't pay full price.
  8. About the strange items

    Something like this has already been suggested
  9. Option to Disable Tips on All Created Raffles

    It has been suggested before but I think it would be a nice feature.
  10. You post here when you have a problem with a missing badge. If you're having problems, I would advise you go here to help sort your problem out.
  11. What about a PUBG trading bot.

    What not to suggest New types of banking/new services -- we have a pretty solid idea of what services are available to add, and will add them when we see fit.
  12. Rejecting Bids After Auction Finishes

    There may issues with the bots, may not have the stuff they bid with or just don't want to finish the bid but the only reason an auctioneer would get banned would be because they didn't like the stuff people bid with. Didn't get the profit you wanted? Guess you're banned for a day.
  13. Rejecting Bids After Auction Finishes

    This would make it very easy for someone to get banned on auctions for not liking the bids they get.
  14. Auction Bugs Megathread

    A visual bug for sure that caused confusion when I first saw it.
  15. Allow Donators To Become Donators Again.

    Not sure why the sarcasm was needed but I understand what you mean. No point in calling yourself a donator if you didn't donate, somebody else donated for you.