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  1. Look this thing is the same as using loose cannon but in wonderland.tf servers in trade servers they can go friendly but the plugin of it can be abused by going medic using ubersaw then m2 you get a kill while friendly. Alot of reports about it
  2. Am taking a break from forums

  3. Yes Now i take over the forum not control but posts
  4. Damn its Heartbreaking to see this and feel it But hey if you get scammed once. this sentence will make this understandable "These scammers are a nuisances since they steal items from people! curse them! but hey, they will never come back to you once you are tricked by them if they come back just ignore them they will give up and never ever come to you ever again"
  5. When the cold becomes the war
  6. The trading cards are back in!
  7. We can't just have a lot of dead topics
  8. When is the original voice actor of engie? i clearly want to pay a visit to him and tell him on mic "say Engineer gaming this is for the sake of tf2 gaming since the actor of medic,sniper,heavy did say their class name then gaming its a meme lots of people will be happy about this sir" i wil actually become engie for a week if he says it B)

  9. i Clearly Don't remember things 98%
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