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  1. Crates don't have any value. Like you said, you couldn't sell your crate for months. If Scrap.tf were buying crates, who would buy from them? No one.
  2. You have a unique hat, not a genuine hat. Green=genuine Yellow=unique
  3. You're not the only one who thinks that. They are not "bots" but people who want their privacy when winning.
  4. You don't need to wait. They get banned from auctions for some time depending on their offense. You go ahead and make an auction.
  5. Suggested many a time and all rejected.
  6. Mostly because they have no value. If people wanted free crates, they could go to the Incinerator.
  7. This is not the place to ask for help. You would have to go here:https://marketplace.tf/support
  8. The point of this forum is to make a suggestion, not complain. If you don't have an alternative, why bother posting here?
  9. You can only join a raffle with one account. Using your alt account is fine.
  10. No There is no reason to remove weapons from raffles. If you don't like those raffles, don't join them.
  11. People who get banned from the site get banned from the servers. Since your ban was only a short one, I'm sure you could make an appeal here
  12. Unusual taunts were becoming more common to unbox, and their prices were dropping because of that. Unstable prices are not suitable for auctions. Holy Grail Taunt: Pool Party - 390 keys to 30 keys pretty big drop
  13. teMmie


    Here's a great explanation for you to understand why Scrap.tf doesn't pay full price.
  14. Something like this has already been suggested
  15. It has been suggested before but I think it would be a nice feature.
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